This GOP race puts the swing in swing voters

Republican hopefuls take their turns surging in the polls

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  • JohnJacobJingleHeimerSchmidt Beverly Hills, CA
    Dec. 6, 2011 9:29 p.m.

    I am not sure how Newt who has cheated on 2 wives can be surging in the polls. The Republican electorate is trying to find the most immoral person to be the nominee?

  • Christy Beaverton, OR
    Dec. 6, 2011 7:54 p.m.

    From the article:

    Forces within the Republican party affiliated with the tea party movement, including Freedom Works and local grassroots groups have "helped move the Republican party to the right,"... The rise of the tea party means many on the right expect candidates that reject moderate positions. "Call them tea party or social conservatives or whatever you want, but they want a Republican nominee who is a no-holds-barred, unadulterated conservative"...


    And as long as the fringe is leading the rest of the Republican party around by the nose, calling all the shots, a Repub won't be POTUS. That's all there is to it.

    Better luck in 2016. I mean that. Get a grip and get it together, for the betterment of this country.

  • FDRfan safety dictates, ID
    Dec. 6, 2011 3:03 p.m.

    I am definitely a swing voter and I have just heard one on the best political speeches in my lifetime. I'm talking about President Obama's speech given in Kansas today. It was covered by CNBC and CNN but the Murdoch minions (Fox viewers) will only get selected and out of context quotes if anything. My thoughts were that it should have been Mitt Romney as the Teddy Roosevelt of our time but the President has assumed that role. Too bad.

  • SLMG Murtoa Australia, Victoria
    Dec. 6, 2011 2:08 p.m.

    There is not one Republican candidate worth voting for. The Republicans want the White House but do not put forth a viable candidate for the Presidency. There is nothing mainstream about any of the candidates, please give us someone that would make a decent president. I will stick to Obama for fear we would get another Republican President as bad as George W. Bush whom I voted for, much to my regret.

  • no fit in SG St.George, Utah
    Dec. 6, 2011 1:44 p.m.

    Anyone watch "60 Minutes" this past Sunday?
    The Wall Street disaster could happen again.
    The powers that be cannot agree who was "naughty enough" to prosecute. There are just too many of them.
    Swing whatever way you want, but we are doomed until mess this takes center stage.

  • Vince the boonies, mexico
    Dec. 6, 2011 10:14 a.m.

    Once again the "big business boys" from wall street and the bankers got their way in politics with their "money" controlling! They have put on the republican ballot a bunch of ridiculous unqualified joksters that they can continue to buy off, influence and control to get what they want! When "O' when are we going to get term limits, kick out the incumbents and as citizens get control of our great country again? This mess today is sickening and has been going in this direction for many, many years now. Lets change it voters!

  • Pagan Salt Lake City, UT
    Dec. 6, 2011 9:57 a.m.

    Swing voters are typically moderate.

    Middle of the political spectrum. Neither Right nor Left.

    Do you think the GOP canidates are 'moderate?'

    *'Newt Gingrich Slammed For Saying Obama May Hold 'Kenyan, Anti-Colonial' Worldview' - By Sam Stien - Huffington Post - 11/12/10

    *'Gingrich Says He Cheated on His Wife' - AP - Published by NY Times - 03/09/07

    *'Let Detroit Go Bankrupt' - By Mitt Romney - NY Times - 11/18/08

    *Mitt Romney: Corporations are friend - By Phillip Elliot - AP - Published by DSNews 08/11/11

    I, would disagree.

    People in Utah claim the 'anyone but Romney' logic will hurt the Republican party.

    I would ask a reply question:

    What will the 'anyone but Obama' logic gain us?

    A 'family values' canidate on his third marriage. :)

  • MAYHEM MIKE Salt Lake City, UT
    Dec. 6, 2011 7:41 a.m.

    Imagine the shock to the tea party zealots when, after their strictly conservative ideologue perchance gets elected, they learn that to get anything accomplished in politics, their candidate will have to (what's that forbidden word?) compromise with the Democrats.

  • NeilT Clearfield, UT
    Dec. 6, 2011 6:29 a.m.

    Help me understand. The party of family values favors three time divorced Gingrich over Romney. The Republican have a messiah complex. They are looking for an ideological purist that will appeal to enough voters to defeat Obama. If Republicans nominate anyone but Romney Obama will most likely be re-elected. I don't have a problem with candidates changing their position as long as it well thought out. I have a real issue with right wing ideologues that dominate the tea party. The my way or the highway approach and democracy are not compatible. America deserves better than Gingrich or the tea party. We deserve a candidate that is willing to reach across party lines and unite not divide us. Isn't that what Reagan did. How many remember the term Reagan democrats.

  • SME Kearns, UT
    Dec. 6, 2011 6:27 a.m.

    ." Ultimately, however, fluctuating opinion polls do not mean that Americans are unprincipled opportunists, experts say. They just haven't found what they are looking for.

    We know who we are NOT looking for: Barack Obama.

  • Yorkshire City, Ut
    Dec. 6, 2011 5:48 a.m.

    article-"It is hard to imagine a single person could support four such divergent candidates in the course of less than six months.Yet this is precisely what Washington Post journalist Dan Balz discovered when he traveled to Iowa to talk to Republican voters there."

    That is why no one bothers with what Iowa is going to do.

    They have had a way too long, and a way too important view of themselves and their power and opinion in determining presidential candidates.

    Iowans don't deserve any more notice or credibility than anybody else.