Broncos blame themselves for McD's failure

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  • ouisc Farmington, UT
    Dec. 7, 2010 5:19 p.m.

    After being a Bronco fan for 25 years, Pat Bowlen taught me an important lesson early in 2009: the Broncos are HIS team, not MY team.

    As of 2009, the Broncos had an elite offense and a defense that was strong at times and weak at times--usually weak in the later weeks of the season.

    So we hire a guy who fit into Billicek's offensive scheme, which is the exact opposite of what we needed. We needed defense help!

    Then we lied to Shanny's coaching staff, cut several members of our elite offensive line, alienated key young, immature, promising players (QB/WR/TE), got caught cheating (his 2nd time getting caught), horrendous free agent signings, horrendous trades, horrible PR, etc.

    I am forever embarassed, thanks to Pat Bowlen. I can forgive getting hit in the teeth one time, but I can't forgive hit after hit after hit. But it doesn't matter, because this is Pat Bowlen's team, not my team.

    Go Bears!