Rare white buffalo calf named in special ceremony

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  • Anony1 BULLHEAD, SD
    July 25, 2011 9:53 a.m.

    It is hogwash about a white MALE buffalo being 'so' sacred. More than other males, but not more than the female. It was a Holy Woman who brought us the Holy Pipe & it is females that put life on the earth - who is also female. Females are spiritually superior to males as a result. Any other view is whitewashed missionary hogwash. As for the first white male buffalo born in 150 years - more hogwash; 2 white males were born in 1996; on the same ranch in SD. They were killed; one by a terrorized grassroots man at the gunpoint of a crooked BIA cop; the other said to have contracted a bacterial diarrhea - which no one knowledgeable believes. Regardless, all this was in the papers. As for the Holy Woman who brings harmony to a household - she is called Wo'Ope, not "Whope". Last, properly, sacred things have no names; they are beyond that. If it can be named, lessers can gain power over it. Duwahleh!-check your facts! How do I know these things? I am the woman who Dances The Four Winds.