BYU football: Cougars, Knights seek redemption

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  • utahman in missouri Lee\'s Summit, MO
    Sept. 23, 2011 5:32 p.m.


    Don,t know what article you read but the comment "nobody's going to let us beat them just because we're BYU" certainly implies a touch of arrogance and a thought process of one proceiving imself (and or the team) of being superior. Just my thoughts and hopefully without bliners.


    Sept. 23, 2011 5:29 p.m.

    BYU will lose to every decent team on their schedule.

    Then they will win several games in a row against cupcakes and put up decent numbers in the process.

    Lose the last game to Hawaii but claimed the better team didn't win.

    Beat another 6-6 team in a crappy bown game by 25 points.

    Come next spring we will all get to hear about Heaps for Heisman, National Championships, a loaded stable of running backs, the fasted BYU linebackers ever, football is a missionary tool. etc.

    Then next fall: rinse and repeat.

  • worf Mcallen, TX
    Sept. 23, 2011 4:25 p.m.


    Empty thoughts preceed a full house.

  • worf Mcallen, TX
    Sept. 23, 2011 4:24 p.m.

    utahman in missouri,

    Fans cheering for there team is not arrogant, unless you wear a bias blinder.

  • mgr63 DALLAS, TX
    Sept. 23, 2011 4:20 p.m.

    I wonder if BYU could beat Montana St.? The way things are going for the Y, they may be in the same conference together shortly. That Ute beat-down was delicious!

  • niners SAINT GEORGE, UT
    Sept. 23, 2011 3:37 p.m.

    "It might have taken a loss or two for us to realize that nobody's going to lie down for us and nobody's going to let us beat them just because we're BYU," he said.

    Wow, who do you think BYU is?? You act as thought BYU has been a national powerhouse for the last 20 years! This is the most arrogant statement I have ever read! No one cares that your BYU, you are the 3rd best team in the state of Utah 2 years in a row. Players from Alabama, Auburn, Florida, USC or any of these real powerhouses believe that teams will roll over for them, but BYU players think this way? haha wow what a joke.

  • GoGetter Sandy, UT
    Sept. 23, 2011 3:28 p.m.

    He doesn't consider tonight's game (after a 1-2 start, after a humiliation last week, after knowing you're INDEPENDENT).

    And there goes the end of BYU football.

  • Papa Smurf UTE Herriman, UT
    Sept. 23, 2011 1:23 p.m.


    You are right. I doubt that there is any game that is a must win on their schedule for Bronco. Football is 5th on the list of the most important things. So winning is not one of those. If they win, it is just an added bonus. I agree that football should not be 1st on the list of most important things, but during football season, it should be close. Yes, if something happens to a family member, or a freind, you should worry about that first and foremost. However, if everything is running smooth in your life as a football player or coach, football should be the # 1 thing on your list of the most important. If it's not, you will become inept and lose a lot of games, and not focus on the task at hand, and that is winning. This IS a must win game for the Y, and if they lose to UCF, a 1-3 start should make some coached heads roll.

  • rightascension Provo, UT
    Sept. 23, 2011 10:41 a.m.

    Rise and Shout -- or rise and scream in agony depending on how the Cougar football team play this evening. I wrote last week that the boys wouldn't get dates for two weeks after last week's humiliation. If they lose tonight, the wives of the married team members will kick them out of their bedrooms and make them sleep on the sofas.

  • utahman in missouri Lee\'s Summit, MO
    Sept. 23, 2011 10:41 a.m.

    "It might have taken a loss or two for us to realize that nobody's going to lie down for us and nobody's going to let us beat them just because we're BYU,"

    Hmmm - just another example of the prevailing arrogant attitude that permiates BYU. Again I ask is there any wonder why there is such animosity towards BYU sports and the repective supporters who promote this toxic attitude year after year?

    Yes, we can all find similar isolated cases at any institution but it seems to be a rampent problem at BYU that is obvious to most observers excluding those who choose to wear blinders.


  • redcliffs Ivins, Utah
    Sept. 23, 2011 8:15 a.m.

    Just to expand on my previous comments, I believe a coach should approach every game as a "must win" game. I know you're not going to win every game, but you want your players to play like every game is a must win so they are mentally prepared. You can do all the physical conditioning during the week that you want but you better prepare your players mentally too and with Broncos cream puff attitude I think that is a big problem with the football team right now.

  • redcliffs Ivins, Utah
    Sept. 23, 2011 7:41 a.m.

    Bronco doesn't consider tonight's game a must win. Are you kidding me? What do you consider a must win Bronco? You just got thrashed at home by your rival and now have lost 2 games in a row and after last week's disaster you're getting ready to play in front of your own fans that are already questioning every move you make, and still this is not a must win game. Maybe that attitude spills over into your players heads as well and that's why we're seeing the kind of performance we've been getting this year. Good luck, and let me know when you finally play a game that is a must win and maybe I'll get more excited to watch.

  • ute alumni Tengoku, UT
    Sept. 23, 2011 7:37 a.m.

    what do you want us to do when we watch all the empty seats? utes know about empty seats, even in a small stadium. i'd rather watch the game.

  • KamUte South Jordan, UT
    Sept. 23, 2011 6:29 a.m.

    Watch all the empty seats tonight,