Utah Jazz: Al Jefferson has off-night against Spurs

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  • Kakashi Tokyo, Japan
    Nov. 21, 2010 11:16 p.m.

    To be honest...they really never needed Al Jeff...they should have gone after Sam Dalembert...or an Igoudala - Hawes package...but still Al is Good...he is for sure a 20-10 guy in time...the problem is the jazz is front court heavy...people who defend him are legit 7 footers...and he is 6'10" and not as buff as millsap...probably next year he will improve greatly...and for JFFR have you seen Tomic played?...the dude may be skinny...not as aggressive as we would like...but he has quick feet...good post up skills and could drive around a big guy...he is not a defensive threat as we would like...Tomic lacks aggressiveness...but makes up for it with his quick feet and soft touch...

  • JFFR Salt Lake City, UT
    Nov. 20, 2010 10:20 p.m.

    @ed, great point. But I'd have said the same things when the Jazz were in their win streak.

    I can't believe Jazz fans are already in love with Tomic (he's soooo skinny!) Its laughable that people expect him to be Pau Gasol (one of, if not the, best power forwards in the league.)

    Also, AK has stated in more than one interview that he wants to come back to Salt Lake and is willing to accept less. Whether that means $12 million or $5 million... I'm not really sure. I really don't see him going anywhere else at this point (unless the Jazz trade him)

    I agree that Bell isn't enough. Especially when you have Price and Hayward backing him up. I'm hoping the Harpring trade exception will be used before it expires.

  • ed Los Olivos, CA
    Nov. 20, 2010 3:25 p.m.

    SA is the hottest team in the league, right now. I don't see any reason to get down on any of the Jazz. Okur will be a big help and most of the rest of the players are goign to get better, as the year unfolds.

  • B Russ Ephraim, UT
    Nov. 20, 2010 1:42 p.m.

    I agree that Jefferson is not a center. We play better when Fes is at the center position. I would like to see Al play his natural position, power forward backing up Milsap. I think it would work on certain match ups to play Milsap at the 3, Jefferson at the 4, and Fes at the 5.

    The point is Fes needs to be on the floor more and this experiment playing Jefferson at center didn't work.

  • JazzMan Centerville, UT
    Nov. 20, 2010 1:42 p.m.

    This team plays like their coaches, OLD AND TIRED!! Jerry and Phil are good coaches but they have no life and they obviously instill NO LIFE in their team.

  • Jazz-Nation Lehi, UT
    Nov. 20, 2010 11:08 a.m.

    It will be interesting to see what the Jazz decide to do once Memo comes back. If Memo can come back and be the player he was before the injury, we should be deep at the 4-5 spot. I will keep saying this every time I post, the glaring hole on this team is shooting and the 2 guard. Raja should be coming off the bench. Dont get me wrong, I love Raja, but we need another scorer. This team obviously misses Mathews and Korver and I hate to say that too. This Jazz team is good at times, but far from great.

  • scalman Temecula, CA
    Nov. 20, 2010 9:42 a.m.

    Jefferson has admitted when asked that he prefers to play power forward and that that position is his strongest one. He is not a natural center, and obviously is a weak link when defending the post. I think he will eventually back up both Fes at C and Milsap at PF and that is not a bad thing. He was the best player on a bad team, but he can be a good contributor, just not a starter on this team. Also, Kirilenko is pretty sure to move on during of after this year...he even might play in Russia before he retires, but the Jazz or O.K. because Hayword and maybe Tomic will be getting big minutes in the next 1-2 years.

  • Hellooo Salt Lake City, UT
    Nov. 20, 2010 9:14 a.m.

    Note to Jazz Al is a scoring 4 not a all round 5. Play him at four with Fez or Elson and just throw him the ball and tell him to score. That is how he has played his entire career why change it now.

  • louisiana jazz man Dubach, LA
    Nov. 20, 2010 8:43 a.m.

    he is what he is. dont see big al changing thats not how he plays dont take it hard not much on def dont do the pick and roll because you have to finish. should be on the bench fes should be starting. kirlinko will only be back if no one wants him. he is worth about 5 mil some team will pay more. hope i am wrong or they are paying alot of money for nothing on al.

  • JFFR Salt Lake City, UT
    Nov. 20, 2010 7:59 a.m.

    I still hold on to the idea that its gonna take Jefferson a while to replace Boozer. Everyone figured his 20/10 with the T'Wolves would translate over to the Jazz.

    He doesn't know how to finish plays right now. He doesn't attack layups like he should. He settle for a bunch of pivots in the post and then his hook shot. Boozer was AMAZING and getting to the rim. Jefferson is bigger and longer, if he can learn to attack the rim, he'll be really good.

    I'm hoping its not an instinct you are born with. If it is, Big Al could be a bust.

    I hold onto the hope that by next year, he'll be a lot stronger and smarter. That AK will come back for a lot less, and we'll pick up another legitamate player. Next year we could be really good (this year we can win some too, I'll even have a sliver of hope vs the Lakers in the playoffs, but next year we could be great.)