Randy Hollis: Gap between NBA players, owners as big as Barkley's backside

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  • Kakashi Tokyo, Japan
    July 3, 2011 5:35 p.m.


    during the 80's John Stockton earned 85k a year during his rookie year....5k higher than the minimum...i think 750k-1M at the minimum and 5-7M at most...it makes the superstars feel like...they are like the other guys on the team...they are just a few million richer...unlike today...so there wont be any prima donnas...

  • woodmaster6225 Florence, OR
    July 2, 2011 9:38 p.m.

    All I can say is the players should not make more then 5 million a year. That's for a player like james. rookies should only get about 75,000.00 a year. If they did that I could afford a ticket to go see the games. Wouldn't that be a blessing. So you owners go and stick to your guns. so us middle class people can come to the games.

  • He-Man Bountiful, UT
    July 2, 2011 8:44 p.m.

    Are people blind? That sure did not look like a smile on David Sterns face. Looked more like the backside of Barkley which might b the only place where there is not a smile on Charles Barkley.