Reader voices: When things are uncomfortable but necessary

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  • Rita52 ANN ARBOR, MI
    Aug. 20, 2011 11:51 a.m.

    In our area, a previous stake president's focus for his entire tenure was "the Lord asks us to do hard things". As a stake, we were encouraged to leave our comfort zones and do whatever was required to accomplish the mission of the Church. Families were strengthened, service opportunities sought out, and the love and cohesion in the stake and individual wards increased markedly. A secondary theme was 'rivers of love', which he connected to the temple and out worship and covenant-making there. As we became a more temple faithful people, our strength to do the 'hard things' was increased, and our connection to the river of Christ's love that issues forth from every temple was tightened and made more secure. We put our feet into the (sometimes) unexpectedly cold water of the river, and found we had the power to accomplish things we never could have imagined.
    I love the gospel and the help we receive through cleaving to it, and to Christ.

  • Maryquilter Farmington, UT
    Aug. 14, 2011 4:44 p.m.

    What an awesome experience to share, thanks! Sometimes in life I feel like that young man, kicking and screaming as I am forced to wade through a treacherous part of life. When finally the task is accomplished I can relax, say a prayer of gratitude, and realize the growth which has taken place. With time and maturity we usually end up learning to ford those rivers with just a few whimpers or maybe just gritting our teeth.
    Sad when you watch parents who seem unwilling to let their children have challenging experiences, and live their young lives sheltered from the cold water and sharp rocks, never forming calluses and never realizing how much they are capable of. They later find the realities of life unacceptably challenging once they leave the baby pool they have been raised in. They don't know how to build shelter in the times of storm.

    When we look at the difficult life the Savior experienced can we expect anything less if we choose to follow Him? Good to know He will hold our hands and encourage us through the turbulent rivers of life as you did this young scout. I will pass your article along.