Troy Davis mourned as a martyr by 1,000 in Ga.

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  • camotim Council Bluffs, IA
    Oct. 3, 2011 9:05 a.m.

    Since this article will not mention the name of Mark MacPhail, the murdered police officer, in this case I will only reefer to the man executed for that murder as such.

    I do not like the death penalty. It bothers something in my conscience which says all life is meaningful. However, I also dislike prevarication, especially in support of changing public policy, because it bothers my conscience. And to say that the man executed last week in Georgia was innocent is called, at best, prevarication, or at worst, using a common word to describe on a barnyard floor. I am not sympathetic with this man: he got what he deserved. And I am disgusted with his his so-called supporters: they don't care about the man executed, nor do they care about the police officer he murdered while that officer was stopping him from pistol whipping a homeless Black man.

    Finally, how come there is no mention of the feelings of the family or colleauges of Police Officer Mark MacPhail? He not, as well as the homeless man he went to aid, not the man executed by Georgia, are the real victims.