Intermountain chief to address World Health Care Congress on innovation, cost

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  • Barclay Burns Midway, Utah
    April 4, 2011 8:25 a.m.

    As a professor, I have had the privilege of doing a deep research study on Intermountain across the whole organization over the last several months that will continue into the future. I want to add that I have consistently seen the remarkable nurses, doctors, and administrators practice what they preach. The people of Intermountain really seek to do the right thing, to improve (they are honest about their shortcomings), and to provide extraordinary care.

    They have genuinely become a model healthcare system. I have been with Intermountain when they host leaders from other highly respected healthcare systems, and the other leaders readily acknowledge Intermountain's role as a leader. The CEO of Mayo Health System recently told me he would have given a speech he was delivering in Utah, in Antarctica if Brent James had asked him.

    The two mentioned in the article Charles Sorenson and Brent James are very smart, competent, and humble doctors and leaders. They work with several other extraordinary doctor, nurse and administrative leaders. The Intermountain Board is also terrific and dedicated.

    A big thanks to Intermountain Healthcare. Utah is very fortunate to have them.