Utah Jazz extra: A weird week in team history

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  • matador1029 kaysvilee, ut
    Feb. 14, 2011 5:56 p.m.

    I have never been a huge fan of Jerry and thought that one day it would be time for a change, but not this way. Not because some spoiled allstar is not getting his way. If it is Deron's fault or not we will never know, but if the Jazz refuse to give details we must assume it was Deron. I have lost all respect for the Jazz organization and the Miller Family for letting this happen mid season. This type of change should be done properly at the end of the season. Give Jerry some respect for all that he has done for the team.
    I for one will not support the Jazz anymore. This is making me want to be a Lakers fan :-(. My money I spend on tickets every year will go to some better use.

  • The Final Word Alpine, UT
    Feb. 14, 2011 4:55 p.m.


    I have always said, be careful what you ask for, you might just get it and I guess Deron did.

    He did not want to listen to old Sloan and his plays, he wanted to do his own thing.

    Now I guess he gets to do it on a regular basis.

    The problem with it all is that look at where calling his own plays has taken the team.

    We know that this system, even with limited talent, can still win alot of games if players are committed. So where does this team stand given they have quite a bit of talent and a rapidly deteriorating record?

    Best of luck Ty.

  • Sokol Las Vegas, NM
    Feb. 14, 2011 12:22 p.m.

    Boobirds rise up and deliver more boos to KOC, Miller and that baby Williams....Get your boos in,
    they deserve it.
    I am not that excited about the Jazz without Sloan.

  • plyxply SLC, UT
    Feb. 14, 2011 10:00 a.m.

    It seems that the Jazz management wasn't entirely truthful. I'm sure they asked Jerry to stay, after they'd said way too much in the arguement after the game with KOC and Jerry. Like Karl said, Jerry would never quit on anything, and Deron as well as KOC and Greg Miller deserve the boos. I've bought season tickets for many years and will not be at another Jazz game that I have to pay for.
    This never would've happend if Larry were still around. Jerry made the Jazz special not Deron.