David Archuleta says he's humbled to perform with Mormon Tabernacle Choir

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  • cassiem Brigham City, Utah
    Dec. 18, 2010 9:02 p.m.

    I didn't get a ticket to the Conference Center but was able to the concert by simulcast at the Tabernacle. I thought David Archuleta's performance was fantastic! He has such a sweet sound to his voice! He is only 19 years old and yet has the ability to perform with such a wonderful choir. He is also a fantastic role model for people of all ages! The concert was amazing and really gave me the Christmas spirit.

  • Sirianna Pleasant Grove, UT
    Dec. 18, 2010 1:51 a.m.

    It is set up so that a certain amount of people are going to have a horrible experience, including the workers and volunteers. It boggles my mind that those in charge seem to be oblivious to this or seem to think that telling people over and over to get there earlier is actually addressing the problem.

  • Sirianna Pleasant Grove, UT
    Dec. 18, 2010 1:51 a.m.

    I am disgusted and disappointed by the dishonesty going on. Yes, your ticket is a gift, but it comes with conditions and they are not telling you all the information you need to know in order to meet those conditions. No wonder people are so angry when they find out that their seats did not go to people in standby (who waited three hours without knowing they really had no chance of getting in) but to people with tickets that just got there on time before they did. No wonder people get in and find their section full, then are directed to another section which is full by the time they get there, and then find they have no seat, and then you get poor, ruffled volunteers saying over and over, Im sorry, Im sorry. I wish they wouldnt do this. Or worse case scenario, you get rude personnel who wont tell you anything.

  • JRJ Pocatello, ID
    Dec. 18, 2010 1:33 a.m.

    It actually seems more honorable to me that the general authorities should apply for tickets just like the rest of us. It hardly seems right that they and their families can go year after year when the rest of us never get to see the inside of the Conference Center at Christmas time. Sorry, I too love and respect the brethren, just not the ticket system.

  • Sirianna Pleasant Grove, UT
    Dec. 18, 2010 1:32 a.m.

    I am also sorry to hear about the horrible experiences of so many this year. I had a similar experience last year on Thursday and posted about it hoping that it would make a difference. My sister called the ticket office in October prior to the random drawing to get verification as to whether overbooking would happen. All she got was an "I don't know. I've never heard that. I don't think they do that. But, I'm new. I've only been here about a month." Then, she told him about her experience and strongly recommended that they not do that this year because she didn't want other people to have as horrible an experience as we did. He told her that that is the kind of feedback they like to get and he would pass it on. Apparently, her feedback didnt make much difference.

  • Macaw Herriman, UT
    Dec. 17, 2010 10:27 p.m.

    I'm sorry to hear so many were shut out of Thursday night's performance. We got in (my daughter won the tickets) but were there by 6:30 waiting for the doors to open. I heard there were about 2 million people who signed up for tickets. Unbelievable. Someone gave me tickets a few years ago too but I've never won any on my own and I've put in for them for 5 or 6 years. I think the ticket give-away needs to be rethought here. Giving away more than there are seats is ridiculous. It's probably good business but in this case it backfired.

  • Utah County Boy Cedar Hills, UT
    Dec. 17, 2010 7:05 p.m.

    We had the same experience as several others here on Thursday night. We arrived about an hour early. Waited in a huge line for about 40 minutes. There were hundreds behind us. We finally got in and were shuffled around past 8PM and then were told there were no seats. The security guards were downright rude and nasty. The Guest Services people were clueless - no communication whatsoever.

    I was told that they overbook by 30%. This seems dishonest. People get tickets thinking that if they arrive on time (at least 30 minutes prior, they will have a seat) There seems to be no concern over travel time, expense and disappointment.

    As far as General Authorities getting all the tickets they want, I'm sure this is a big part of the problem. Imagine how many thousands of tickets are taken by General Authorities for friends and extended family. Not to be critical, but couldn't they just be limited to tickets for their immediate families. And I'm sure higher ranking Church employees also have generous ticket privileges.

    I hope someone looks into this so things can change.

  • babybjo American Fork, UT
    Dec. 17, 2010 7:05 p.m.

    David's smile is so infectious... I hope he can continue to be a role model for teens and young adult, and not succumb to the many pitfalls that often plague younger performers. I will be interested to hear the concert next year, as I have never attended a concert at Christmas and do not imagine I will... Too many odds against me

  • mecr Bountiful, UT
    Dec. 17, 2010 5:02 p.m.

    I saw last year's concert by PBS (thank goodness for PBS!!). I love David McCullough stories related to real heroes and their experiences. Very touching. Maybe it was the sound of my tv but I think in the last song, Natalie was not up to the choir, they didn't blend. Maybe the sound of my tv, please correct me if I am wrong. I did love Natalie with Andrea Bocelli though in another christmas concert. Maybe the arrangement didn't help?

  • mecr Bountiful, UT
    Dec. 17, 2010 4:58 p.m.

    I understand the general authorities get tickets to their families but to the extended ones? like this guy gets 9 tickets for his family because his uncle is a general authority and the general population got to enter to a raffle to get only 4. I don't consider it fair. Nothing against the general authorities, I support them with all my heart but I don't agree with the way the tickets are handled for this kind of events, including conferences. I believe everybody is equal to the eyes of the Father, including general authorities' extended families.

  • Toodleoo South Jordan, UT
    Dec. 17, 2010 4:58 p.m.

    So true- I was also one that tried to get into this performance and had a ticket, but was literally locked out by nasty and rude security guards. Got there an hour early in the bitter cold, and after being shuffled by staff to multiple entrance doors, was finally locked out with no explanation other than they sent our more tickets than they could seat. It was a horrible experience. Shame on the conference center and staff. I would guess the number that missed out was closer to 1000, judging from the people around the building and those shuffling their way to the tabernacle overflow.

  • FargoUT Salt Lake City, UT
    Dec. 17, 2010 4:46 p.m.

    In complete contrast to splitme2, I thought David Archuleta's performance was easily the highlight of the night (and I was never a fan of his on American Idol, so I was pleasantly surprised). The second half with Michael York was a completely dull affair--I had a large cup of coffee prior to the performance, and York's storytelling still nearly put me to sleep.

    It's a shame they can't flip the order, putting Silent Night at the end of the concert. Archuleta's rendition was soulful and mature, aided by the always-excellent Mormon Tabernacle Choir. I'd never seen the orchestra play before, but they were quite masterful as well.

    Overall I thought it was a decent concert, but the deadly dull last half definitely put a damper on my enjoyment of the show.

  • Live From the Swamp Holladay, UT
    Dec. 17, 2010 2:55 p.m.

    The Thursday night performance might have been excellent; I'll never know. The lines were long, they opened the doors late on the north side, and HUNDREDS of people were turned away with valid tickets. The Guest Services people were incredibly rude - they shut the doors without ANY explanation. After 20 minutes, someone told us that they had given out more tickets than there were seats. What a joke.

  • MoJules Florissant, MO
    Dec. 17, 2010 2:39 p.m.

    Good luck to you tonight David, just be you, that is what makes you so good. Hope you will be on Spoken word this Sunday and also can't wait til next year to watch the performance.

  • MapleDon Springville, UT
    Dec. 17, 2010 2:31 p.m.

    The annual Christmas concert is our family's favorite tradition.

    We're blessed to be able to attend all of these concerts (my uncle's a general authority and so is able to get tickets for all nine members of my family. Though we usually have our choice of nights, Thursday was the only night we all had available.).

    The talent this year wasn't quite up to last year's concernt, it was still fantastic.

    Thanks to all who performed!

  • splitme2 West Jordan, UT
    Dec. 17, 2010 1:14 p.m.

    We went to the dress rehearsal last night. It was very well done. Michael York was amazing! He has a great part in the program. Archuleta was good also but just needs a little more experience. All in all a great evening.