Democrats assail governor's immigration order

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  • JanSan Pocatello, ID
    Feb. 5, 2011 10:37 a.m.

    I see NOTHING wrong with what this governor has outlined at all.

    She said that the citizenship would be check of anyone arrested for a crime. That mean everyone, black white, yellow red....

    It pointly said that motorist would not be asked, a victim would not be asked, just those who commit a crime. I see no problem at all with this.

    I see a lot of whinners for one group of people. WHY are the Mexicans so upset over this. Because most of the illeagles are of Mexican decent. That does not make what they did alright. I am tired of politions panderings to the Mexican illeagle trying to make live as easy for them as possible.. what about the citizens.. we SHOULD BE more important and Our needs should be more important then people who BREAK the law in order to get here!

  • Squeaky Austin, TX
    Feb. 4, 2011 7:51 a.m.

    I have a hard time understanding politician who don't stand up for their citizens, but wishes to stand up for an ILLEGAL ALIEN REGARDLESS OF NATIONALITY,HERE IT'S mexican, ARE THE POLITICIANS SICK,WE NEED TO EMPLOYEE OUR CITIZENS FIRST&FOREMOST.ONE SAID EVER ONE IN THE ROOM WERE SUSPECT. I say the majority were either anchors, are anchors of anchors most likely they are.I know B. Richardson was as he said he was.
    These politicians need to think of who they are there to serve----the American citizen==or==the illegal aliens our workers or their workers, our kids or the illegal aliens kids. Frank Bowers of Austin, Tx FIC.

  • CJ Murray, UT
    Feb. 3, 2011 6:36 p.m.

    You know she is doing the right thing when all of the lawbreakers are squealing. Keep up the good work,you are right on track! We need to send as many home as we can. Every one that goes opens a job for an American. The police should arrest anyone who is here illegally, they are breaking the law! Stop the whining.