Operation Donkey brings Iraqi equine to U.S.

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  • MarieDevine Divine-Way Kansas City, MO
    May 15, 2011 8:18 a.m.

    When I was in Israel-Palestine in 1996, I rode a dankey from the little beduoin family I stayed with. As I passed near a tiny bridge, the donkey was spooked by a horse and took off running down into the ravine and up again. I am not a frequent horse rider, but that sprint of the donkey was SMOOTH. It surprised me because my times on a horse were always choppy or bumpy. I have loved donkeys ever since.

    We would take the donkey up the fairly high hill and get water from the well to return to our tent. It was a marvelous experience. King David had white donkey; for me, the brown or grey with the dark eyes are adorable. When we choose a garden paradise lifestyle, we will again see the joy of having a donkey. They are surely a good companion animal that is willing to do some difficult work and make our life easier.