House votes to repeal Obama's health care law

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  • homebrew South Jordan, UT
    Jan. 20, 2011 4:16 p.m.

    Republicans have No ideas, or soulutions. Repeal. Thats their idea. No job creation, just undo the historic legislation that was accomplished by the democrats. They have No intention of working with the democrats. They better take a lesson from the last election. They blamed Obama and the democrats for nop jobs being created, when in fact democrats did everything that got done . Republicans do nothing have No ideas, and next election will be held accountable.

  • George Bronx, NY
    Jan. 20, 2011 4:10 p.m.

    well lets hope know that they have got their grandstanding out of the way they will go about the business of making reasonable and needed changes to the existing healthcare law.

  • Cottomwood Heights Guy Cottonwood Heights, UT
    Jan. 20, 2011 10:38 a.m.

    Exhaxtly all hands on deck,

    Matheson had to lie and claim to be conservative to get reelected. It is obvios not he would have voted for obamacare if his vote was needed. He just new that if he voted yes, he would have soundly been defeted in Nov. I expect any conservative that voted for him will think twice next time.

  • all hands on deck Sandy, UT
    Jan. 20, 2011 9:23 a.m.

    Jim Matheson voted against the bill, when it actually came to the floor. However, he voted for the parliamentary trickery that allowed for a simple 51% majority to pass the bill.

    Now he votes against repeal.
    He wanted this bill all along.

  • Esquire Springville, UT
    Jan. 20, 2011 7:09 a.m.

    This is theater, nothing else. If the GOP was serious, they would actually propose something. Put some ideas on the table. They offer nothing. Meanwhile, the health insurance system continues to slowly collapse on the middle class, The benefits of the bill they voted to repeal are good, but not enough. This isn't over, and the Republicans offer nothing at all.

  • Furry1993 Somewhere in Utah, UT
    Jan. 20, 2011 6:57 a.m.

    This vote is playing politics only, and did nothing for the well-being of the United States and its people. Political posturing instead of doing something substantive to reform health care and health insurance.

    The Republicans showed that they were trying to fulfill the old adage about throwing the baby out with the bathwater. There are a lot of good things in the health care reform law, and some that are not so good.

    Why did not the Republicans try to fix the problem areas without doing away with the good things too? Oh, yeah -- the answer is easy to that question. Political posturing and political games. And to heck with the people of the United States.

    The Republican legislators just proved why they need to be removed from office in 2012, and why we should elect some people who give a hoot about the people instead of politics.

  • Mountanman Hayden, ID
    Jan. 20, 2011 5:43 a.m.

    @ atl: It is your responsibility to provide your own insurance (healthcare and otherwise) not your neighbors! Its called self reliance instead of welfare! We all can't be on welfare because the rest of us cant' afford it since we are already $14 trillion in debt mostly from providing entitlements to people who think the world owes them a living, which it doesn't!

  • atl134 Salt Lake City, UT
    Jan. 19, 2011 11:35 p.m.

    Good thing I got my surgery 2 weeks ago before Republicans voted in favor of taking away my insurance.

  • Mountanman Hayden, ID
    Jan. 19, 2011 10:59 p.m.

    Imgine that! Elected officials keeping their promises and doing the will of the people! Take a lesson Democrats or lose again in the next election!

  • Phillip J Fry West Valley City, Utah
    Jan. 19, 2011 10:57 p.m.

    A survey that came out today said 65% of doctors expect the quality of health care to decline in the next five years. Only 18% thought it would improve. That's not a lot of confidence for Obama care and it comes from the professionals who know the system better than any of us. I'll trust them before I'll trust any politician or left wing wack job posting on some news site. If you look at how the health care bill was passed (on Christmas Eve with few people even reading it) you have to wonder what these politicians were thinking when they passed it. Real reform would lower costs to allow more people to afford health care and provide some protections from abuse by the insurance companies. Instead we have a law that has government dictating that you will buy health insurance or get fined and setting the whole system up for failure so they can replace it with a single payer system. The few good things this law may have do not out weigh the bad. It should be scraped and replaced with something that will actually work.

  • Ralph Salt Lake City, UT
    Jan. 19, 2011 10:41 p.m.

    Whew, thank goodness the republicans have come up with some excellent solutions to our health care crisis! Oh, well, I'm sure they will soon, because they are looking out for the little guy!

    They are the party of "YES"!


  • TMR Santa Monica, CA
    Jan. 19, 2011 10:37 p.m.

    What a meaningless, dumb move.

  • Christy Beaverton, OR
    Jan. 19, 2011 10:08 p.m.

    Headlines of the day:

    "Republicans offer no viable alternative to Health Care repeal, just know they 'abhor' that which they supported 2 years ago"

    "Obama's approval ratings climb, while favor for Fox News and the Tea Party sails downhill like a fat kid on a sled at Sugar House Park"

    "Dick Cheney thinks limiting gun magazine size may be a good idea"

  • Bebyebe UUU, UT
    Jan. 19, 2011 9:40 p.m.

    Their priority was jobs, jobs, jobs. Where are the jobs from this?

    They've voted to repeal the health care bill. They should vote to repeal their own health care insurance - supplied by the American people. Talk the talk, walk the walk.

  • OpenToDiscussion Holladay, UT
    Jan. 19, 2011 9:14 p.m.

    With VA health care and Medicare (both of which had huge expansions under the Reagan and G. W. Bush administrations) the U.S. government is a major payer of health care costs and has a right and a duty to control them. Unless we intend to throw retirees off of Medicare or withdraw health care benefits from veterans the situation only gets worse without cost control and reform.

    Has anybody attempted to buy a private individual health insurance policy these days? I have and unless you're young and have perfect health insurers will not offer you coverage. Your only option is to belong to a group (e.g. as an employee) where the risks can be spread. It removes your freedom to make your own decisions. It's not right and something had to be done. Something was done and now our great congress is wasting time in a futile effort to undo it and go back to 'business as usual.' It's a sad day. I'm really glad Senator Reid has confirmed his intention to stand up to this.

  • BobP Port Alice, B.C.
    Jan. 19, 2011 9:08 p.m.

    By the way Obama's approval ratings on most polls are below 50%. Somebody above was dreaming.

  • UtahBlueDevil Durham, NC
    Jan. 19, 2011 8:33 p.m.

    KM..... you actually said "does one have to read the bill to be able to know whats in it?"

    Um, yes... you do. Why in the world would you not invest the time to actually inform yourself if you are going to be opposed to it.

    That one statement really kind of sums up the debate. Don't know what is in it, but were against it.

    Just lovely.

  • byronbca Salt Lake City, UT
    Jan. 19, 2011 8:23 p.m.

    I don't have a problem with republicans voting against health care. We all new this was coming. What I have a problem with is that republicans are saying that health care is important to them and that they actually have a plan.

    Actions speak louder than political rhetoric. Health care has been a major issue since Clinton first took office almost 20 years ago, yet republicans have made a calculated effort to ignore it entirely.

    Why should we believe republicans care about health care now?

  • KM Cedar Hills, UT
    Jan. 19, 2011 8:16 p.m.

    What are you saying? Does one have to read the bill to be able to know whats in it? Get real! This was a bad, very bad, peice of legislation from the beggining. Nothing but a path to single payor, the kind that Obama wanted in the first place.

  • BYUalum South Jordan, UT
    Jan. 19, 2011 8:12 p.m.

    Thanks to these new Republican Representatives and the new Speaker of the House for remembering they represent the American people and not thw "good ole guys" and special interests. George Miller D-Calif gave a passionate speach saying that health care companies are the most bureaucratic. How dumb does he think the American people are? The Progressive Congress and Progressive President of the United States are the biggest bureaucratic of all. They want to control every aspect of Americans and their lives. We have spoken with our vote and refuse to be herded around like a bunch of cattle who don't know anything better.
    God bless the USA!

  • lib1 Provo, UT
    Jan. 19, 2011 8:03 p.m.

    That's wonderful. Killing the health care bill and cutting spending is a great start. Now let's see if the new Congress has the courage to roll back entitlements.

  • patrick campbell Salt Lake City, UT
    Jan. 19, 2011 7:53 p.m.

    What a complete waste of time, money and energy. I understand taking a shot over the bow, but this is grandstanding and nothing more. There is no way this will go further and it will only create a larger divide with both parties.

  • B Logan, UT
    Jan. 19, 2011 7:32 p.m.

    RE: Steven S. Jarvis

    If the house was built on a poor foundation and had deep structural flaws, then yes, you would tear it down. Build a new house, fine. But don't settle for a potentially dangerous house. Thanks for starting the process to kill this thing.

  • Steven S Jarvis Orem, UT
    Jan. 19, 2011 6:34 p.m.

    Not many people would burn down a house because they didn't like the windows. That is exactly what these guys are trying to do.

    There are parts I don't like. Then there are a majority of parts that are essential to fixing the problems with health care. We shouldn't be going backwards. Fix the problems, make the LAW better and actively do something for Americans instead of trying to destroy our country or always saying no.

  • Oatmeal Woods Cross, UT
    Jan. 19, 2011 6:27 p.m.

    All steam and no substance... Has anyone actually seen a health care bill proposed by Repubs in this session to replace or modify healthcare? It isn't going to happen.

  • Heidi71 Kearns, UT
    Jan. 19, 2011 6:13 p.m.


  • patriot Cedar Hills, UT
    Jan. 19, 2011 6:13 p.m.

    Good for the new speaker and good for all the new representatives. The passage is only symbolic as long as Obama and Reid are in control but it does show all the millions of voters who voted for changed back in November that the new leadership in the House is serious about listening and doing the will of the people. The disgusting thing is that Harry Reid won't even bring the measure to the floor of the senate for a vote. If Harry thinks that by not voting he is protecting those democratic senators up for re-election in the fall of 2012 he is sadly mistaken. OBamacare was a huge issue in Nov 2010 and it will be a huge issue in Nov 2012 so sooner or later those democratic senators in the senate are going to have to show their cards.

  • oldasdirt Grantsville, UT
    Jan. 19, 2011 6:03 p.m.

    I am split on this issue, part of me does not want the government in total control. The other part is my terrible experience with the health insurance five years ago. Not sure what corporate America Williary is talking about but the corporate America I worked for for thirty years was never happy with the increasing rates and decrease in coverage.

    Keep some of the ideas, sink the bad,1099, mandated coverage or a tax, and we will probably all be better off, but the extremes on both ends will never be happy

  • heavyhitter Lehi, UT
    Jan. 19, 2011 5:39 p.m.

    Promise #1 fulfilled. Now the real work begins to actually get rid of the monstrosity. The evidence that insurance companies will be the ones benefitting from Obamacare is that IHC vigorous supports the law--unbelievable! Follow the money people.

  • kiaoraguy Provo, UT
    Jan. 19, 2011 5:34 p.m.

    about dang time!

  • 10CC Bountiful, UT
    Jan. 19, 2011 5:28 p.m.

    This stands to be an interesting year & congressional term, not to mention 2012 presidential race.

    Obama is now up to a 53% approval rating, according to the Wall Street Journal, while only 25% of the nation thinks the GOP Congress will be bringing the "right kind of change" to the nation.

  • williary Kearns, UT
    Jan. 19, 2011 5:23 p.m.

    Good. I for one am ready to believe that Republicans want to attempt to fix the current Health Care system in America.

    After all, it's not like they've had opportunities over the last 30 years to do so. It's not like they brought up zero efforts to really fix health care, while doing everything possible to thwart attempts by Democrats to actually address the health care mess. It's not like hundreds of Republican ideas and measures were inserted in this legislation.

    Curious, did Cantor pull out the hundreds of Republican additions to this bill when he was bashing its size?

    Bottom line is Republicans are so in bed with insurance companies and corporate America that they are perfectly happy with the current health care system that feeds on anyone but the wealthy. They have no measures to address the big issues with health care, otherwise we would have heard them at some point over the last 3 decades. All they do is continue to try and keep the status quo on this issue, because that profits their campaign.

  • KM Cedar Hills, UT
    Jan. 19, 2011 5:10 p.m.