Utah St., Utah Utes basketball: Aggies pull away in second half

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  • Hellooo Salt Lake City, UT
    Nov. 25, 2010 11:38 p.m.

    Congrats USU. As for the PAC-12 not scheduling lower conference teams, it is not true. The Cal schools often schedule other Cal teams not in the PAC 12. There is no reason for the U not to continue to schedule in state schools home and away. Except, there program is down and playing and losing to Utah teams will hurt what will always be the basis of recruiting for their program, which is and always will be Utah.

  • ouisc Farmington, UT
    Nov. 25, 2010 8:42 p.m.

    Congratulations to USU on defeating the Utes in the Spectrum, once again.

    The reason this rivalry is dead is because the Utes have killed it. The Aggies didn't play their best, but they played with passion and were determined to defeat the Utes. The Utes played like a team that didn't understand what an in-state rivalry was, and could care less if they won or lost. The Utes basketball program is certainly is a sad place right now. If the Utes can't get excited to play USU, whether in Logan or Salt Lake, then everyone from Chris Hill to Jim Boylen has failed their basketball program.

  • CordonBleu Park City, UT
    Nov. 25, 2010 8:36 p.m.


    You want to cherry pick three bad seasons from last century, Truth Machine simply chose to look at more relevant recent history of the last five years.

    btw, FAIL on "I guarantee you that we won't finish like BYU this year:"

    How can you guarantee that when

    Utah 2006-07 11-19 6-10

    is even worse than

    BYU 1998-99 12-16 6-8

  • tyotx Waxahachie, TX
    Nov. 25, 2010 6:20 p.m.

    BYU> Utah St.> utah.

    I love it.

  • MiP Iowa City, IA
    Nov. 25, 2010 5:22 p.m.

    I'm still waiting for the press release that says anyone on the hill is "too good to play Utah State." That is a creation by Aggie fans and BYU zealots/Utah haters.

    Mid-level basketball programs are notorious for being up and down. BYU was down, now they are up. Utah was up, now they are down. I don't think it would take much for them to switch places.

    As far as the Aggies, congrats on the win, but no one outside of Utah and southern Idaho will care so long as you keep bowing out in the first round of the NCAAs.

    So here's hoping you go on to win the WAC and represent well in the tourney. But I'm not going to bet on it.

  • tunanator Temecula, California
    Nov. 25, 2010 2:25 p.m.

    Get this Utah honks. University of Southern California has home and home with USU but the Utes some 90 miles away just can't seem to find it in there power to schedule future basketball games in Logan. Yep and the Utes wonder why they are called arogant.

  • Uteology Fort Worth, Texas
    Nov. 25, 2010 2:06 p.m.

    @Truth Machine

    Please enlighten me on which post refereed to 1944?

    Nice stats, why didn't you include the 2005 season?

    Oh yea because the 2005 Ute team (29-6) went to the Sweet 16 and BYU (9-25) went fishing.

    Do tell us all which one of your 1st place MWC teams made it out of the 2nd round?

    BTW I looked at Utah State's schedule over the last few years and found they only played 2 PAC-10 teams which was only in the tournament and were blown out both times.

  • bigutefan Las Vegas, NV
    Nov. 25, 2010 1:13 p.m.

    Congrats to the Aggies, be thankful you have a REAL coach. Utah is stuck with the worst hire in the University of Utah history. Boylen got the job because he made a folder and photoshopped his face wearing a Utah shirt. The minute he opened his mouth at the press conference, it was CLEAR it was a huge mistake. Four months until the Utes FIRE BOYLEN and get a real coach. I wish the series was continuing with the Aggies. But how many games are the Aggies scheduled to play this year against PAC-10 opponents? Utah is now going to be from that conference and will be forced to schedule the way the PAC-12 dictates which sounds like a trip to Logan is not acceptable. I am not sure that UTAH has any choice in this matter. Sorry Aggies. Again, be thankful you have a good team and a REAL coach. Utah has two 7-2 centers and they combined for 6 shots and 3 rebounds in 40 min. How on earth does Jimbo not figure out how to feed the ball to the post and just dump the ball in the basket. FIRE BOYLEN! NOW! GO UTES!

  • Wildcat Ogden, UT
    Nov. 25, 2010 12:29 p.m.


    BYU pulled the debacle of trying to play at the Marriot Center one year and then at the Delta Center the next instead of going to Logan, so they are trying to avoid playing USU there on a home and home basis--as of today, I don't think BYU is scheduled to go to USU next year.

    As for Weber State, so far it is a home and home, but look for BYU to pull the "too big to play on the road" after the U of U does it. You are right, as of right now, I can't assuredly say it, but knowing BYU--it won't be long. Hopefully, I am proven wrong and in-state basketball does not basically fall apart, but it looks that way. Have a nice Thanksgiving--and GO WILDCATS! Hopefully, the Wildcats can pull the upset at the Dee Events Center later in December against BYU, and hopefully it is not the last time BYU travels to O-town!

  • Truth Machine Salt Lake City, UT
    Nov. 25, 2010 12:25 p.m.


    "Regardless of your envy Utah is moving on..."

    Regardless of your arrogance, Utah basketball may be moving on, but there's absolutely no sign it's moving up.

    We're supposed to be envious of this:

    Utah 2005 to 2009
    14-15 6-10 (6th)
    11-19 6-10 (6th)
    18-15 7-9 (6th) CBI Second Round
    25-10 12-4 (1st) NCAA First Round blowout loss
    14-17 7-9 (5th)

    versus this?:

    BYU 2005 to 2009
    20-9 12-4 (2nd) NIT First Round
    25-9 13-3 (1st) NCAA First Round
    27-7 14-2 (1st) NCAA First Round
    25-8 12-4 (1st) NCAA First Round
    30-5 13-3 (2nd) NCAA Second Round

    It's funny how Utah fans are constantly complaining about BYU fans living in the past in football (Utah has no past in football), but when it comes to basketball, 1944 is like yesterday.

    Enjoy being bottom dweller in the PAC 12 along with your new "rival," Colorado!

    Maybe you can throw yourselves a pitty-party after ever season.

  • LonestarRunner Salt Lake City, UT
    Nov. 25, 2010 11:56 a.m.

    "The Utes and Cougars have no guts. They are scared to play USU or Weber State home and home--why?"

    Don't be lumping the Cougars in with the Utes. BYU has made no such announcement that the Cougars will no longer play the Wildcats or Aggies home-and-home.

    If you have other information, please provide an authoritative source, like an official press release.

    BYU played in the Spectrum last season and will be playing in the Dee Center this season.

  • Uteology Fort Worth, Texas
    Nov. 25, 2010 11:47 a.m.


    Utah might be 4th best team in the State but I guarantee you that we won't finish like BYU this year:

    1996-97 1-25 0-16
    1997-98 9-21 4-10
    1998-99 12-16 6-8

    Regardless of your envy Utah is moving on, live with it and please continue to celebrate each Utah loss as though your team won a NCAA tournament game. Since its obvious your team can't win in the postseason, 1-6 since '99.

    Meanwhile, know that "Utah will always be Utah" but we'll never be as bad as BYU, see above.

    As far as the USU goes. It was a great win, they put a whopping on us so congrats.

  • CordonBleu Park City, UT
    Nov. 25, 2010 11:36 a.m.

    "What does Utah have to gain by playing USU?"

    Typical cop out from a program that thinks being a member of a "big boys" conference somehow makes them a big boy.

    Utah basketball has fallen way behind Utah State and BYU, the Utes know that, so now they're going to throw away a hundred year rivalry and hide behind the skirts of the PAC 12 as their excuse.

    The Utes are just scared because they know that playing in Logan isn't just a possible, it's an almost certain loss.

    The Aggies are just plain better; the "mighty" Utes are just plain pansies.

  • sammyg Springville, UT
    Nov. 25, 2010 11:35 a.m.

    (snicker, snicker) It will be easier in the PAC-12 in football and now basketball. HARDY ha ha HAAAA!

    The not so ready to play primetime BB team belly ups to little ol' Utah State.

    Way to go Aggies!

  • Uteology Fort Worth, Texas
    Nov. 25, 2010 11:32 a.m.


    I didn't blame the officials, I made a joke. What I blamed was the lack of rebounding and Boleyn. Nice to see your over your flu and posting on Ute articles after we lose.

    USU just can't get any love.

    First, being left at the alter by BYU.
    Now Utah is going through a divorce and decided it wants to date outside of the State for a while.

    Speaking of talking smack, USU and BYU have a total one win in the tournament since Fordo Baggins left the Shire for Middle Earth... yea its taken that long to get one win.

    Keep the seat warm boys, we'll be back... hopefully before Fordo gets back.

    GO Utes!!

  • Wildcat Ogden, UT
    Nov. 25, 2010 11:30 a.m.

    The Utes and Cougars have no guts. They are scared to play USU or Weber State home and home--why? This is the NCAA and not the FBS, where if you win on the court in conference tournament and NCAA tournament time, you don't have to worry about rankings and all the other lame excuses the Utes and Cougars are manufacturing. Duck and run if you want to, but do it honestly and admit you don't like holding your butt in your hands as you leave the Spectrum or the Dee Events Center. Enjoy your mighty triumphs over Simon Frasier and Montana Tech--what a big boy you clowns are! Happy Thanksgiving you turkeys!

  • Veritas Aequitas Fruit Heights, UT
    Nov. 25, 2010 11:20 a.m.

    Mount Olympus | 10:53 a.m. Nov. 25, 2010
    Holladay, UT
    "What does Utah have to gain by playing USU?"

    They could prove that a PAC 12 team is better than a WAC team.

    They could try to prove that as a PAC 12 team, they aren't the 3rd-4th worst team in the state of Utah.

    Sure, no reason to play.

    Except to try to prove wrong what everybody knows to be true.

    Regardless of Larry Scott, Utah is a mid-level to low-level athletic program in a mid-level conference.

    And, since we know it can't be proven on the court, it's easiest to stay off the court.
    Remember, this story is about the U and USU.

    Let's figure out why Utah is afraid to play USU.

    Utah will always be Utah.

  • bigmanUTE Salt Lake City, UT
    Nov. 25, 2010 11:03 a.m.

    i love how the only fans complaining about keeping the "tradition" alive is bitter utah state fans. no utah fans care because its freaking utah state. hopefully aggie fans grow out of their little man syndome and just come play in slc.

  • Mount Olympus Holladay, UT
    Nov. 25, 2010 10:53 a.m.

    What does Utah have to gain by playing USU?

    Logan is a tough place to play a basketball game. In the future, if Utah goes in as a PAC-10 team and wins, it is no big deal, but if they lose, it will hurt them.

    There is no gain from playing @ USU. USU hardly ever gets a team from a big conference to play in Logan, and now that the Utes are in a big conference they have no reason to play in Logan anymore. It is sad but true, sorry.

  • Bottom Line Draper, UT
    Nov. 25, 2010 10:28 a.m.

    re Yarrlydarb...Utah doesn't win championships in the MWC either...the correct move would be to go to the WAC

  • Veritas Aequitas Fruit Heights, UT
    Nov. 25, 2010 10:08 a.m.


    Blame it on the officiating when you lose?

    Can you give us some examples?

    Utah lost in every statistical category.

    The Ute's played sloppy D, are not used to each other, were slow to help out, and out of position.

    Utah was outplayed, pretty much what everyone predicted would happen.

    Like you, I wonder how long the U will drag Boylen along.

  • Balan West Jordan, Utah
    Nov. 25, 2010 9:48 a.m.

    The hypocrisy of the Utah program is astounding. Now that you are one of the "big boys" you are going to snub a rivalry that you have been playing for one hundred years??? Funny what money and a little bit of fame will do to you.

    I am looking forward to the Utes falling flat on their faces in the PAC-12 - in all sports (hey, I'll give you women's gymnastics).

    Aggies, Way to show the Utes how much more superior USU's basketball program is to their "storied" program!

  • Rodgers Sandy, UT
    Nov. 25, 2010 9:20 a.m.

    It is hard to complain as a USU fan today, but the attendance was pathetic. Cold weather? hogwash. Loganites know how to deal with the temps. I know, I grew up in Cache Valley and attended 7:30 am classes in the middle of the winter when the canyon breeze kicks in. The canyon shuts down in the evening so windchill could be not have been a problem last night. Thanksgiving? Come on! USU has a great team, Cache Valley should always sell out the Spectrum and show the team support. If this is a top program(and all USU followers clamor that it is)then act like it! Get to the games!

  • PAC man Anaheim, CA
    Nov. 25, 2010 9:10 a.m.

    So the Utes are too good to continue playing teams from Utah, eh?

    It's going to be loooong season for the Utes trying to talk smack with such a pathetic basketball team.

    Two 7-footers, and the Utes got outrebounded 44-30 by a team whose tallest players on the court for most of the game were only 6'7".

    Green(6'1") 6 rebounds
    Washburn(7'0")/Foster(7'3") 3 rebounds COMBINED



    Green shoots lightsout 6 of 7 from 3-point against BYU; the Aggies shut down Jimmer (he only scored 26), and the Aggies lose by 6.

    Green shoots a dismal 2 of 7 from 3-point against Utah; and the Aggies win by 17.

  • DEW Cougars Sandy, UT
    Nov. 25, 2010 8:45 a.m.

    The 6th man (fans) won the game for Aggies. All those waving arms and loud noise drove Jim Boylen CRAZY. Come on U AD, keep on playing with USU 1 on 1 basis.

  • CG Orem, UT
    Nov. 25, 2010 8:44 a.m.

    "USU is a good home team and a mediocre road team - always have been, always will be."

    And Utah is a mediocre home team and a lousy road team - have been since sweaterman left, and from the looks of things on the hill, always will be.

    Bringing in a boatload of JC transfers is Boylen's last desperate move to salvage his job. If the Utes don't at least a winning season, Boylen will be history and the Utes will be starting from scratch in the PAC 12.

    Welcome to the PAC 12 cellar!

  • DocSarvis Logan, UT
    Nov. 25, 2010 8:38 a.m.

    Utah was outplayed and out coached. Their players just don't match up to USU players. Big, slow, unskilled post players. JC transfer guard and wing who are no way PAC12, or even MWC level. A coach who can't coach or recruit. An AD afraid to play USU again in Logan, and thinks that big timing is going to pay off. News for you Hill. You have to be good for that to work. Growing up, it was lucky for the Ags if they beat Utah in Logan. Now it's lucky for the Utes if they beat the Ags in SLC. We put it to you good.

  • DixieRebelsForever! SLC, Utah
    Nov. 25, 2010 8:34 a.m.

    Re: Brave Sir Robin

    Wouldn't you rather have a good home team and a mediocre road team like USU, than a bad team all around like Utah?

  • DixieRebelsForever! SLC, Utah
    Nov. 25, 2010 8:31 a.m.

    Dear Utah Athletics Program:

    New Rule: You are not allowed to act like your better than everybody else, until you actually are better than everybody else.

    Utah doesn't want to play USU because they know its a guranteed loss at least half the time.

  • yarrlydarb Ogden, UT
    Nov. 25, 2010 8:07 a.m.

    Boylen has to be thinking, "Do I really want to go to the PAC?"

    Hill has to be thinking, "Will I ever get to make any decisions anymore or will the PAC always tell me what to do?"

    Utah fans have to be thinking, "Will we win any conference championships anymore? Maybe more money wasn't such a great idea."

  • Brave Sir Robin San Diego, CA
    Nov. 25, 2010 8:07 a.m.

    Don't make more of this than what it really is. USU is a good home team and a mediocre road team - always have been, always will be. Thanks to this phenomenon and some well-thought-out scheduling, USU manages to win 25 games a year. Unfortunately, they are also constantly the first 25-win team to get beat in the tournament every year. The sad truth is, Disco Stew has less postseason wins than Ray Giacoletti.

    So Utah fans shouldn't feel too bad about losing to USU in Logan. It was expected. Likewise, USU fans shouldn't feel too great about winning a game at home. Just wish each other good luck the rest of the year and move on.

  • Y4LYFE Lubbock, TX
    Nov. 25, 2010 7:12 a.m.

    I saw the FT advantage, stil US must have played one of their worst games at home since they didn't win by 20+.

  • wwookie Payson, UT
    Nov. 25, 2010 3:43 a.m.

    Give boylen a chance. This is more like his first year as he has been cleansing the program. There is improvement over last year, so things are headed in the right direction. Just need to recruit better, which will be easier now that we┬┤re in the pac.

    usu is a good team and we hung close for most of the game on the road. a beat down on OR will help the mindset of the young athletes.

    Go Utes!

  • BigBill Provo, Utah
    Nov. 25, 2010 3:06 a.m.

    I think Boylen has given himself a very easy schedule to insure he will have a winning record. Granted, I think BYU, SDSU, and New Mexico will spank us without a doubt but with these easy early season games, Boylen could pull it off and justify another year. USU crushed us. If Boylen can keep winning "Oral Roberts" and Air Force types of games, he could pull it off.

    The question is will people be able to recognize that we lose to every single quality team?

  • Uteology Fort Worth, Texas
    Nov. 25, 2010 12:37 a.m.

    39 free throws to 13 for Utah. Were the Utes playing at the Stables Center against the Lakers?

    Regardless, Utah got pounded on the boards. Not good. The official Boylen count down has began.

  • Joe Moe Logan, UT
    Nov. 24, 2010 11:22 p.m.

    Some people rag on USU for having a weak schedule, and there's truth in it. But a big part of the problem is things like what's coming down the pipe with the U. Why would a Pac-10 team want to keep playing a mid-major team that they usually lose to?

    So it's a Catch-22 for USU.

    But I do NOT want to hear from any Ute fans, ever again, about USU's schedule. If the U refuses to continue playing, they lose the right to criticize.

    That said, I hope Ute fans persuade U bigwigs to keep playing USU, for the rivalry and tradition's sake. The fans are the only ones who can swing this, because directors have no other incentive. Speak up! And then hope your team can win some more of the games!

  • lindsayii Anchorage, Ak
    Nov. 24, 2010 11:22 p.m.


  • SportsCenter Olympus Cove, Utah
    Nov. 24, 2010 11:07 p.m.

    So much for the Utes being too good to play the Aggies anymore.

  • Skippy West Jordan, UT
    Nov. 24, 2010 11:01 p.m.

    Isn't it about time we replace Boylen?