5A high school football preview: Brighton at Fremont

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  • SilverWolf Hooper, Utah
    Oct. 28, 2011 9:02 p.m.

    Alta who? They couldn't even get past the Region 1 4 seed!!! I'm sure glad Fremont could get past Brighton,the best part of Brighton's game were the guys wearing stripes!!! Region 1 is a lot tougher than given credit, Go Wolves, Titans & Knights!!! Show the rest of the state how football is played!!! Bring on the blue of Bingham, guess there will be no black this year!!! Great coach & team, but they have to come to our house!!!! Go Wolves!!!

  • SilverWolf Hooper, Utah
    Oct. 27, 2011 11:36 p.m.

    Ya, Ya, thats all we ever hear!! Heard it last year, used to it this year, we shall see, we shall see!! Go Fremont!! Lets hope we happen to get by Brighton, we will worry about playing the best teams in the State when it is time for that!! Can't wait for the Bengal's return to Plain City!! Good luck to all the Region 1 teams!!

  • utehomer SANDY, UT
    Oct. 27, 2011 10:52 p.m.

    Brighton is playing well now, they'll give Fremont a game. If Fremont happens to get past Brighton they won't go any further. The best teams in the state by far are Lone Peak, Alta and Bingham.

  • CiderMan OGDEN, UT
    Oct. 27, 2011 9:20 p.m.

    Fremont is good enough to go all the way with a good match first round. Bingham isn't the team it was last year but talk is cheap coming from the stands. We will just have to see which teams wants it bad enough stranger things have happened who would have thought Bingham would loose by 35 points to any team?

  • Big Hapa Kaysville, UT
    Oct. 27, 2011 7:33 p.m.

    Fremont is good enough to get to the turf, but it ends in the QF.