Utah Legislature preparing to stop secret big money settlements

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  • Larry Willard, UT
    Nov. 16, 2010 4:57 a.m.

    Something stinks in Utah, I have never heard of such a payment for anything like this. The Leaders in Utah are doing to much Dictating to the Public, The Public owns the State, Not the Elected servants.

  • bulldog Sandy, UT
    Nov. 15, 2010 7:40 p.m.

    Yes, there would have been delays, and yes the additional time spent with court delays, etc. would have eaten into the $13M.
    However, paying someone to look the other way should never replace ethics.
    The "successful bidder" (PRC) made proposals as part of their bid, that they knew (along with everyone else) they could never keep. Once the bid was awarded, they started back-pedaling on the terms they submitted. Those 'terms' made their bid much more attractive, and they were terms that no other bidder offered because they knew they couldn't deliver on them either.
    So, when you say there's no 'smell', that the selection was "fair", BS!
    You say the "UDOT employee who leaked the information should have been fired"! You got it wrong! That person should be given a 'whistle-blowers' money award, and those that tried to keep it under wraps should be fired!
    You are right about the $11.5 being a "payoff". That's exactly what it was - a payoff, so don't say that Flatiron "broke even"!

  • scojos Draper, UT
    Nov. 15, 2010 2:40 p.m.

    TJ from Eagle Mountain is WRONG. Only those bidders that wanted to surrender their propritary interests developed by way of their participation in the bidding process would be eligible for a $1.5 million stipend. Also, the bidding process WAS NOT FAIR! It was RIGGED. Ergo $13,000,000.00. Read the Protest filed Dec 22,2009. It speaks for itself.This is not a case of sour grapes (Lot's of grapes to say the least). This is a case of Utah politics and religion all in one nice little bundle.
    The winning bidder was secretly informed of the need for other work in the bid that the other bidders had no knowledge. Also, the loser's (FSZ) bid was accepted by UDOT's ET, Evaluation Team. Only after the politics got involved did they lose the bid. This was pure corruption from Governor (first I ever heard about it) Herbert down to the SRC guys who overruled the UDOT ET TEAM!! If Valentine wants to cleanse the system let's start with the truth!! I dare them!! This was a real conspiracy!!

  • Pagan Salt Lake City, UT
    Nov. 15, 2010 1:14 p.m.

    'Fueled by the controversy over the $13 million the Utah Department of Transportation paid out to a losing bidder without telling state officials....' - Article

    The GOP claims to be the party of 'fisical conservatives.'

    Their actions prove this to be not true.

  • TJ Eagle Mountain, UT
    Nov. 15, 2010 12:20 p.m.

    Sorry Bulldog. No smelly rat. The truth is that if the project would have been delayed by a lawsuit for more than a couple of months, it would have cost many times 13 million to construct, possibly several hundred million more if litigation lasted a year or 2. This is a case of sour grapes for the loser in the bid war. There were some legitimate concerns from the Flatiron group but it was a fair selection process and the PRC group won out on a close bidding competition because (1) they offered a 40 year product (minimum was 30 years) and (2) the traffic maintenance proposal was much, much better. The payoff should have been made public and the Watkins guy was not too bright and the UDOT employee who leaked information should have been fired. The payoff was actually 11.5 million as all losing bid groups were told they would get 1.5 million for their plans if they lost. 13 million is the amount of money Flatiron had to prove they spent on creating the bid. They broke even.

  • bulldog Sandy, UT
    Nov. 15, 2010 10:26 a.m.

    There's a smelly rat behind this 'pay-off', and it needs to be exposed!
    The contract should have been pulled from the 'winning' contractor when they informed UDOT they couldn't perform the contract as original agreed upon. They changed the agreement in mid-stream, the state let them get away with it, and then had to pay 'hush money' to the losing bidders!
    UDOT has too much money and to few controls over how they're operated and where/how the money is spent.
    The guy in charge of UDOT needs to be fired, and a thorough audit of UDOT needs to be implemented.
    How many other 'checks' have been written that no one knows where the moneys gone, or to who!

  • Brother Chuck Schroeder A Tropical Paradise USA, FL
    Nov. 15, 2010 10:08 a.m.

    Do ya'll know why the Utah Legislature is preparing to stop secret big money settlements?. Here's the real truthful answer. No more "earmarks" and Pork for Utah. Thats a fact. Newt Gingrich says that grass-roots conservatives are almost certainly on the verge of winning a great victory in the form of a ban on all earmarks in the House of Representatives. And I think the House Republicans are almost certainly going to adopt an earmark ban, which is a great victory for the tea party people. He credits the tea parties, as well as presumptive incoming House Speaker John Boehner, for that landmark achievement. The tea party is expecting to plant its yellow "Don't Tread on Me" flag in the hallowed Senate chamber next. People are tired of RINO GOP's that are interested in money, greed, corruption, above the law, (ignore us common people unless they need your votes), career politician's who will take money from any special interest and say or do anything to keep his hold on power. It's secret government by the insiders, for the insiders only today. That's for BIG BUSINESS "ONLY" and their deep pocket's.