Frank Pignanelli & LaVarr Webb: Is tea party influence waning or growing in Utah's elections?

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  • Brer Rabbit Spanish Fork, UT
    July 18, 2011 8:37 p.m.

    The tea party folks in Utah presently are somewhat quiet it is true, but then the elections are a year and a half away. We will hear a lot more from them starting at the first of the year, as candidates begin to identify themselves.

  • EJM Herriman, UT
    July 18, 2011 10:54 a.m.

    Trying to find specific bills online thru Utah gov and finding out how specific legislators voted is next to impossible. I stand by my previous statements though. Just pull up the Dnews archives and you can find his statements. On some I do agree, I must admit. However, I stand by my statement about Carl Wimmer being able to read the pulse of a nervous electorate. It is all about Carl and not about the people of Utah. Most definitely not about honoring those who richly deserve it.

  • Fitness Freak Salt Lake City, UT
    July 18, 2011 7:58 a.m.

    Webb and Pigaelli are part of the growing gaggle of "commentators" (I use the word loosely)who:

    Blame all things that don't work out well on the tea party.

    Through their "commentary" try to convince us that they ACTUALLY CARE about the future of the Republican party, when in reality they're mostly upset that Republicans STAND FOR SOMETHING and aren't willing to "go along to get along" anymore!

  • EJM Herriman, UT
    July 17, 2011 10:55 p.m.

    How can it be a smear when it happened? I am only calling him out on his votes (or the lack thereof). It is amazing when people want to call out a smear when it is based on fact. Look back at his voting record. He missed a key vote (going to find it and report) and then voted against honoring the Code Talkers. That one I will never forget. Mike and Jenny4U, if you could explain that vote and what it signifies / represents about constitutional principles I am all eyes to read. Thanks.

  • jenny4u SOUTH JORDAN, UT
    July 17, 2011 5:54 p.m.

    I agree Mr. Richards, I really get tired of liberals who bash on principled conservatives without knowing anything about them. The tea party has done much to engage people in the election process and should be commended, even though I don't consider myself one. I'm a mainstream conservative who likes John Huntsman and Carl Wimmer.

  • the truth Holladay, UT
    July 17, 2011 5:47 p.m.

    RE: Blue

    What has the 60% done for the last several decades as the debt bloomed, spending increased?

    When you are unwilling to take any principled stands very little good is acomplished.

    when you willing to compromise wiht other unprincipled people, what good will really be accomplished?

    There can be no real change until congess is changed.

  • KJB1 Eugene, OR
    July 17, 2011 5:34 p.m.

    Mike Richards 3:55 p.m.

    "...all they are doing is being political bigots who smear anyone who does not agree with them and their views."

    Coming from you, Mike, that's hysterical...

  • Lead Farmer OREM, UT
    July 17, 2011 5:04 p.m.

    Pignanelli and Webb use the most inflammatory words of anyone in the media. If I used the words they use in their article to describe the right-wing folks that these two obviously hate so much, my comment wouldn't get posted. I'd love for these two to define what is so "crazy," "uber right wing," "ultra conservative," and "far right" (all terms found in the above article) about those who believe the Second and Tenth Amendments are indeed a part of the Constitution, who believe the government should not spend more than it takes in, who believe $14 trillion in debt is alarming, and who believe in getting the government out of our lives and off our backs.

    It's hard to believe these two were once relevant in Utah politics. Now it's obvious why they no longer are. Their arrogance and lack of respect toward those with whom they disagree explains why they have chosen to make politics a game of personal attacks rather than constructive dialogue on issues.

    A broken economy, three wars (and who knows how many secret wars) and $14 trillion of debt are the results of moderates and liberals. Time to give conservatives a chance.

  • Mike Richards South Jordan, Utah
    July 17, 2011 3:55 p.m.

    So, we've already got people personally attacking Carl Wimmer. What are Mr. Wimmer's campaign points? Could we at least hear what he wants to do before smearing him?

    When liberals and moderates use the term "tea party" to further their own party's agenda, we have a problem. They, like those who smear Mr. Wimmer, need to list points of contention with the "tea party", otherwise, all they are doing is being political bigots who smear anyone who does not agree with them and their views.

  • jenny4u SOUTH JORDAN, UT
    July 17, 2011 2:08 p.m.

    It is clear you do not know Wimmer. You sound like a liberal hater who spreads nothing but negative energy. Wimmer will be our next Congressman.

  • EJM Herriman, UT
    July 17, 2011 12:41 p.m.

    I think Rep. Wimmer is all about Rep. Wimmer. I am not alone in this thinking. Go back to this past year when he was not able to cast a vote in a special session because he had to be out of town on business. Or go back when he voted against honoring the Navajo Code Talkers for their service during WW 2. With all due respect these were men who served as part of the Greatest Generation, men who were discriminated against in our society because of their race. He voted against the resolution. I have a difficult time supporting anyone who voted against this.

  • jenny4u SOUTH JORDAN, UT
    July 17, 2011 12:14 p.m.

    By the way I do know who Carl Wimmer is and he would have my vote over any other person I can think of. He is an honorable man who needs to be our next congressman.

  • jenny4u SOUTH JORDAN, UT
    July 17, 2011 12:13 p.m.

    "Utah could have two women win US Congressional races this next year..."

    Why would we want two women in congress? I am a woman and I see that comment as offensive, who cares about the gender of the person running? Do they have the correct values? I have no idea who Mia Luv is but I know I would not vote for her simply because she is a woman! Although I supported Tim Bridgewater I do like Eagar and wish her well.

  • Blue Salt Lake City, UT
    July 17, 2011 12:06 p.m.

    Richard, this is not a blame-game.

    The 20% of the nation that is "hard" left isn't going to get us out of our debt problem, and the 20% of the nation that is "hard" right can't, either.

    It's a consensus among the middle 60% of the country that will eithe solve this problem, or join us as we all drive over the cliff next month.

    For me, I like my job and the ability to keep a roof over my head and food on the table. I don't think I'll have either of those things a year from now if the zealots on either the left or the right fail to reach an agreement very soon.

  • Richard Saunders Provo, UT
    July 17, 2011 10:51 a.m.

    @ Blue
    If the 'mess' you are referring to is our $14 trillion debt, then blame mostly lies with the so-called 'pragmatists.' Who stood firm on their opposition to the expensive Iraq war? The 'far' left and 'far' right. Who stands in opposition to expensive and dangerous involvement in Libya? The same groups. Who has passed huge social programs while 'compromising' to keep a conservative tax rate? 'Moderate' Republicans and 'Moderate' Democrats. The fact we cannot pay the bills is not the fault of ideologues, it is those who believe "problem-solving" involves everything except ever taking a stand on any issue.

  • EJM Herriman, UT
    July 17, 2011 9:07 a.m.

    One of the few times I think Lavarr is on the money.

  • Blue Salt Lake City, UT
    July 17, 2011 8:44 a.m.

    "Given the results of recent county and state conventions, I see little hope for a mainstream, pragmatic, problem-solving candidate..."

    Which is exactly why we're in this mess.

    Pragmatic problem-solving has become a handicap, a negative.

    Passionate belief, regardless of how fact-free and irrational it may be, has become a virtue.

    Utah - please - settle down, release your ego, and think.

    When have we ever had a _greater_ need for pragmatic problem-solvers?

  • 3arwax Logan, UT
    July 17, 2011 8:34 a.m.

    What about the special interest groups that are supporting Hatch?

  • Gandalf Salt Lake City, UT
    July 17, 2011 12:40 a.m.

    You are right to be concerned LaVarr. Your beloved Republicans are engaged in self destructive infighting even as they attempt to drive the political car off the cliff. It's hard to see how this debt ceiling episode ends up well for them.

  • Utah_1 Salt Lake City, UT
    July 17, 2011 12:24 a.m.

    Utah could have two women win US Congressional races this next year if Cherilyn Eagar and Mia Love both decide to run.