Utah Utes football: Utes hope bye-week success continues

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  • D'Anconia Providence, UT
    Sept. 28, 2011 10:08 p.m.

    There is the Bye-week plus the Utah starters got a lot of rest in the second half of the BYU fumble fest, with the exception of John White IV, who is still running free through the BYU secondary.

    Sept. 28, 2011 8:41 p.m.

    There's no question Washington is a quality opponent. The Huskies looked impressive in beating Cal last week. Having said that, Jordan Wynn should throw for 300 yards on that terrible pass defense. Huskies rank among the bottom 15 FBS teams in pass defense. Christopher, Dunn and the other receivers should have huge games.

  • Rock Of The Marne Phoenix, AZ
    Sept. 28, 2011 6:47 p.m.

    Robv, I agree with you, this isn't the Mt. West so it will be a Dawg fight. I respect Washington, as like you said they seem to be on the rise after a few down years and have a very good football history. I say advantage Utah only for the fact that it is home game for them though it will not be easy. Even it if is much tougher week in and out, I am so glad we are not playing New Mexico or Wyoming and the like for conference games anymore. Glad the Utes are in the PAC 12.

    Sept. 28, 2011 2:13 p.m.

    I think the headline is a little misleading. Of the 10 wins after a bye week 8 of them came against the doormats of the MWC - 3 each against CSU and WY and 1 against NM and 1 against UNLV.

    Sept. 28, 2011 1:40 p.m.

    This bye week thing is baloney. Beating a bunch of mediocre teams after a bye means nothing. You guys aren't playing in the MWC anymore. All the pac-12 teams are going to be good (well, most of the time). This is going to be a very good game. UW fans are a bit giddy because after decades of good football, we have sucked for the last 7 years. Now it looks like we're on the way back. Utah has a good program, and you drew probably the softest schedule in the league this year, but you still have to prove yourself. It's not going to be as easy as some Ute fans think. Good luck and welcome to the conference! Can't wait for Saturday!

  • Ldsfan South Jordan, UT
    Sept. 28, 2011 12:16 p.m.

    I gave up my tix to go to conference so we better win. Will be sitting away from anyone I know so they don't tell me the score.

  • sports-junkie West Jordan, UT
    Sept. 28, 2011 10:29 a.m.

    I think the utes win this one. Whit is just too good after bye weeks. Washington will give them a very tough game and I'll be pulling for my guy Sark. But in the end it will be the fans in red going home happy.

    Go Cougs!!!

  • Igualmente Mesa, AZ
    Sept. 28, 2011 10:16 a.m.

    Should be the most tweeted or texted score update during priesthood session!

  • Mormon Ute Kaysville, UT
    Sept. 28, 2011 8:36 a.m.

    Let's keep the streak alive! Go Utes!!

  • Oatmeal Woods Cross, UT
    Sept. 28, 2011 8:29 a.m.

    If Wynn plays well, the Utes will win this one!

  • wardu Fallon, NV
    Sept. 28, 2011 7:13 a.m.

    To show U I am no Chris B., I will be the first Coug to wish the Utes luck this week. I will be in Utah this weekend for the BYU game and so I will get to catch the Utah game on TV maybe. No lopsided predicted loss from me. I expect a close game, with the last possession to win it.