Weber State basketball: Wildcats ranked 19th in mid-major hoops poll

Gonzaga is preseason No. 1, BYU No. 9

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  • hohum Saint George, UT
    Nov. 2, 2011 9:32 a.m.

    Late but just read this article. Does this mean that u is a major? What a joke, a bcs for basketball is trying to work its way in. Pretty soon there will be a aq for basketball as well. Tired of $$$ ruling and some going along with it.

  • swishh15 Roosevelt, UT
    Nov. 1, 2011 11:25 p.m.

    Weber looks downright dangerous this year! That team last year learning to play without relying on Lillard and now having LIllard back is scary to me, I'm a little worried about the Ags playing them at Weber!

  • SWWeatherGuy OGDEN, UT
    Nov. 1, 2011 11:00 p.m.

    "BCS was bad enough, it's ruined Conferences and College Football, now it's infecting College Hoops."



    I agree, it's nice to see some attention & respect on paper but I can't take another season of lack-luster showings against in-state teams or when hosting another BSC tournament. However, I'm having a very difficult time containing my excitement and expectations after the Purple-n-White scrimmages combined with knowing the talent on this years team. Anything short of 2+ in-state wins, a 20+ win season, a Big Sky Championship, and a little noise in the dance will be a major disappointment to me. At a minimum-- this year and next-- the (Big)Sky's the limit for the Wildcats! GO WEBER!

  • Wildcat O-town, UT
    Nov. 1, 2011 4:13 p.m.

    Well, it's nice to see some respect on paper, but the Wildcats need to deliver on the court. With the talent they have, they should have big expectations this year. It will be fun to watch them in the Purple Palace. GO WILDCATS!


    I see your point, what makes a team a mid-major (conference I guess)? There are some terrible teams in big conferences, why does this decree they are better just for being in a big conference. One of my favorite illustrations of my point is when the NCAA Tournament committee gave more at-large invites to "small schools" than traditionally in the past. That year, there were more upsets than any other year. The Old Boys Club would rather have a 15-15 Michigan team in than a 27-3 USU team. Money is flat out ruining sports. We don't need labels to divide or to kiss the rings of Herbstreet, May, & Co. and hope they take mercy on us.

  • weberwildcat Ogden, UT
    Nov. 1, 2011 11:23 a.m.


    Your BYU is just new to this poll. It is nothing new. This poll has been around for 13 years. It is not insulting like you may think. Its a good poll for the smaller programs in the small conferences to be recognized.

  • Bluto Sandy, UT
    Nov. 1, 2011 9:45 a.m.

    What a load of nonsense.

    "Mid-Majors Hoops Poll"?

    These teams are all D-1 programs. This attempt to smear programs should not be encouraged by the Des News.

    Stop playing into Roy Kramers Caste System.

    BCS was bad enough, it's ruined Conferences and College Football, now it's infecting College Hoops.

    Don't play along D-News, don't play along.