Campaign reports show disparity among GOP

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  • peterslu Midway, UT
    Oct. 16, 2011 8:28 p.m.

    @LValfre: What loopholes and history are you talking about? Putting things in "quotes" doesn't make them facts.

  • FDRfan safety dictates, ID
    Oct. 16, 2011 5:00 p.m.

    In New Hampshire, search continues for Romney alternative

    McClatchy Newspapers

    "CONCORD, N.H. -- Three key facts describe the state of the Republican White House race in New Hampshire as the state prepares for the nation's first presidential primary:-More than two-thirds of Republican voters still haven't decided among the candidates."

    If the Republican party is so closely aligned with LDS values, why is this so. If Mitt Romney gets nominated someone needs to form a Democrats for Romney campaign. I will if no one more qualified steps forward. We need this man as President.

  • no fit in SG St.George, Utah
    Oct. 16, 2011 3:39 p.m.

    No word from Michelle Bachmann yet?
    Has she depleted her funds?
    Are her constituents now funding and following Herman Cain?

  • DRay Roy, UT
    Oct. 16, 2011 12:22 p.m.

    Herman Cain is attatched to the billionare Koch brothers and their AFP or Americans for Prosperity organization. They will somehow provide him with plenty of money if he is a viable candidate. There is an underbelly there of billionairs who want less government that allows them to control through their money...I wish Herman was the real deal, but even the 999 plan, which won't pass, comes from former AFP employees, who are also helping to manage his campaign, and finally, Herman has shown a willingness to not be completely honest about his past positions, as with the Fed audit, as he tries to mask his ties to powerful, wealthy Americans looking to control through Cain.

  • KM Cedar Hills, UT
    Oct. 16, 2011 12:16 a.m.

    Yes they have raised a little bit of money, but Obama has raised 70 million from his millionare and billionare buddies. You know the ones he keeps telling the dupes that he's so against. Unless they are on his team. Class Warfare can be so confusing.

  • LValfre CHICAGO, IL
    Oct. 15, 2011 10:41 p.m.

    Hmmmm .... so Romney raised most of his money from small-dollar donors? Wonder how many came from LDS members ...

    And he didn't report the tens of millions from super political action committees which can collect unlimited money and influence. I know the church is neutral but if you look at its history of finding 'loop holes' through 'business arms' such as the DNews itself, I'm sure it can find a way to 'support' another organization that supports Romney.

    $240,000 in private jets reported yet he tries to keep a modest image by claiming her flies Southwest ....

    Really not a fan of Romney.

  • JDL Magna, UT
    Oct. 15, 2011 6:50 p.m.

    I think all the contenders should take a lesson from Congressman Paul. He raises nearly every penny from grass root supporters, stays in budget, has no special interest groups to coddle and has the third highest poll percentage.

    Ron Paul actually leads by example and is the best fit for POTUS.

  • FDRfan safety dictates, ID
    Oct. 15, 2011 4:01 p.m.

    When Cain's 999 plan began to really take hold I jokingly said it may go to a 666 plan to get more Republicans on board. But it appears that as the love of God decreases at a increasing rate, and since those making more than $66,000 per year will benefit, it may be more a possibility than I thought. There are too many people excited by this cruel plan to dismiss it. So look out, this may be what John the Revelator was talking about.