Utah Utes football: Utes now in teeth of their schedule

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  • FYI Taylorsville, UT
    Nov. 15, 2010 2:36 p.m.

    @Thomas Smith "Maybe it is BYU that should have gone to the PAC. "

    Except they didn't get invited.

  • Thomas Smith Sandy, UT
    Nov. 15, 2010 10:58 a.m.

    BYU is still reaching their peak and Utah has peaked and stumbled... The Holy War will be an interesting game this year. Maybe it is BYU that should have gone to the PAC.

    Nov. 15, 2010 10:35 a.m.

    HA! HA! HA! HA! GO COUGARS!!! I think the utes lose this week to the Aztecs, and BYU wins this week against the lobos. I guarantee that utah will be ready to play on the 27th though. They always are. The Holy War is going to be another classic this year!!!

  • Laser Iowa City, IA
    Nov. 15, 2010 9:34 a.m.

    From Whit, ""We were fully aware that the degree of difficulty got higher as the season went on," said Utah coach Kyle Whittingham. "We weren't tooting our own horn."

    Not tooting, really, the biggest game (TCU) in Utah since the Olympics, the state stood still on game day (except for the 20,000 plus larger crowd at Lavell Edwards Stadium)...I mean the tooting quotes can go on and on...Please Whit, the tooting coming from the hill sounded more like a train blast! I feel bad for the fans and the losses, but to say that is ridiculous.

  • utahcountyute Cedar Hills, UT
    Nov. 15, 2010 8:13 a.m.

    Thanks to all the blue blooded "therapists" who have experienced the depression we Ute fans are feeling. Thanks man!

    Seriously? Why is this article on the byu list?

    Dnews trying to promote thought provoking comments? Highly doubt it.

    Let's go Utes! I still have faith you can finish off the season right.

  • mindgames Aurora, CO
    Nov. 15, 2010 3:21 a.m.

    The only positive that I can pull out of the Notre Dame win over the Utes is that Boise State will now be able to pass Vegas Bowl-bound TCU.

    The voters and computers are going to see past the Horned Frogs and place the Broncos in another BCS game. Unfortunately, it will not be for the National Championship but the Rose Bowl will be a great consolation prize. The WAC will get the $$$ and the MWC will get the shaft. There will not be two non-automatic qualifiers this year and an undefeated TCU will justifiably cry foul. Then they will take their ball and go to the Big East Conference. All of the sudden BYU's decision to bolt the MWC will have a silver (make that gold) lining as the MWC splits up two or three million dollars in bowl prize money.

    In 2011 BYU will be hard pressed to put together a great schedule, but as the years go by and time allows them to really work the scheduling out they will have a better chance than ever to play with the big boys. 2013, Jake Heaps, and a run at the National Championship. Gooooo Cougars

  • DEW Cougars Sandy, UT
    Nov. 15, 2010 1:31 a.m.

    ND got the help they wanted. The Fighting Irish GHOST! Now sdsu know they got another chance to beat the top 25 utah. Really - still top 25?

  • Mount Olympus Holladay, UT
    Nov. 14, 2010 10:16 p.m.

    I think the Utes had very high expectations: BCS or Bust. When they got killed by TCU, they realized that this season won't really be that successful no matter how they finish. I think they wanted to go and beat ND, but they didn't play with any determination or much motivation.

    It will be interesting to see how they do the rest of the way. However, Vegas is the best they can do, which is kind of depressing.

  • sammyg Springville, UT
    Nov. 14, 2010 10:15 p.m.

    and people were debating me and others over this issue weeks ago??? Told you so. It's all about SOS.

    Much of the blame for this UTE debacle falls upon the athletic department. You need to play strong teams out of conference.

    Next year won't be a problem in this category but winning these games will be an uphill battle.

    Now who's willing to say that BSU vs. TCU won't be a repeat?

  • dnsmith Salt Lake CIty, ut
    Nov. 14, 2010 10:02 p.m.

    Utah beat ND statistically but we got beat emotionally. THey had a lot to play for and we were still feeling entitled to gradure.
    I still dont understand what is going on. We have the players and the talent but we dont deal well when the other team lands good punches. Especially early on. Airforce stopping us on 4-2 has brought about a huge change to this team. I dont't know what got broken but something did and we need to figure it out and fix it.
    Wynn is great but he needs to be benched untill he gets a fire under is butt and comes out to compete again. Cain will do well as a change up and make teams scheme for a mobile QB. Wynn will get competitive again and come back in to earn his position back with good play and good game management.
    We still have a great season to look forward to
    Go UTES!!!!

  • Mudd Lehi, UT
    Nov. 14, 2010 9:52 p.m.

    "...it has to do with the caliber of teams the Utes are facing." Seriously? Did the Ute team realize that Notre Dame was 4-5 before they played them? TCU is the only difficult team the Utes have faced all season!

  • logical Meridian, ID
    Nov. 14, 2010 9:24 p.m.

    These last 2 games have sure taken the wind out of the sails for most Utah fans. I hope they still support the team, but maybe without so much bravado.
    I was surprised to see the U still ranked in anyones top 25. It will be a good game against SDSU. SDSU has always been an under achiever, but I will be watching this one with interest.