Utah Utes football: Notre Dame shuts down Utah, 28-3

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  • #1 Jazz Fan Springville, UT
    Nov. 18, 2010 10:29 a.m.

    Ready for SDSU yet?

    That'll be an interesting game.

  • Benderman1 Layton, UT
    Nov. 14, 2010 4:43 p.m.

    Gotta love Ute fans. How many true Ute fans are there, anyway? We've all seen over the last two weeks how Ute fans react when their team loses. The shirts and flags and stickers all come down. BYU hasn't been very good either but at least they keep filling up their stadium. That wouldn't happen at Utah. Every game is a must win for Utah or their fans stop going to games. Good thing the only home game left is the rivalry so they have some help filling their little stadium. They couldn't do it themselves anymore.

  • geezergary Salem, UT
    Nov. 14, 2010 3:36 p.m.

    The sky "expelled" rain? Oh pleeze. I'd hold up on the eulogy for the Utes if I were u, and I am, Coug fans. They are gonna be pumped for the finale. Whit's good coach and he'll have 'em ready.

  • SportsFan Orem, UT
    Nov. 14, 2010 3:07 p.m.


    A tale of two football programs headed in opposite directions.

    Just a reminder; you're 0-4 on your predictions of BYU and Utah games that past two weeks and your credibility is sinking faster that Utah's rankings.

    You'd be wise to follow the example of your "Utah 2010 NC" buddy and stop making predictions for the remainder of the season.

    Mark it down.

  • worf Mcallen, TX
    Nov. 14, 2010 2:59 p.m.

    Here's giving the Utes a break:

    1. TCU is a freak team. Everybody else loses to them.
    2. Notre Dame played out of heads with a hyper home crowd.
    3. Utes re-focuses and splits they're last two games.

  • B Logan, UT
    Nov. 14, 2010 2:53 p.m.

    Look, it's not easy to beat a top 3 team, even on your home field. (BYU did beat #1 ranked Miami)

    It's not easy to go into Notre Dame and win against that kind of storied tradition. (BYU has done that, too)

    It's not easy to get a Heisman Trophy. (Ty Detmer did it, of course.)

    Most programs don't win the National Championship. (BYU has done this too.)

    For all the talk from Ute Fans about what's 'gonna happen' these past two weeks have highlighted the fact that, although Utah has had some success on the national stage, they aren't a storied college football program. They are a flash in the pan. I really doubt that Utah is going to amount to much in the PAC 12.

  • wwookie Payson, UT
    Nov. 14, 2010 2:37 p.m.


    Two conference games to go.

    The SDSU game will be a battle for sure, but the BYU game will be just another blow out over another cupcake.

    We need the win over the aztecs to salvage this year. Wynn needs to step up and quit letting the pressure get to him. The one play where he slid way to early instead of diving for the first down really showed his immaturity in his play making abilities. Letting Cain finish out the season wouldn´t be bad, given the fact Wynn has already shown he hasn´t regained his confidence. Nothing to lose by pulling him out.

    The Defense played well, but still gave up a couple big plays. The ND true freshman QB was amazing. He threw very accurately and really only had 2 bad throws the entire game. There is a lot of future for that one.

    Utah has no chance to get back to top 10, but can still finish Number 2 in the conference. That needs to be the goal and that starts with the Aztecs.

    Go Utes!

  • John Stewart Pill Vienna, VA
    Nov. 14, 2010 2:37 p.m.

    As a Ute alumnus, this game made me pretty darn embarrassed. I don't expect them to win, but I can't tolerate them making fools of themselves, and the entire state. Extreme lack of discipline in this game. An outrage.

  • UtahBy5 Bluffdale, UT
    Nov. 14, 2010 2:13 p.m.

    Crap looks like its back to the old Utes. I fully expect them to lose the rest of their games

  • ute-chute Beverly Hills, CA
    Nov. 14, 2010 1:39 p.m.

    Cheer up Winnemucca, NV, the closest Utah has gotten the ball to the endzone in the past two weeks is the one-yard line during garbage time against TCU's second team (Who runs the re-play booth at the U?)...

    And seriously, if you want to use tCU as a comparison team, both SDSU and BYU played TCU tougher than Utah.

    I like how BYU is playing, so keep the paper bag at home, and next week is senior day.

    Utah lost to a weak ND.

    Two teams headed in opposite directions.

  • ute-chute Beverly Hills, CA
    Nov. 14, 2010 1:24 p.m.

    AyeAye Captain | 6:25 p.m.
    Aurora, CO
    "Utes 11 and 2 by end of season. byu 6 and 8 ( maybe if they get New Mexico Bowl bid)

    You guys still won't and can't have as many wins this season as Utah already has."

    Utes still predicting wins? Want us to mark this down?

    BYU had a tougher schedule, so more losses is understandable.

    Utah has become the national joke.

    When it's all said and done, the safer prediction would be Utah in 3rd (tied)-4th place in the mid major MWC.

    BYU second place, and Utah 1-4 to BYU in the past 5 years.

    Aye-Aye, Utes have always been fine in 3rd-4th place, and losing to BYU. Why rock the boat, captain?


    FireHawk? Payed in a cool venue, eh. Congrats. Played a #5 team? Wow, how'd that work out for ya'll?

    Truthfully, I wonder if #5 to #25 in two weeks is some sort of a national record.

    How's that for national respect?

    Like we thought, Heaps is playing like a Sophomore going into the Utah game.

    Utah fans should be nervous and let the scores talk.

    1-4 5years?

  • Winnemucca, NV Winnemucca, NV
    Nov. 14, 2010 11:49 a.m.

    I am as true blue as they come, but I do not see any way that Utah will lose both of their next two games. They are a strong team who had a couple of bad weeks. We (BYU) have had five of those this season. If SDSU or BYU are feeling like this will be a cake walk then they will both be on the losing end. Neither team has the defense that the Utes faced against TCU. Anyway, in our zest to put each other down, I think that reality says that there will be some good football games over the next couple of weeks. It should be a fun finish to the season. My prediction is that BYU and Utah will both win this week (if BYU loses then I will bring out the paper bag!) I think the Utah/BYU game has potential to be a good one, but I do not think that BYU has what it takes to beat Utah this year. Let's hope I am wrong on that one!

  • Hoosier Kearns, Utah
    Nov. 14, 2010 11:29 a.m.

    I'm not seeing nearly as many four wheel drive trucks, going down Bangerter Highway, with Utah flags hanging out every window. Might be because those life long Ute fans are in hiding (just like the good 'ol days). Utah administrators may want to hold off on stadium expansion plans.

    My neighbor just took down his Utah flag that he's been flying high and proud since September. Gotta love it!!!

    Whit will be looking to get out of Salt Lake before the big boys come calling out of the new and expanded Pacific 12.

  • Veritas Aequitas Fruit Heights, UT
    Nov. 14, 2010 10:53 a.m.

    "If BYU did win their last two games, they won't go to LV either. Five years in a row is too much for the Bowl exec's. Utah will most likely get the invite.

    SDSU will go to Poinsettia and I would think that BYU goes to D/FW for the armed forces bowl or maybe even SF and the Emerald."

    Politely disagree...

    If SDSU and BYU beat Utah, that will place Utah in 4th place in the conference.

    I doubt the LV bowl would take a 4th place MWC team over two 2nd place teams. How you fininsh in the conference plays into the decision.

    How compelling would it be to pull in a team that has 4 straight losses?

    Who really wants to see Utah in the post season? Utah fans? Larry Scott? Craig Thompson?

    When I predicted this meltdown I was a "Hater".

    Utah is actually playing worse than I believed.

    I was just a realist, with out the "mark it down" tagline.

  • nothegame Saratoga Springs, UT
    Nov. 14, 2010 10:35 a.m.

    I hate to say it but i coached college and high school football. Its not how you start but how you finish. As a Ute fan i'm so disapointed in the Utes all of them players and coaches. BYU is getting better and better the Utes worse and worse. sorry coach Wit but that is coaching. Yes the Utes where overrated but i for one have nerver thought that Wynn was a good QB.Try someone or something else.

  • ediddy Woods Cross, UT
    Nov. 14, 2010 10:23 a.m.

    This is buried so deep it will never be read. I am a Cougar fan, but cheer for the Utes any other time they play. sorely disappointed at this loss. Fell badly for the TUN, but to you caustic wannabe fans out there talking smack on either the blue or red, I 've said it before and I'll say it again. What goes around, comes around. Perspective is sometimes humbling.
    This is a great Utah team which has lost focus for a couple weeks. They'll rebound. You "Cewgs" (you deserve the slam if you dissing Utah this weeks so soon after tanking the season) ought to be supportive. And, you "Yewts" ought to stop didding the Y. What goes around comes around. The rest of us know that, have seen it for years and don't wast our breath denegrating either program for the stupid reasons so often seen here. Nice job Mendenhall. Suck it up Whittingham, you're doing great and will rebound. The Blue /Red game should be a knockout this year, now that both sides have eaten some humble pie.

  • Bluto Sandy, UT
    Nov. 14, 2010 10:18 a.m.


    First of all Bill and Nada's closed about 5 years ago.

    Second, Utah built it's 8-0 record on the same teams BYU is beating now.

    I don't wish ill on another state school or her fans, but, the fans of Utah are getting a taste of something they have needed for a very long time.....


    BYU has had to learn this lesson from time to time as well.


    We've heard since how October how...

    1-Utah is 5 deep at every position.

    2-BYU's legendary status has been surpassed once and for all by Utah.

    3-Utah has out-recruited BYU for 5 years and now it's paying off. (Not according to the rating services)

    4-Utah will recruit much higher athletes now that they are in the Pac-10.

    5-Whit is Superior to Bronco in every way.

    6-Utah will dominate the Pac-12, right away and play in many many Rose Bowls. (Like Arizona?)

    BYU is who they are and so is Utah.

    BYU has the Legendary Status and National Cache....Ask ESPN.


    BYU National TV every week....

    Utah-aka-Washinton State...FoxRegional

  • dakuwaqa Snowflake, AK
    Nov. 14, 2010 9:13 a.m.

    @ Uteology
    Not sure how you can say the QB factory is done when the team is being led by a true freshman today. I guess you have to find fault in something right?

    The SDSU game doesn't look like such a "cupcake" now does it. I guess Manti and co had a lot of cupcakes on Sat afternoon.

    What ever happened to NC Utes 2010? I know there are some words I am supposed to mark down...I just can't remember what they were.

  • NC FROGS 2010 Gilbert, AZ
    Nov. 14, 2010 8:43 a.m.

    Best part of all this is that the Ute Trolls have all gone into hiding...what predections to you have now? I'm waiting?

    Good chance Utah ends up 3rd or worse in the MWC for the eighth time in 11 years...and next year isn't leap year either!

  • yarrlydarb Ogden, UT
    Nov. 14, 2010 8:33 a.m.

    No better word to describe the Utes' team from the beginning of the season to the end: OVERRATED.

  • JazzMan Centerville, UT
    Nov. 14, 2010 8:20 a.m.

    Maybe now Utah will finally drop out of the Top 20 like they should have been all year.

  • JustintimeY Boise, Id
    Nov. 14, 2010 8:00 a.m.

    Bowls, if BYU wins their next two games and Utah loses their next two games, San Diego St will go to the poinsettia bowl and BYU will go to Vegas, which leaves the u going to New Mexico. Still a lot has to happen but a possibility. Which team do you think a bowl committee will want? A team that has won five straight games or a team that has lost 4? Still not probable but possible. The winner of BYU Utah will go to the Vegas Bowl. That is assuming TCU goes to the BCS.

  • BSU BRONCO!! Rigby, ID
    Nov. 14, 2010 1:32 a.m.

    Down go the Power house Utes again!!

    To all of you that were at game day last week and talking smack about Boise State being Overrated, How does that Crow taste now? Get use to this because your only going to taste victory once or twice a year once you go to the Pac.

  • OU812 Layton, UT
    Nov. 14, 2010 1:25 a.m.

    I love how cougar fans just recently have been saying how overrated the Utes are for playing the bottom dwelling MWC, and now that they are beating the same teams, its BYU back on top of the football world.
    Maybe its "the state of Utah" football just isn't what the people in the state of UT think it is?

  • worf Mcallen, TX
    Nov. 14, 2010 12:18 a.m.

    When the Cougs play the Utes, you can throw away everything that occurred during the season. It'll be a tough game for both teams.

  • mussingaround Palo Alto, CA
    Nov. 13, 2010 11:56 p.m.

    for the second week in a row

    BYU wins in a blowout

    Utah loses in a blowout

    surprising, maybe, to some on the hill, but astute fans saw this coming back in August

  • Basement Dweller Prather, CA
    Nov. 13, 2010 11:47 p.m.

    Thanks to those of you who tried to deliver a bag of chips to me. Sorry my mom chased you off. I'm now working on a secret tunnel that will take me directly to RES. Somehow I need to get the beer ready to greet the cougars. Go utes!

  • ogmson Mapleton, Utah
    Nov. 13, 2010 11:30 p.m.

    Clarification: As the conferece looks right now, there will be no New Mexico Bowl. Not enough teams in the MWC to fill up the slots and the NMB has the last choice; Hence, no Bowl. You all that keep talking smack about the Utes going there forget that TCU will go to a Bowl outside of the MWC 5 contracts. That leaves 4 qualifying teams to fill 5 slots.

    If BYU did win their last two games, they won't go to LV either. Five years in a row is too much for the Bowl exec's. Utah will most likely get the invite.

    SDSU will go to Poinsettia and I would think that BYU goes to D/FW for the armed forces bowl or maybe even SF and the Emerald.

    Again, no way Utes go to NM...nor will anyone else from the MWC.

    What a great day! Cougs win big and Utes lose on National TV for the second week in a row!!!

  • corou Layton, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 11:25 p.m.

    C'mon cougar fans, we shouldn't be slamming Utah's early strength of schedule, its not like there are many BCS teams that play a much tougher schedule. I love the comments that attempt to put Utah in their place as a fraud for not playing a BCS quality schedule but when those BCS quality schedules include 2 teams from the 1-AA league and teams in Mississippi, Tennessee, Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, or Washington they aren't really that much higher a quality schedule are they? You can get stuck playing a stretch of patty-cake games or a stretch of quality opponents in the MWC just like you can in any AQ conf. Utah is pretty good proof of that I think, and I'm glad BYU didn't have to go from TCU to ND to SDSU and then home for the Holy War. That's a tough road even for Oregon or Auburn (who both have a less difficult road to end their seasons).

  • JinSoCal Cottonwood Heights, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 11:17 p.m.

    Chris B. where are you? I will be at the SDSU game simply to see the upcoming competition that my boys in the PAC-10 are waiting to feast upon. SDSU gets all the guys we don't want. You talked a lot of smack about how you were going to go to the rose bowl next year. Let's see you simply not embarrass your future conference any more than you already have. Maybe, just maybe, you can salvage your season and play the 5th place PAC-10 school (that't probably where you'll finish next year). Can't wait to hear the excuses from a guy that talks too much.

  • Utah Fan2 Anaheim, CA
    Nov. 13, 2010 10:34 p.m.


    Utah has gone from NC contender to unranked in two weeks with a real possibility of finishing winless in November.

    And next week, the Utes face a San Diego team that just barely lost at TCU by 5 points, the same TCU team that detroyed Utah last week. And the Utes face the Aztecs on the road with an offense that has fallen off the charts and a defense that couldn't stop a freshman QB starting his very first game.

  • Terry Sandy, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 10:12 p.m.

    Wow, all that smack talk of "We deserve to play in the national championship game after we beat TCU" sure seems like a far way off! Truth is the Utes are Not even deserving of the Vegas bowl and would have probably landed in the bottom half of the Pac 10 this year.

    Only scoring 3 points against a 4-5 team that just lost to Tulsa and they still did not give Cane a real try at QB? Do the Ute coaches like to get embarrassed?

    Keep playing like that and you will finish out 0-5 including your New Mexico Bowl loss to someone like Idaho!

  • Ripandstrip Woods Cross, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 10:07 p.m.

    Ute's Pitiful, Coug's by ten points. COug's look as good as they were last year, all about momentum! Wynn again looking dazed and confused, they can't win big games with him!

  • Ripandstrip Woods Cross, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 9:59 p.m.

    Wow, another team that trash's the Utes! This time a team that is now with a WEAK 5/5 RECORD. Wynn, for the second week in a row looked dazed/confused, and very afraid. Mark this down the Ute's will lose big time next week at San Diego St, (DID ANYONE WATCH THEM ALMOST BEAT TCU?). And they bring on the Coug's and this year anything can happen in that game.

    Who would of thunk this, the Coug's could end of 2nd in the Mountain west and Utah third or worse. Hate to say it, but it's going to be painful in the PAC 12 next year, still don't understand why they do not bring in Cain!

  • Scoot South Jordan, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 9:45 p.m.

    That was 100% pathetic. There was not one positive in that game. Play calling shows complete incompetence and zero imagination. It looks like the play calling of TDS during the Crowton years.

  • Davis Kaysville, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 8:47 p.m.

    How to you spell overated. Yewts. Going from talking about a national championship. To maybe the las vegas bowl. Hey yewts if you win the las vegas bowl. Are you going to hang a banner outside your stadium to. Yewts 2010 las vegas bowl chumps. That banner would look good on your stadium ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • Justmythoughts Richfield, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 8:27 p.m.

    Wow....Utah's offense is dead.

    Utah's special teams look ... tired

    San Diego is going to kill you.

    I love it....Go BYU

  • Owl Salt Lake City, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 8:20 p.m.

    Jordan Wynn is not as bad as fans are now saying at 8-2 just as he was not as good as fans said when the Utes were 8-0. Give him a break, SDSU will tell a lot.

  • RantBully Bend, OR
    Nov. 13, 2010 8:12 p.m.


  • IntheUC10 Lehi, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 8:12 p.m.

    From ESPN . . . J. Wynn "I really don't know what the issue is". Really? How about not getting the ball across the line? Step up, stop back peddling, get us back into an uptempo offense that keeps the defense guessing. Geez. Don't get too excited Coug fans, a bunch of wins against the losers of the MWC don't mean squat. 8-4, 7-5, 6-6 and a quarter will get you a cup a joe at Bill & Nada's.

  • Bottom Line Draper, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 8:05 p.m.

    What looked to be a 90 - 10 game against BYU two weeks ago turned into a 70 - 30 game after TCU and just went 40 - 60 in favor of BYU. This Utah team is falling faster than anyone in history. I guess all along I was right that 65 teams would have Utah's record with their schedule and by the way, BYU is one of them.

  • cowboy99 South Jordan, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 7:59 p.m.

    I'm a BYU fan but I was a little bummed to hear about this one. Once the Utes got knocked off their high horse, seeing them lose just was any fun anymore. Oh well, good luck against SDSU. Someone needs to stomp them into the ground make it so they won't blame it on the refs.

  • Wldflwr Lehi, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 7:53 p.m.

    HIJrod: "Cougs, remember Heaps will not be back next season but rather on his mission if he holds to his words." Has Heaps changed his mind? I have always heard him say he is NOT going on a mission?

    Way to go Cougars! Since Bronco took over defense you have looked better every week.

    The big test for Utah is next week. If they lose to SDSU then the Y has a great chance. If they win not so sure, because I am not too sure who Utah really is. Looking forward to 2 more weeks of very interesting football. The Y and Utah will both go bowling whatever the outcome of the last game.

    Go Cougars!!!!!

  • Cougar Cindy Salt Lake City, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 7:45 p.m.

    Hey fellow Cougar fans, I'm disappointed with all the nasty talk about the Utes' big loss today. I was shocked and somewhat comforted by the loss to TCU last week. But even a true blue fan like myself cannot feel happy for them to lose twice in a row that way. Let's raise the empathy bar, Cougars. We've been there and we know better.

    It's all a lot more fun when both teams do well. Hope the Utes pull off a clear win next week against SDSU. We need them to do that, you know, to put SDSU in their place!

    And then of course, may the Cougars to win a close and exciting game at REC on Thanksgiving weekend.

  • JustintimeY Boise, Id
    Nov. 13, 2010 7:44 p.m.

    Not only did Utah get exposed again on National television, (can you say "Overated") They just cost TCU a shot at the National Championship by losing to a bad ND team. Nothing Like all the u fans talking about a National Championship and BCS berth. Eat that humble pie U fans it looks good on you!!!

  • casual observer Salt Lake City, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 7:42 p.m.

    If Coach Whit apologized after TCU, what does he say after this one?

  • sg Santa Clarita, CA
    Nov. 13, 2010 7:38 p.m.

    Utes will lose their last 2 games. Definitely San Diego State will beat them and BYU vs UT? Okay, a toss up, just depends which team shows up for that one. The UTEs are reeling; maybe they are an over-rated team? They've peaked and BYU might be peaking at the right time.

  • HIJrod Kaunakakai, Hi
    Nov. 13, 2010 7:28 p.m.

    I'm going to burn my only other comment on this thread to say my hats go off to you like Jimmy who is an obvious ute fan yet applauded the cougars. You see, there are those of us on both sides that do not deserve the rudeness that is often defecated on these boards. At least was before the adjustments were made. I as a 26 year BYU fan was pulling hard for Utah after they won against Pitt. For, they impressed my pants off! I was actually hoping for a 1-4 start for BYU as forecasted prior to the season even starting before pulling the comeback thrill that has unfolded since. Cougs, remember Heaps will not be back next season but rather on his mission if he holds to his words. It's possible that SDSU could pull a monumental upset nxt wk in SD becoming Utes L#3 paving way for #4 the day after black friday..... I encourage Utah Red for November 27th! Also, i hope no yewties have said the y hasn't won in South Bend either..... 1994!

  • NDFAN Cincinnatti, ohio
    Nov. 13, 2010 7:25 p.m.


    All you BYU and SDSU fans I am not sure I would count Utah out just yet. One could say ND is a mediocre team with a 5 and 5 record. But someone closer to the Irish could tell you about a high level of recruits the Irish have but were never developed by Weiss. Kelly has been steadily building this team and they are three plays away from being 8 and 2. ND may not be as bad as you think and Utah may be more than you expect.

  • HIJrod Kaunakakai, Hi
    Nov. 13, 2010 7:17 p.m.

    Oh really UtahBlueDevil???? The weakest conference? Until the utah stink began we had two ranked teams in this conference... So, this said when BYU smacks Utah into 8-4 it will be one of their weaker victories? Why didn't Utah play USU this season? Too busy playing the cupcakes of other BCS conferences along with one of the weaker/stronger independents as currently constituted? I felt when the season began that Utah could beat Notre Dame. I would not have gambled on it. But, now I can see all my hope in that team was wasted enthusiasm. Now my enthusiasm is to see a team that scored 28 more points in Texas than you scored at home crush your hearts next week. In the end there can be no smack between U/Y fans about strength of W/L against the Mediocre West Conference teams. For in the end isn't that why both are jumping ship? Nor against SOC against non-conf teams. Non of either teams NC opp's are in the top 15 as are no longer the Utes! Bye bye top 25. Welcome to UR status!

  • da bob Salt Lake City, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 7:06 p.m.


    You make me laugh! You call BYU bloggers "delusional" and "pathetic" for smack talking. lol! do you even know what you're typing? SO FUNNY!

    Utah trolls do the same thing when BYU gets smacked around. Man up! this is a rivalry.

    By the looks of it, this could be a great game!

  • MichiganCoog Cottonwood Heights, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 7:01 p.m.

    Wow, I really did think that the UTES would take Notre Dame today, then lose next week at SDSU...then the finale on the 27th would be a toss up? Well, after seeing what SDSU did in Ft. Worth today, I think if I were a Ute fan, I would be panting like a sick dog...SDSU will roll the Utes by 21 pts easily. As for the game on 11/27, I think is a toss-up. Could turn out like the game in 2000 when only bragging rights are at stake. I do think with BYU's resurgence of late, with tough defense, and a amazing looking offense, I think that BYU will win by a touchdown on 11/27.

    As for Ute fans slamming BYU for beating up on patsies...wasn't that how Utah won its' only 8 games of this season? Can't wait to see this unfold in 2 weeks!

  • Tommy2Shoes Lehi, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 6:42 p.m.

    South Bend was a disaster for the Utes. Easily a winnable game. Please show up in San Diego and beat the Aztecs. Then lets have a big party at the last conference game between the U and the Y. Winner takes Vegas. I'm a Utah resident and want Utah teams to do well. Aggies, Cougars and Utes need to perform to the best level possible. Be happy. It is just football.

  • B Logan, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 6:39 p.m.

    I am REALLY not a Utah, but even I was embarrassed for Utah. I thought they would clobber Notre Dame.
    SDSU only lost to TCU by 5 points today. And say what you will about Heaps. The kid is in a great spot right now. Utah should be afraid, very afraid.

  • BYU still rules Nephi, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 6:35 p.m.

    Um, Fire Chicken, BYU got two wins against teams that Utah beat on the way to their #5 ranking. Anybody with sense could see the great record was in part, due to a very weak schedule. And to argue your points, BYU played AT TCU and fared better than Utah. They also lost at Doak Campbell stadium (home of Florida State, just so you don't have to look it up) which has a little tradition of their own. And quit with the replay thing already. The play happened in the third quarter...the Aztecs had plent of chances to win after that. Not to mention, if the play had been called correctly it would have been BYU's ball with a fifteen yard face mask penalty.

  • AyeAye Captain Aurora, CO
    Nov. 13, 2010 6:25 p.m.

    Utes 11 and 2 by end of season. byu 6 and 8 ( maybe if they get New Mexico Bowl bid)

    You guys still won't and can't have as many wins this season as Utah already has.

    Sorry your hyped up blogging just shows how pathetic and delusional you are.

    but it is entertaining in an "Abnormal Psychology" way.

    P.s not all byu fans are reflected by the comments on here...some are really cool but they are reasonable and realistic.

  • yankee doodle Layton, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 6:24 p.m.

    No surprise here, we knew the Utesies would lose today. because...
    Wynnie is overrated as well.
    The vaunted D is overrated. got picked apart by a freshman.

    Wait until another freshman comes to town to roll the Utes D.

    Love it.

  • Madden Herriman, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 6:20 p.m.

    Fellow Y fans, calm down, the best win of the year was SDSU. Utah beat AFA and we got spanked by them in the 2nd half. Should be a good rivalry game, but clearly this is not going to go down as a great year for either team. No time to gloat on either side.

  • TJ Eagle Mountain, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 6:19 p.m.

    I am really embarrassed for most of you in-your-face Ute haters. You have had the Y haters on your cases for 2 months and now you can't wait to prove you don't have any class either.
    Grow up.

  • FireHawk Aurora, CO
    Nov. 13, 2010 6:16 p.m.

    Oh the horrible and pathetic banter available to blog when one hides behind a computer screen and criticizes when they can only watch from afar and do nothing heroic like the players.

    BYU has stunk it up royally this year but played well against poor teams for 2 games now. Utes have stunk it up horribly the last two games but played against a #5 team and in a venue like no other in the nation ...Notre Dame...which recruits excellent talent.

    I find it humorous but pathetic that most of the blogs on this article are byu fans slinging hypocritical muck. Classy real classy...but that is what I have come to expect from some fans. Utes will beat SDSU and they won't need help from the replay booth...another pathetic byu image of dishonor and excuses.

  • eastcoastcoug Danbury, CT
    Nov. 13, 2010 6:12 p.m.


    The Utes found out what it is like to play decent competition the last 2 weeks. Still think it's going to be smooth sailing in the PAC 12???

  • Really??? Kearns, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 6:08 p.m.

    The ND fans were excited because their team finally beat a ranked opponent for the first time in years. They hadn't won a game on senior day in two years, either. It really didn't have anything to do with beating Utah.

  • Riverton Cougar Riverton, Utah
    Nov. 13, 2010 6:07 p.m.

    I didn't get to see the game, but I was a little surprised at the final score. Too bad.

    Just a few thoughts about the future:

    1) SDSU should put up a good fight. I am hesitant to make a prediction as to who will win, since both teams are good and SDSU has home advantage. I don't know what to expect in the BYU-Utah game yet, either.

    2) As for the bowls, I doubt that Poinsettia will take either BYU or Utah, for reasons other than quality of teams. I hear they really want to match up SDSU vs Navy, and I think they will do that regardless of how good the other MWC teams are (unless MACCO picks SDSU and they accept).

    3) Next year won't be as good as you think, but it most likely won't be as bad as you think, either. It will be tough adjusting to a new conference, but the PAC hasn't been all that great recently and Utah should fare quite well. It may be a while before they rise to the top, though.

  • Y4LYFE Provo, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 6:02 p.m.

    Now the ute "fans" can be quiet...for consecutive weeks and go back into hiding.

  • Y4LYFE Provo, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 5:57 p.m.

    Utah doesn't have much history, which is why they have never won at south bend.

    BYU on the other hand has beat them there, and has beat them in Provo. Something utah will never do because they never schedule historic teams in slc, and only schedule historic teams that are bad.

    IE-this loss to ND is bad. Oh well, look forward to basketball...oh wait!

  • concerned ute Provo, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 5:56 p.m.

    SDSU > UTAH.

    Aztecs will win this game.

  • Duh west jordan, ut
    Nov. 13, 2010 5:51 p.m.

    At least San Diego showed up to play today. Makes me wonder just how that game next week will really turn out. If Utah doesn't get it together, their season could end up only being one win more than the Cougs, now that would be ugly and embarassing. The Cougers really have nothing to lose anymore but the Utes, this could be interesting.......

  • scott182 Salt Lake City, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 5:48 p.m.

    I don't think we will win another game this season, no heart..... prove me wrong utes.

  • UtahBlueDevil Durham, NC
    Nov. 13, 2010 5:46 p.m.

    Xpat.... actually I went to both schools and support both. I really have concerns for any of these program's fans that really think running the table in the MWC or old WAC actually meant anything.

    I think Utah will have a schedule to justify any boasting they could do next year. Perhaps BYU will as well. But you have to understand that even a 7-5 independent will get very little respect. BYU will not get the air play ND does. The services don't either. ND is truly a unique organization that no matter how bad they are, they will have a loyal and sizable fan base.

    The U fans needed shutting up. They were out of control thinking they were actually a NC contender. Y fans are equally delusional thinking their last two wins have made anyone take notice of the program. And no, BYU on BYU-TV or ESPN3 is hardly going to make BYU at recruiting powerhouse. Heck, even Duke is on ESPN3. Please, this is not a program maker.

    Winning out in the MWC is not a mark of excellence (TCU excepted). Lets get real sports fans.

  • rlsintx Plano, TX
    Nov. 13, 2010 5:44 p.m.

    It is now just a jog to the real game. Enjoy the PAC, you'll recover from the last 2 weeks Utah you're better than these 2 games....

  • CougFaninTX Frisco, TX
    Nov. 13, 2010 5:32 p.m.

    I could gloat but I won't. Whether you want to admit it or not, the Utes were overated going into TCU, and BYU was a young, developing, talented team that was making a lot of mistakes and is now starting to click. The Utes nightmare!

    I'm sure the Utes would have kicked our tails if we played in September or early October. But now? The two teams look pretty even. In fact the Utes, Cougs, AF and SDSU all look pretty even - a level below TCU and a level above everyone else in the conference. If the rankings went that far, all four teams are playing like teams that would be ranked 25 - 35, which is where the Utes will be ranked tomorrow.

    I think it's going to be another close game at RES in two weeks, hopefully going down to the wire with the Cougs winning in OT just like last year! And a win will put BYU #2 in the conference with another trip to Las Vegas.

    If the Utes lose to SDSU also, they'll be bowling in New Mexico. Ouch! SDSU will get the spot in Poinsetta.

  • Whoa Nellie American Fork, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 5:29 p.m.

    From starting 8-0 and ending 8-4, what a letdown. Guaranteed double-digit loss next week in San Diego. In the words of your beloved Bill Clinton, "I feel your pain." Hey, but next year we'll be in the PAC-12. Only one other way over-rated team can say that.

  • Ted H. Midvale, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 5:25 p.m.

    utah has had some bad games and as much as I hate it they are still clearly the best team in the state. My cougs have improved but still against terrible opponents. Please yewties no self righteousness though prttending all byu losses haven't been enjoyed. Yew we will enjoy these two bad losses but I still think my cougs are in trouble at rice eccles

  • jim l West Jordan, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 5:24 p.m.

    Aint this great

  • goodDr. Cottonwood Heights, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 5:14 p.m.

    as I sat at my daughters indoor soccer game, I had to laugh when the guy next to me called his friend to see what the UT-ND game score was ( i was keeping up with the score on my phone). When he was told 28-3 he asked "for us or for Notre Dame?" Really!? Ute fans are living in the same world Cougar fans would have been living in had the Y had the same patsy schedule the U had for the first 8 games. Neither team is worth a dang. My feeling is that the U will suffer in the pac-12 without the guaranteed NM, UNLV, WY, CSU wins. Gotta show up with more talent, more speed and better coaching. Amazing that both teams were ranked this season!! They will both finish the year unranked.

  • MR Draper, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 5:12 p.m.

    Gut check at a minimum.

  • yarrlydarb Ogden, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 5:04 p.m.

    "The victory was Notre Dame's first over a team ranked in the AP top 25 since 2006, when the Irish defeated Penn State."

    Time to face facts; University of Utah is spelled ...
    o v e r r a t e d.

  • Hellooo Salt Lake City, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 5:02 p.m.

    As the Utes begin to play the tougher part of their schedule, the players will eventually get caught up on the level of play needed to win in these games. They will have another tough game next week in San Diego, but they will play much better than the last two weeks.

  • Ute Fan In Utah West Jordan, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 4:52 p.m.

    Good to see the hypocrisy, and so called fans coming out on the Ute boards to spew classless comments on an article that has nothing to do with "their team". Yes everybody gets on each others boards and talks smack, at least admit it, and don't act like you didn't know anything when you're called out. Congrats to BYU on their win today. Utah will be back, they aren't playing nearly as good as they are. If TCU spanked me up and down the field at home, I'd be nervous to get back out there too.

  • IntheUC10 Lehi, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 4:52 p.m.

    Something's up in the Ute locker room - there is no confidence in Wynn right now. A general lack of emotion on the offense and a flat footed defense. The coaches need to get this back on track and start with the QB and leadership. Beating up on the the MWC bottom feeders does nothing for either program as those were penciled in as "W's pre-season. I'll give the Cougs props for making adjustments and progressing during the season. The rivalry game will be interesting this year. The Utes need to pu on their big boy pants next week and score some points.

  • AK Cougar Palmer, AK
    Nov. 13, 2010 4:51 p.m.

    Loved the game today. I was quite surprised that ND won like they did. I expected more from Utah and that they would play with more fire power. Why did they not score after reaching the 5 and the 12? Where is the offense?

    It is tough to fall like the Utes have from a #5 ranking to the masses of unranked. You are now in the majority.

  • Kyle loves BYU/Jazz Provo, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 4:50 p.m.

    I had to work until 3 and I was shocked to see BYU won 49-10. I was even more shocked to hear the Utes down 28-3.

    I really thought Coach Kyle would have them ready to play today. I thought they would be really angry and bounce back with a huge win over Notre Dame. I guess I was wrong.

    It sounds like Wynn played scared again. I wonder if they will go to Cain. I know if I was Cain I'd be upset that I didn't get a chance. The kid has only lost one game right? It might be time to let the kid play during his senior season.

  • RepresentBlue West Jordan, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 4:47 p.m.

    WOW! Has there ever been a #5 ranked team fall as fast as the Utes have done in just two games. The Utes have been outscored 75-10 by their last two opponents, and one of them is an unranked, 4-5 team with a freshman QB starting in his first game. Perhaps a better question would be has there ever been a #5 ranked team that was so egregiously overrated?

  • gr8britton Salt Lake City, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 4:46 p.m.

    And great shall be their fall!!!

    SDSU will eat the Ewets.

    Go Ewets!!!! Baaaaaaaaah!! Baaaaaaaah!!

    Mr. Z

  • alternate Salt Lake City, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 4:40 p.m.

    Mike Sorensen's Trifecta curse continues. Ever since he wrote the fluff piece prior to the TCU game inferring that this Utah should be rated as a national contender, the Utes are giving Mike and other media fluff writers a dose of reality. Rather than all the glory writing, more realistic pieces should have been written about doing well against weak teams and preparing for difficult games. Somehow the Utes have to figure out how to beat not only the Sorensen curse but San Diego State next Saturday night. Maybe Sorensen can write a story begging the great football gods for forgiveness. May Help!!

  • Tomahawk Red North Salt Lake, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 4:36 p.m.

    Lee Corso...

    I don't think we're good enough to make the Poinsettia Bowl. More like the New Mexico Bowl.

    Utah and coach Whit seem determined to run this team into the ground to close out their farewell tour. I'm sick of Whit sticking with Wynn, although he has shown that he can't play.

    Nice job Whit... bench Shakey, but stick with the inept Wynn. Sound coaching! Bench Shakey, who has shown time and again he's a playmaker and never gives up. Meanwhile, stick with Wynn... who hasn't shown in the least that he should be the starter on this team. What's wrong with you Whit? Are you trying to be on the hot seat?

    The most telling thing I saw today was also something I never thought I'd see in a million years.

    I watched the game at Lumpy's, and most of the Ute fans actually CHEERED in the 4th quarter when Wynn lay on the ground after that hit... meaning it was about time that Cain entered the game.

    Can't say that I wasn't among those cheering.

    Beyond sad.

  • EdGrady Idaho Falls, ID
    Nov. 13, 2010 4:35 p.m.

    Wow, that booing really rattled the Utes.

  • moodyblue77 Provo, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 4:31 p.m.

    Utah's real season started last week. Two games in, things do not look good. But the Las Vegas and Poinsettia Bowls are still within reach.

    Stay focused. San Diego State on the road is the third toughest game of the year.

    It should be an exciting homecoming for Jordan Wynn. The offense may explode next week.

  • Tomahawk Red North Salt Lake, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 4:29 p.m.

    A die hard Ute fan here...

    I am thoroughly disgusted with this team. For two straight games they have played UNINSPIRED football and Wynn has proven that he just can't play.

    I am just as upset at Whittingham for sticking with Wynn time after time, series after series, with Wynn doing NOTHING to prove he should be in the game. Meanwhile, Cain (who has played great this year) is on the bench.

    I understood keeping him in last week, getting him that experience. But at what point do you start playing for the present? How many games is Whit willing to throw away for Wynn's benefit? There is absolutely NO question that Cain should have come in at the start of the 3rd. At that point, Utah still had a chance to win.

    If we can't beat a mediocre ND team, we are gonna lose again to San Diego State next week, and BYU the week after.

    BYU and Utah continue to move in opposite directions. Earlier this year, when BYU couldn't buy a win Utah was killing everyone. Now, BYU is flattening everyone and we can barely get a first down.

  • Uteology Fort Worth, Texas
    Nov. 13, 2010 4:24 p.m.

    I was wrong Utah did lay an egg. Over the last 2 1/4 games:

    Offense has scored 10 points.
    Defense has allowed 98 points.

    That's not a good trend, we're in some deep trouble.

    Yes, Utah is overrated. This is not a top 25 team. They had the chance to prove they're a good team but they have failed miserably.

    The game @SDSU next week will decide if this team is a cupcake.

    I for one cannot wait for the response next week. Lay an egg again and Utah will be in real trouble going into the BYU game.

  • Sponge Bob Rockwall, TX
    Nov. 13, 2010 4:23 p.m.

    Paper Tiger Utes go down. Finally, we stop the ridiculous talk about BCS and top 5 ranking. Utah played such a cream puff schedule early on it was silly. The best team Utah played in the first 7 games of the year was Pitt who is ONLY 5-4 right now. Their schedule this year so far...is below .400 winning percentage. The teams they played before TCU have a whopping .345 winning percentage. It's amazing the how many 1-8 cream puff teams they played this year. Even though BYU is having an off year...at least they played some good teams.

    See you in a few weeks Paper Tiger U! It's going to be a lot less satisfying beating a 8-3 Utah!

  • fan29 Orem, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 4:22 p.m.

    Welcome back to earth Ute fans. Wynn played like a loser tonight, sliding short of a first down showed no guts. I would have pulled him after that play and gone with the backup. Not sure they can beat SDSU next week. Should handle BYU only, cause they are home!!!

  • Lee Corso American Fork, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 4:21 p.m.

    Can you say San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl???

  • #1 Jazz Fan Springville, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 4:20 p.m.

    #5 to #Nothing.

    That was pretty fast.

    6 points in the last 2 games. So much for that 40 point average. Must have been playing cupcakes or something.

    Maybe you'll get by SDSU. TCU's beating them too, but then again, it looks like they actually scared them.

  • statman9 South Jordan, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 4:18 p.m.

    UtahBlueDevil, are you only saying that the MWC is one of the worst conferences because they aren't a BCS or are you saying that because you guys are leaving for the PAC 10? The MWC has some very good teams in it such as Air Force, TCU, SDSU (this year), BYU, Utah...and you're telling us the MWC is not a good conference. BYU lost to 2 of the best teams in the conference. Utah's offense looked possibly worse against ND than TCU.

  • LDSUte in Vegas Henderson, NV
    Nov. 13, 2010 4:15 p.m.

    Sad game today, but I would still rather be a UTE fan than a BYU fan anyday! GO Utes! Get it together for next week - this can still be a great season!

  • U of U Fan Salt Lake City, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 4:11 p.m.

    What a colossal mental meltdown. 10 penalties in the first half? Are you kidding me?

    Utah has been outscored 75-10 in just two games.

    Utah is exposed for the fraud that it is. The PAC-12 will be asking for its money back.

  • OnlyInUtah Cottonwood Heights, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 4:11 p.m.

    I think the utes are looking ahead two weeks and forgetting about the current weeks game. They should be better than this.

    I think Whit will have them back to their winning ways next week. And it will set up a showdown for the BYU game. BYU is showing some strength and improvement in the second half of the season.

  • cougar76 Provo, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 4:09 p.m.

    Anne26 | 3:33 p.m. Nov. 13, 2010
    If you want class, go to the opera. This is football and we love to talk smack. It goes both ways and both sides know that in the end its just talk and means nothing.

  • Jimmy James Bronx, NY
    Nov. 13, 2010 4:09 p.m.

    I experienced a lot of emotions today watching Utah get blown up on the national stage two weeks in a row. First it was frustration, then it was anger, now, its acceptance: Were just not that special of a team this year. Ill be surprised if we are ranked come tomorrow.

    However, in being the eternal optimist that I am, the silver lining is: 10 years ago I dont think anybody would have ever believed that Notre Dame fans would rush the field after beating Utah at home. Im grateful that weve come a long ways as a program. Im hoping thats something we can continue in future years.

    Also, hats off to BYU in a great win today. This is going to be a great final MWC rivalry game this year.

  • Uteology Fort Worth, Texas
    Nov. 13, 2010 4:06 p.m.

    Wow. I have to hand it to Notre Dame, for really exposing us.

    The announcer was right Utah has above average talent with great coaching. But the last two games I wouldn't call that great coaching.

    This team is worse than last year. Good teams don't get exposed by 4-5 teams. This is worse than 1994 when an 8-0 Ute team went on to lose @UNM and @AFA. I thought this program was beyond that.

    Amazed how inept our offense looks. And the defense couldn't stop a 4-5 team in the second half.

    Wynn hasn't looked good in 4 of the last 5 games. He's been exposed by taking away the short and crossing passes. His long routes are mostly under thrown.

    Hate to admit it but @SDSU could easily be a loss, at least they're putting up a fight @TCU.

    And the BYU, not sure if they're a cupcake anymore.

  • Moderate Salt Lake City, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 4:01 p.m.

    At least the Utes don't have to worry about the Cougs knocking them off... the Utes are already off. This year's rivalry game will mean nothing.

  • Commontater Lehi, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 4:00 p.m.

    What is that whistling sound I hear? The Utes falling like a rock out of the top 25...maybe 30-35, Nah..that's still too high. I really didn't think they had this in them.

  • cougar76 Provo, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 3:57 p.m.

    Capt. Smash | 3:08 p.m. Nov. 13, 2010
    If BYU were in 1-AA or D-II Utah would really be trying to schedule us in the future. Who's the cupcake now?

  • sammyg Springville, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 3:57 p.m.

    There's still hope for Utah...

    in Women's Gymnastics. They've carried the Ute athletic program for years.

    Wow, from #5 to nothing just like that.

    I'll just warm up the leftovers from last week.

    Seconds anyone?

  • Beaver Springville, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 3:57 p.m.

    Oh Anne26. It's ok. After BYU wins 2 more in a row and you are 3rd in the MWC, you'll have a nice trip to New Mexico Bowl. Can't wait to see Utah in the Vegas bowl next year. Yes, that does mean that you'll be 5th in the PAC...

  • sports fan Provo, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 3:56 p.m.

    Still a ute fan and even more of a shaky fan. they did not show up today, and they still have two more tough games to play, San Diego and BYU are NOT cupcakes. keep strong utes dont get down on yourselves and fans dont stop rooting our boys on. we have got one heck of a program and a fantastic coaching staff. one week at a time.

  • DC Alexandria, VA
    Nov. 13, 2010 3:55 p.m.

    The BYU v Utah game is a toss up. The Utes will be ready. They are better than they've played these past couple of games.
    Too bad BYU didn't start this offense/defense at the beginning of the season. They would have still lost some of those games, but going 3-3 entering the bulk of the MWC would have been great, considering what did happen.

  • Arynen Midvale, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 3:54 p.m.


    BYU fans aren't nearly as annoying as Utah fans. It's the reason there's so much smack talk right now at Utah's loss, because of all the talk Utah has been doing. So it's somewhat satisfying to see them eat their words.

  • BluCoug Provo, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 3:51 p.m.

    @ Anne26

    Wear blue in 2 weeks and you'll just see who the most obnoxious fans are. Or maybe open your eyes and just listen for once when you see a BYU fans going to RES.

    BTW ute fans, time to get use to losing to big time programs. This is just a taste of the future.

  • Bigdude Twin Falls, ID
    Nov. 13, 2010 3:48 p.m.

    Goodbye top 25. The bandwagon has crashed and burned. At least ND is celebrating like they beat a legitimate team.

  • Duh west jordan, ut
    Nov. 13, 2010 3:48 p.m.

    Exposed, part 2. Wow, makes the game in two weeks look like a whole new season. I don't envy coach Whittingham right now, this has got to hurt a bit.

  • Striker Omaha, NE
    Nov. 13, 2010 3:45 p.m.

    Not even BYU, as bad as their season is, has only scored 10 points in two games back to back, not to mention with one of them at home. Utah is the new BYU. ND has been the mockery of college football lately, but now it's another team. It's anyone's game in Salt Lake.

    Utah - not even ranked next week.

  • mindgames Aurora, CO
    Nov. 13, 2010 3:45 p.m.

    It is good to see the Utes on national television, but I sure expected a better showing. I look forward to next year and national television when the Utes dominate the PAC-12. Gooooo Utes.

  • JDS1 St George, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 3:45 p.m.

    See what happens when you play a bunch of patsies in the beginning, it doesn't help you prepare for the better teams. OVER-RATED!!

  • AZ Dave Chandler, AZ
    Nov. 13, 2010 3:39 p.m.

    Still going with Utah winning the PAC-12 next year?

  • Basement Dweller Prather, CA
    Nov. 13, 2010 3:38 p.m.

    Would someone bring me some chips? I can not come out of the basement now until Utah gets back in the top 20. Can we cancel the game against BYU?

  • Cali Coug Visalia, CA
    Nov. 13, 2010 3:33 p.m.

    While I picked ND to win by 1 point, I only did so because the game was played in SB and last week was a tough loss...tough as in unexpected...no one would have picked TCU by 40 points.

    Some of the comments about the coaching staff and players are not justified. The coaching staff is fine as are the players. I expect a tough game next week in SD...SDSU wins by 2.

  • Anne26 West Jordan, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 3:33 p.m.

    My bad. Today's game put BYU at .500 for the season. Still no reason to crow.

  • Anne26 West Jordan, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 3:31 p.m.

    Wow, nice to see all the classy BYU fans posting on here today. I guess when your season is a bust, you have to find something to do.

    I'll give props to BYU for their win today, but they are still under .500 for the season, not guaranteed a bowl game, and they still have the most obnoxious fans in the NCAA. I wouldn't be crowing too loud if I were them.

  • rogerdpack2 Orem, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 3:31 p.m.

    I think both teams will be ready when Utah plays BYU. Might be a fun game to watch. Either that or the cougs will get crunched. Hopefully its close :)

  • Parkite1 Park City, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 3:18 p.m.

    Utes will lose by 14 at SDSU and then BYU should destroy NM next week let's go for a shut-out say 51-0. Then I would love it if BYU sets a new record victory at Rice beating the Utes 57-3 since the old record blow-out was 56-6. Naw BYU will probably win by 21 and then hey the Utes can go play in a Junior College where they truly belong!

  • --JEFFE-- Cedar City, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 3:16 p.m.

    mmmmm crow...?
    ND 28 Utah 3
    LOVE IT!

  • D'Anconia Providence, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 3:12 p.m.

    Yeah, it's hard to talk smack when your team is this bad.

    Wow! Utah is bad, really bad.

    Utah will lose out. Congrats BYU. You will destroy us.

  • ByeByeUtes West Jordan, Utah
    Nov. 13, 2010 3:11 p.m.

    Reminds me of that Utah Basketball team a couple of years ago that got a 4 or 5 seed in the NCAA tournament and then laid an egg - obviously Overrated!

    Next year is going to be fun watching this powerful Utah football teams humble the PAC-10 - NOT.

    Hopefully Utah fans realize what they really have here.

  • Over the Top Rigby, ID
    Nov. 13, 2010 3:10 p.m.

    The Utes should be a bit concerned. They are getting beat by an "average" ND team - with a True Freshman QB...his FIRST start. Hmmmm. Can they handle a True Freshman QB who has a couple of solid wins under his belt?????

    Hey, but "Game Day" last week sure was fun. Probably the high point of the season.

  • Alpine Blue Alpine, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 3:10 p.m.

    Apparently Coach Whittingham has taken a card out of the Bronco handbook-choking in the big games. Like so many BYU fans rooting big-time for Utah today and surprised that they did not show up. That is so unlike a Whittingham coached team. Hard to imagine getting embarrassed two weeks in a row.

    Utah football has been EXPOSED big time today as one of the announcers noted that the Utes were well coached, but only had "above average" athletes.

    Afraid its not going to get much better in the PAC-12 next season.

  • UtahBlueDevil Durham, NC
    Nov. 13, 2010 3:09 p.m.

    Hey BYU Fans..... your beating a team the U blew out as well. Really? You are all thinking you are all that already? If you haven't checked, your still not bowl eligible. In fact you are only 3-2 in one of the weakest conferences in the nation. If I were you, I would just sit back and enjoy the day. Your bragging really makes ya look, well, pathetic.

    And what is happening today just adds fuel to the fire about strength of schedule. Its one thing to go beat up on teams like CU, Wyoming, New Mexico and the like (all teams that really should be FCS teams). It is another thing to play week in and out against quality ranked teams and keep your team healthy. Sure, you can go to a bowl game and win the odd game because your get there a lot more healthy than say an SEC team. And there in lies the problem with the playoff idea. MWC teams can cruise through a cream puff schedule and show up on playoff day healthy. Other teams need to battle to get there.

    Next year will be really telling for both teams.

  • Capt. Smash Bountiful, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 3:08 p.m.

    BYU still belongs in Division 1-AA or Division-II

  • Balan West Jordan, Utah
    Nov. 13, 2010 3:06 p.m.

    O-ver-ra-ted, .
    O-ver-ra-ted, .
    O-ver-ra-ted, .
    O-ver-ra-ted, .
    O-ver-ra-ted, .
    O-ver-ra-ted, .
    O-ver-ra-ted, .
    O-ver-ra-ted, .

    And Utah fans REALLY BELIEVED they had a chance for a BCS bowl and national championship this year.

    Give me a break.

  • SyracuseCoug Syracuse, ut
    Nov. 13, 2010 3:00 p.m.

    What in the world happened to the Utes this year? Still going to be a good game against BYU.

  • DC Alexandria, VA
    Nov. 13, 2010 2:57 p.m.

    Chants of overrated have changed to unrated! I thought the Utes would win this game, but I guess I was wrong - Utes really aren't that good...just a good MWC team, but an average D1 team.

  • Duckhunter American Fork, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 2:48 p.m.

    Bwaaahaaaa utes getting pounded again. They might be the most overrated team in ncaa history. Can you believe this batch of inept posers were actually ranked 5th one week ago. LOL.

    Loved the ute fans that had been claiming they would win a national championship all season then went to the "12-1 is still great" card. What will it be this week?

  • RBN Salt Lake City, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 2:44 p.m.

    KWhit.... still waiting for an adjustment. None last week. None this week.

    Boy do the Utes miss Gary Anderson. Kilani is just guessing. ARod should be renamed Anai Jr.

  • iRSLfan Salt Lake City, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 2:41 p.m.

    21-3 now. Geese.
    Nah Utah will win at least 1 more game probably 2.

  • cactusflats American Fork, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 2:37 p.m.

    Wow the Utes are in trouble in South Bend. They look totally disoriented with penalties and turnovers. Hangover from last week, or is this just not a great Ute team?

  • Parkite1 Park City, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 2:36 p.m.

    Another Great Day! The over-rated Utes getting BLOWN OUT again as the BYU Cougars blow out their opponent again -- wooohoow! Yep the Utes who are not a top 25 team and are getting another dose of reality. Pitt and AF should have beat them and now 2 loses in a row and 2 more to go. Yes indeed both SDSU and BYU will smack the bogus Utes as well. Enjoy the 8-0 start Utes because it will NEVER happen again! Utes will land in the middle of the PAC-12 for years to come. Provided TCU shakes off the early shock I predict BYU will finish 2nd in the MWC and go to another Vegas Bowl. Go Cougars and LOSE UTES!!!! Wooohoow!

  • region1fan Bountiful, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 2:33 p.m.

    QB, offensive line and DBs have been overrated all year. The Utes have given up and won't win again this season. Hate to say it but there is a lot of quit in this team.

  • sammyg Springville, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 2:32 p.m.

    Just when BYU is trouncing the Rams and putting to rest any doubts about this evolving team we have the Utes sucking wind in South Bend.

    Down by 11 at the half!

    I told you soooooooooooo!

    From #5 to... nothing! It was all HYPE.

    ... and now a Ute fumble! Time to assume the position, the fetal postion Ute fans.

    Oh my, as I'm typing another Irish TD!!!

    Oh what a day! And football will be much better next year in the PAC-12.

    See you in the NM Bowl!

    Mark it down!

  • Capt. Smash Bountiful, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 2:29 p.m.

    They should have stayed home they can not handle high presure games.

  • RBN Salt Lake City, UT
    Nov. 13, 2010 2:25 p.m.

    Time to start recruiting a quarterback who will put his head down to get a first down, will not throw the ball off his back foot, and has some heart.