In Boston gangster story, a tale of 2 brothers

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  • JustAnotherDude WELLFORD, SC
    June 25, 2011 8:00 a.m.

    I think the opening statement, which includes the text "It has all the hallmarks of a Greek tragedy: two brothers whose lives diverge radically one into an underworld of crime, the other into the upper echelons of state politics", does not take into account that crime and politics are often not so different. And that is perhaps more true in Boston than many places. I lived in Massachusetts from 1979 until 2006, and during that period the number of scandalous accusations against politician William Bulger were numerous, including coining him as "The Six Million Dollar Man" when he was president of UMass, used as a derogatory slur because Bulger appointed so many friends to high positions within UMass at considerably higher salary than predecessors.
    The Bulger brothers are both products of a corrupt culture, in my opinion, and are equally evil.