Gingrich lugs loads of personal, political baggage

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  • Miss Piggie Salt Lake, UTah
    Nov. 18, 2011 4:15 p.m.

    "...sweetheart consulting deal with housing giant Freddie Mac earned Gingrich at least $1.6 million..."

    "...policy flip-flops, inopportune moments of candor, two failed marriages, admissions of adultery..."

    "...hundreds of thousands of dollars at the luxury jeweler..."

    "...a history of the angry Newt..."

    "...wavered on Libya..."

    "'If I blow up and do something stupid, he says, 'they'll be able to say, 'Gee, I wonder who the next candidate is.'"

    Whoa! From these sound bites, I think he has already said (done) something stupid. We don't need the baggage of a political opportunist, flip-flopping, wavering, anger prone, adulterous in the White House. Get lost, Newt.

  • Mr. Bean Salt Lake, UTah
    Nov. 18, 2011 3:53 p.m.

    So... It was Newt and his 1.6 million dollar advice to Freddie Mac that caused or at least exacerbated the Housing bubble/collapse that lead to the largest recession since the great depression, huh? Why would Freddie need advice from a history professor in the first place... especially 1.6 dollar's worth? Could it be that old Newty is just another Washington, D.C. political opportunist sucking up millions from the government and government entities?

    Newt now leads in Iowa and is tied in NH. Do we need a guy with his history and background running the country?

  • Pagan Salt Lake City, UT
    Nov. 17, 2011 3:55 p.m.

    'Gingrich lugs loads of personal, political baggage' - Title

    Whoo hoo!

    'Gingrich tried to spin that as a positive, saying: "It reminds people that I know a great deal about Washington. We just tried four years of amateur ignorance and it didn't work very well.' - Article

    My question is:

    If even Gingrich is ADMITING that we 'just tried' four years of 'amateur ignorrance' (Iraq War, Afghanistan, doubling of the national debt, etc, etc) why should we elect the SAME people who did it...

    over 15 years ago?

    *'Memories of 1995 haunt GOP as shutdown talk grows' - By Charles Babington - AP - Published by DSNews - 02/20/11

    WASHINGTON Few memories haunt Republicans more deeply than the 1995-96 partial shutdown of the federal government, which helped President Bill Clinton reverse his falling fortunes and recast House Republicans as stubborn partisans, not savvy insurgents.

    This is not promising to CHANGE anything, it's an ADMISSION of the same old thing!

    Oh, and Gingrich lied to his first two wives. Etc, etc.

    Wish I had a six figure spending limit at Tiffany's.....