Dick Harmon: ESPN matchmaker sings BYU's praises

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  • Big R
    Sept. 4, 2010 11:10 a.m.

    gulp, gulp, gulp....oh hi! Just drinking the Dick Harmon cool-aid!

  • jardead
    Sept. 3, 2010 6:24 a.m.

    I think this is great for both BYU & Utah. I'm first and foremost a BYU fan but with the recent changes for both teams/schools, they should both benefit financially and have greater exposure. The MWC was holding both of them back. Utah's best option for the BCS was to move to a BCS conference (check), BYU's only option for now, independent (check). All we ever hear is the knock on their "weak" schudules. The BC$ shouldn't be able to use that against either team anymore - they should both be able to pull in higher profile recruits. No complaints now, just win baby! I can also cheer for Utah and not feel bad about it : ) (nice win last night BTW). Most importantly, as a fan in Cincinnati, I can see most of the games now!!!

  • bigdaddy
    Sept. 2, 2010 7:39 p.m.

    WOW. Are all the Ute fans in conniption fits over this or what?

    Guys, stop hyperventilating over this, focus on being happy with the Pac 10, at least until USC and UCLA decide to leave it to follow BYU's lead and the Pac 10 becomes the new MWC.

  • ogmson
    Sept. 2, 2010 5:25 p.m.

    jimmything can't act what he is not. Smart. First of all the high number he threw out has no credibility. It has to do with a potential max payout if at least two teams from the PAC show up to a BCS bowl. Unlikely since USC is off the market for 3-4 years. Max potential does not apply to reality. Anyone working as a business owner would know that. The home payout for BYU is however easily determined. 1.2 to 1.3 million under current MWC guidelines....per YEAR. ESPN says 700K on the low end to 1.2M on the high end for each home game. Split it, times 6 or 7 next year and that becomes 6M plus...Not counting the BB revenue... Not counting the away game revenue... Ten Mill? Twelve Mill? Larger coin than the U will see from the PAC.

    And stop acting like I need to pay tribute to the U. I don't like the U nor do I like their fans. You who want to breathe moderation are wrong. Tell USC to congratulate UCLA on anything. What a joke.

  • worf
    Sept. 2, 2010 3:40 p.m.

    After the dust settles--who will be on national television the most often, Cougs or Utes?

  • dhsalum
    Sept. 2, 2010 3:40 p.m.

    I love it when people like Jimmything come right out and make themselves look like fools right at the top so everybody sees it.. It seriously brings me way too much joy.

  • Linus
    Sept. 2, 2010 2:41 p.m.

    Some relegate BYU to playing Eastern Washington on Thursday evening games, while Utah will be playing USC every week on Saturday afternoon. This is OK if it makes someone feel better.

    But Utah is playing this evening (Thursday) while the Cougars are playing Saturday. What irony!

  • bigdaddy
    Sept. 2, 2010 1:17 p.m.


    Awwwww...it sounds like widdow jimmything is having a tantwum.

    Utah gets zilch for the first year and very little at all for the first several years. Even then There's no way that the Pac 10 gets a better deal than they currently have with USC in decline and no other marquee programs to promote the conference. They'll be lucky to get even close to the $8-$10 million per school they get now.

    To compound matters the Pac 10 is now the Pac 12 and they have 2 more mouths to feed who don't bring any additional revenue earning opportunities with them (Utah and Colorado). So each piece of the pie just got smaller.

    Here's the bitter irony for ute fans like you: when other teams with national fanbases catch on to what BYU has pioneered, they'll be ditching their BCS conferences to forge their own deals (Texas, USC, Florida, etc). What will the Pac 11 be worth in a TV deal without the only jewel in it's crown? Guess what? It will be like you're back in the MWC all over again. You have BYU to thank for that!

  • Double Rainbow
    Sept. 2, 2010 12:47 p.m.

    Gratz to byu with this deal its great to see that byu and utah stay on equal grounds.

  • Go Big Blue!!!
    Sept. 2, 2010 12:43 p.m.

    ESPN deal clearly gives the y a great opportunity to go independent. Way to go cougs!

    With that said, I still do not see what the ESPN love affair for the y is all about. When was the last time the cougs put together a complete football season? The y currently is no where near TCU or BSU in football. Average all of the years out and the y is in the top 30 programs. That's good, but certainly not elite.

    y fans think they will show the world when they beat Texas, Notre Dame and other elite programs. First show us you can beat TCU and BSU. Just not buying it.

  • 1bighuevon
    Sept. 2, 2010 12:35 p.m.

    Recruiting edge just shifted back to BYU in a HUGE way. Recruits care about exposure and getting noticed nationally. Both schools will get a boat load more money but playing on a national stage against a variety of teams will make BYU more attractive than Utah, especially since the PAC is perceived as on a down hill slide. The PAC may be a BCS conference, but their teams are known as cupcakes to the rest of the BCS conferences. The only time they're not is when one of the teams cheat. Very nice work Cougars!

  • 1bighuevon
    Sept. 2, 2010 12:31 p.m.

    Recruiting edge just shifted back to BYU in a HUGE way. Recruits care about exposure and getting noticed nationally. Both schools will get a boat load more money but playing on a national stage against a variety of teams will make BYU more attractive than Utah, especially since the PAC is perceived as on a down hill slide. The PAC may be a BCS conference, but their teams are known as cupcakes to the rest of the BCS conferences. The only time they're not is when one of the teams cheat. Very nice work Cougars!

  • dfoke05
    Sept. 2, 2010 11:50 a.m.

    I have no idea what Bowl Game(s) BYU will end up going to but the funniest thing is Utah escaped the MWC but did not escape the Las Vegas Bowl. I guarantee in their first 3 years being in the Pac10(as they still call it out here in CA), they will be in the Las Vegas Bowl at least once as the 4th or 5th play Pac10 team.

    You can run but you can't hide!

  • Ravenal
    Sept. 2, 2010 11:40 a.m.

    Not even going to bother reading the naysayers comments today. They're all the same anyway, especially hedge. Congrats to BYU for a gutsy high risk/high reward move that, I think, will turn out great for them. Also congrats to Utah for getting in the Pac-12. Win/Win for both schools.

  • thebigsamoan
    Sept. 2, 2010 11:36 a.m.

    @Jonathan Eddy and Twobitsworth...I'm with you guys 100%. These are great times for both Utah and Byu programs!!! It's time for all their fans to stop the hate, bask in the sweetness of their new found successes and just feel the love. If only the haters on both sides will learn to love instead of hate! Life would be so much better if we could just learn to be civil and kind to each other as fans. Byu and Utah are both very classy programs. Let's show love to reflect well on them and their fans.

  • RT
    Sept. 2, 2010 11:29 a.m.

    I am actually from Wyoming and do not cheer for either Utah or BYU. I do find it very funny how all of your fans argue back and forth over who is getting the better deal. Why can't you both just sit back and realize that both schools will benefit from the Pac-10 and Indenpendent deals?

    There is no bigger winner. Both schools win here.


  • yewtyzoob
    Sept. 2, 2010 11:02 a.m.

    When the Yewts go 6-6 for four years, then have one good year in the Weak-12 Conference they might start making money. What's awesome is BYU was making much less than this with the MTN network and it would be even less with Nevada and Fresno coming in, so BYU is making lots of money. Yewtaw fans have too much fun on BYU boards, then whine way too much when BYU fans comment on Yewtaw boards.

  • sls
    Sept. 2, 2010 11:00 a.m.

    To the Ute fans who are critizing BYU for signing with ESPN, which may mean playing on Thursday night, I'd just say it beats playing on Thursday night on Versus.

  • Sandpiper Air
    Sept. 2, 2010 10:46 a.m.

    Why do both sides think all this money is going just to the football programs? I think not.

    Sept. 2, 2010 10:36 a.m.

    $700,000-$1.2 million a game is $4.2-$7.2 million with six games and $4.9-$7.9 million with seven home games, which is more likely. BYU will have seven home games more than they will have six in most years. This is just the home games. What about the away games at Notre Dame and Texas and so on. This deal will be closer to $10 million with away games on tv and rebroadcasts on BYU-tv. So Jimmything you aren't as smart as you think.

    Sept. 2, 2010 10:17 a.m.

    Hey Jimmything you are mistaken. The commissioner of the Pac said Utah will not earn an equal share of tv money for the first couple of years. It has been reported a few times on tv and newspapers. They have a two year waiting period before they get equal benifits. Plus BYU is getting more than 3 million a year. Check your facts before you spout off.

  • "Stalwart"
    Sept. 2, 2010 10:13 a.m.

    RE: happymomto7

    Plus BYU and Notre Dame seem to get along. You'll probably hear the Irish fight song played by the BYU band. (A quality sportsmanship related tradition borrowed from Notre Dame) I think it's great that two universities with so many theological differences can treat each other with respect and dignity. Now we need to work on the BYU/Utah rivalry!

  • fresnogirl
    Sept. 2, 2010 10:02 a.m.

    In a desperate grasp for attention, Howard S. posts on every BYU article he can find.

    What happens if this DOES work? What happens if other schools, like Texas and Notre Dame DO follow suite and are successful? That would really shake things up.

  • Hellooo
    Sept. 2, 2010 9:53 a.m.

    ESPN obviously is replacing its lost western favorite BSU with a former favorite BYU. Great work by ESPN. Now, all the Y needs to do is duplicate the BSU schedule 1 quality team per year and some lower tier teams, and a PAC12 team every year-Utah. Win them all and you are in the BCS. Better total revenue, more exposure for all of the sports all in all a smart decision by the school after being disappointed in stepping up to a BCS league. As for the U, it has better guaranteed $ from the PAC12 once it is a full member. The amount in the schools fund raising literature est. will be 11-13 million from all sources (bowl revenue is split evenly, TV revenue is split based on appearances.) The U will always receive less money than the teams in the larger population centers making the ability to compete dependent more than ever on fund raising, higher game prices and full attendance. Both schools are taking on huge new opportunities and challenges, the U in a more traditional way. The Y, innovative is what I would call it.

  • TwoBitsWorth
    Sept. 2, 2010 9:41 a.m.

    I love BYU & I love Utah & I love Utah State, having attended Utah State while Lavell Edwards was playing there, and also having attended the U of U.

    Each one in its own way is an excellent University.

    My questions are,
    "Why can't we all be friends?" and "Why can't we learn to win with humility and lose with dignity."

    After all is said and done, the truth remains that these are only "games", and the ideal in any game is good sportsmanship, which is intended to foster good human relationships, not the anger and enmity we see in the postings on this and other forums.

    I am acquainted with former athletes from all of these Universities, and almost without exception they cite the character building aspects of their athletic competitions and often say that losing was sometimes as important as (and sometimes more important than) winning when one considers the comparative contributions to one's character and ability to solve life's problems in the future.

    And I do not recall hearing any of them say the nasty things about their competitors that I see posted on this and other forums.

  • PapaSmurf
    Sept. 2, 2010 9:40 a.m.

    Another interesting item, one that goes to the point of this article. TCU has had a great run, as has Oregon State. They play in the Cowboys stadium this weekend. Ticket sales are approaching 30,000 and may get as high as 40,000.

    BYU/Oklahoma played before 76,000 fans. Oklahoma fans numbered about 40,000 by some estimates. BYU ended up with 36,000. So BYU pulled as much as TCU (and OR State) in TCU's own state? That is a national brand.

  • Jonathan Eddy
    Sept. 2, 2010 9:33 a.m.

    Today I declare MY football independence. Tonight I go to RES and root the U on to victory against Pitt. On Saturday I go to LES and watch BYU beat Washington. Ahhh....Sweet independence! It's hard to hate when you're feeling the love.

  • PapaSmurf
    Sept. 2, 2010 9:27 a.m.

    Another small revenue point. BYUtv signed the deal for ad placement on their sports programming. That will enable them to sell spots on the rebroadcast of the game which is about 48 hours after the live broadcast. Remember those days when we watched the game on Saturday then Monday and then sometimes on the Friday before the next game. BYU just monetized that. They also monetized their soccer for Latin America broadcast. Vollyball, Basketball as well. And I believe they are the biggest college brand in China as well. There could be some real $ on the back end.

  • YtxPat
    Sept. 2, 2010 9:27 a.m.

    Hey Howard S. how is it a selling your soul to ESPN any more than to the PAC-10?

    I think even the MWC was rated higher than the PAC-10 was last year. What did BYU beat UCLA by when Ike hit Houston?

    The Big 12 is not coming and we don't care. This move does position us well if something new does come. Not tied to a weak PAC-10.

    This was a great move. Now we need to win some more big games. I was at Jerry's stadium last year and that was just the beginning. Prior to the game starting, the OU fans were polite but very confident saying this was just a warm-up game (kind of like Tulane to BYU the next week). During the game, there was one fellow just beneath our suite that was always standing up and jeering us and egging us into confrontations. However, when all was said and done, he was silent and the score board told the whole story.

    ESPN likes it when we win. And historically, we do.

  • GoodGuyGary
    Sept. 2, 2010 9:26 a.m.

    "Oh, and Ave. ACT score of entering freshman:
    BYU: 28
    UU: 22

    Nationally ranked academic programs: BYU-6, UU-0"

    Is UU a junior college?

  • blauch
    Sept. 2, 2010 9:25 a.m.

    First Off - BYU is not going to get a PAC 10 schedule right off the bat.

    Utah Schedule.
    Boise St
    Iowa St
    Oregon St

    Second - BYU schedule will not be as bad as you make it look


    Oregon State
    Notre Dame
    Lousianna State
    Utah State
    New Mexico State
    San Jose State

    BYU still has 4 more games - I believe that it will be 2 patsy and 2 big games.
    Something like this

    Texas Tech
    Washington State
    Weber State

  • Pete in Texas
    Sept. 2, 2010 9:18 a.m.

    Where's Hedgehog and Patriot?

    *Listening.....* (crickets)

    To all the BYU HATERS I laugh in your face!!!!

    To all the Ute fans, I offer a hearty congratulations in being able to get out of the MWC and start doing better for your college. The two flagships of the MWC for years was BYU and Utah. Now that they're gone, I'm wondering what in the world they're going to do. I hope they invite/re-invite USU. I only want good for Utah colleges.

    Now... to BYU:

    New territory for us here. I was a little apprehensive at first, but am feeling more and more confident every day. There was never any question in my mind about BYU's national clout and their ability to draw an audience to their games. BYU fans are nationwide and can travel as well or better than most BcS teams out there. I have great hope for the Cougars. I wish I could be there this weekend to see all the great quarterbacks in one place. They started this great football tradition back in the 70's with Lavell.

    Love the COUGARS!!! BYU.... I got your back here in Texas.

  • IdahoCougarFan
    Sept. 2, 2010 9:10 a.m.

    I support the Y in their latest move and am rooting for the Utes to beat Pitt tonight!!!I support both schools and hope both of them the greatest success in the future!!!

  • Tommy2Shoes
    Sept. 2, 2010 9:08 a.m.

    Follow the money trail and you'll find the truth. Dish TV is the real winner. They never caved into the MTN and never will. Since BYU has a pretty good business school you'd figure they'd be able to cut a great deal with their new partner ESPN. Until we get into a BCS big money bowl game (and keep all of it for ourselves) the Utes will most likely have better revenue streams from TV and bowl games. Our move to independence will have cut the money gap at least enough to keep us competitive. The Utes are going to have to spend a lot of this money to upgrade their non-football sports. Most of these programs are way under PAC 10 standards. Recruiting against a PAC school is easier as an ind. vrs a MWC school. No doubt about it we made the best move available today. The Utes made the best move available to them. Congrats to both teams. Better comp. for both.

  • Cali Coug
    Sept. 2, 2010 8:51 a.m.

    RE: Utefan

    This is Thursday, I believe there is a game scheduled for the u this evening. I guess ESPN has many schools willing to play on Thursday and Wednesday! So if I understand your post, schools that play on Thursday are not really football powers...so that would mean the Yewtes are, hold it, hold it, hold it...WEAK.

  • kat
    Sept. 2, 2010 8:50 a.m.

    Hey mouths, AKA jimmy thing & utefan;
    So how is your projected BYU schedule different than BSU's annual schedule? And BSU has been to a BCS bowl how many times? Yeh, I think that's more than the Utes.
    And Utah plays tonight, which is...wait, wait, where's the calandar...yes, THURSDAY!

  • Grasscutter
    Sept. 2, 2010 8:42 a.m.

    BCS doesn't matter to me at all. BYU could play for the national championship every Saturday, but if I can't get it on my TV...

    I just think this is a great thing all around. Go cougars

  • Kyle loves BYU/Jazz
    Sept. 2, 2010 8:38 a.m.

    BYU is guaranteed to be making a lot more than they did in the MWC and playing on channels people actually get and want to watch.

    Utah is hoping Larry Scott delivers as promised and USC doesn't get greedy and demand more than an equal share.

    We'll see how it all turns out but right now both BYU and Utah have to be excited. Who knows which school will end up getting more money but both will make a lot more than they have been.

    The best part is improved competition and exposure for both schools. Great things for college football in Utah.

    PS I hope USU gets into the MWC.

  • goodDr.
    Sept. 2, 2010 8:30 a.m.

    Do they teach math on the hill? (I would bet Jimmything didn't go to school on the hill, just a troll, not a true fan.) If BYU has 6 home games at the minimum of 700k per game, then 700x6=4.2 million, much more than 2-3 million. We already know about Texas and ND, SO add 1 million more and you are at 5.2 mill. Just a tad bit more than the MWC offers.

  • Howard S.
    Sept. 2, 2010 8:22 a.m.

    In a desperate grasp for attention (or exposure as they call it) BYU has sold its soul to ESPN.

    But at least now we won't be incessantly hearing about BYU's imminent jump to the Big 12.

  • AFCoug
    Sept. 2, 2010 8:00 a.m.

    Please clarify 2-3 million. Based on the article and news conferance I heard ESPN has the rights to all 8 home games. The article estimates 700k to 1.2M depending on the opponent. So figure on the low side 700k per game. Even if ESPN only picks up 5 of 8 home games the equates to 3.5M, not 2-3M. And that is most likley low balling the number. It would mor likely be an avg 800k per game and 7-8 games a year. That equates to 5.6 - 6.4M a year. Those are just home games. When BYU went to OU (Dallas) last year they made another 1.2M. Figure in another 2 big name away games (TX, ND)and BYU gets another 1M or so from them. Playing WAC teams that are under contract with ESPN will bring in smaller figures, 300-500K. By the time you add all this up BYU is making about 10M a year between home games and away games against nationally recognized teams. Not a bad pay day and certainly better than 1.5M in the MWC.
    Meanwhile the Utes play USC and all those other teams nobody knows.

  • tyotx
    Sept. 2, 2010 7:50 a.m.

    @Jimmy-Utah doesn't get any money from the PAC 10 for tv in its first year.

  • Oregonian
    Sept. 2, 2010 7:37 a.m.

    What's the difference between BYU and Utah on TV? When BYU's on TV, people tune in to watch them play. When Utah is on TV, people tune it to watch who they are playing.

  • jazzfan57
    Sept. 2, 2010 7:28 a.m.

    I think BYU made the right move. They will win a BCS championship before Utah ever wins even a Pac 10 title, if they ever do. Utah 21 Pittsburgh 45. Take that Ute fans.

  • truffdog
    Sept. 2, 2010 7:16 a.m.

    To Jimmything: This article stated that BYU will get $700,000 to $1,200,000 per home game. That is not even including all of the money it will get from it's road games as well. That would put them at 10-12 million in football alone for the year. With basketball as well, the will probably be close to what Utah is making in the Pac 12 deal. Their 16-18 TV deal is for everything..... not just football.

  • The Disillusionist
    Sept. 2, 2010 7:11 a.m.

    Leave it to a Ute fan to protest immediately and in great detail that he is not jealous and why (unsolicited, I might add). Me thinks thou dost protest too much.

    You have deflated BYU's revenue and inflated Utah's. Utah will not make nearly that much during its first few seasons in the conference. Do your research.

  • happymomto7
    Sept. 2, 2010 6:58 a.m.

    i'm a domer (ND alumni). will be great to watch the irish here! might be able to afford a ticket now. :>

  • manutd
    Sept. 2, 2010 6:47 a.m.

    i think you are way underestimating byu and overestimating utah a bit.

    also i think the schedule you have listed was assuming the WAC deal goes through, which it didn't. i think it will be different now. anyone else know? even then texas, utah, hawaii, navy, oregon state are all great or interesting games. unlike new mexico, unlv, colorado state, or wyoming.

    either way, it isn't all about money. it is about getting out of the MWC and its terrible MTN contract.

  • milhouse
    Sept. 2, 2010 6:40 a.m.

    Henry V was the one who really fought the French.

  • Bluto
    Sept. 2, 2010 6:37 a.m.


    Look, wake up...

    BYU, just as they revolutionized College Football, with taking the forward pass to a new dynamic, are about to create a brand new paradigm in College Football.

    That is, Teams with more "Casche" will be getting their just dues.

    Capitalism will prevail over a "weird & twisted soicialistic/capitalistic/collusional-hybrid" which is now in place.

    Uties, listen up.

    You are not getting 18-20 million in the pending new Fox TV deal!

    First of all...those contracts have not even been drawn up yet.

    You will be getting Washington St. shares, not USC, Oregon, or UCLA money.

    Texas and Oklahoma just established the pattern that the "Big Dogs" of Conferences will not be sharing, equally, TV revenues.

    And, BYU has just added to the new Paradigm.

    Teams with clout, (We know, save your breath, BYU is not Notre dame).

    However, they are also not Wyoming, Baylor, Vanderbilt, Rutgers, Wash. St., Iowa St, Utah etc...

    None of these schools could have cut the deal BYU just did. BYU's total package ESPN, BYU-TV (monetized), Local broadcast rights etc...

    Right now...is worth 10-15 million annually.

    BYU-rests on it's "Own Brand"....


  • Y Grad / Y Dad
    Sept. 2, 2010 6:32 a.m.

    Kids, no matter how you slice or dice it (or slam it), this is heady stuff.

    Critics chanted "over-rated," but ESPN didn't think so.

    Critics were sure it all would fall flat, leaving BYU the humiliated, whipped puppy dog. It's only the first hurdle, but so far, so good.

    Oh, and for good measure, did you catch the reference to Max Hall and in who's company he was placed?

    Jimmything and others, continue to deflate one and over-inflate the other, but BYU just did something incredibly significant, and it is staring you in the face.

    Brave new world, here we come!

  • BYR
    Sept. 2, 2010 6:32 a.m.

    @Jimmy.. true, but it takes time to load the schedule. Had Utah not jumped to the PAC 10, what would there schedule be? Give it a few years, for both schools.

  • GJ
    Sept. 2, 2010 6:18 a.m.

    Jimmything, Utah won't be getting the full $16-18 mil for several years, 2014 I think. BYU's payday is probably a bit larger than $2-3 mil, but even if it isn't, it is substantially more than they get from the MWC now, with much more exposure and accessability to the fans. I for one am looking forward to it here in Indiana.

  • Steven S Jarvis
    Sept. 2, 2010 6:11 a.m.


    That isn't the true schedule because Notre Dame is likely on BYU's schedule for 2011 but not 2012. That isn't Utah's real schedule either. They won't be playing all the PAC schools each year, just the ones in their division and three cross over games once CO joins. I am guessing the split/partner alignments will happen meaning that the Utes will either play UCLA or USC on any given year. As far as the money goes Utah is going to get 12-14 million once they are a full member of the PAC in a couple of years.

    BYU will play 6 WAC schools with only Hawaii being an exciting matchup. They will play Notre Dame, Texas, Utah and Oregon St. They hopefully will have two more exciting games like Navy, Clemson or Texas Tech. The payout is going to be something like 5mil from TV, and 1 mil from a bowl. However, they will make considerably more revenue from rebroadcasting games. BYU is an international brand, and the most recognized US brand in Latin America. The exposure is going to be well worth what less the cougs make than Utah.

  • DC
    Sept. 2, 2010 6:08 a.m.

    Oh you got us, Jimmything. 1:51am and your up trolling for BYU articles. The Utes are so great and powerful, we bow in your presence.

    As a BYU fan, I am happy for the Utes. They truly deserve to be in the PAC 10 and will do well. Apparently, though, there are some Ute fans out there that just want BYU to implode. Get over it - your little brother attitude does not help the Utes' cause, rather pathetic. BYU is a national brand and has a national following - just the way it is. Even if it is only 2-3 million, it's 2 million more than BYU currently gets in the MWC.

  • Nyvic
    Sept. 2, 2010 6:06 a.m.

    Many kudos to Tom Holmoe, LaVell Edwards, the Church Executives(who approved such a move). They did it the right way, with class! We would have no room on our schedule for the community college from SLC. I fully support BYU and have been a proponent for this change and a change in schedules. Not because of the athletes, but because of the administrations of a schools.

  • rblack
    Sept. 2, 2010 5:57 a.m.

    @jimmything, there are a few problems with your calculations.
    1. How does BYU play Utah but Utah does not play BYU?
    2. BYU will get much more than 2-3 million from the ESPN contract. BYU also has the ability to market the games which ESPN does not televise locally, however it is projected that ESPN will televise all of BYU homegames on one of their stations. BYU will also generate additional revenue for their other sports.
    3. Actual estimates of the PAC 12 tv deal is 14.5 million per member school. This figure is for all sports.
    4. Utah will not get 14.5 in 2011. Per their agreement with the PAC 12, they are on a graduated revenue plan which will not pay full revenue until the 5th year.
    5. BYU has a larger average game attendance than Utah and that does not appear to be changing any time soon.
    If you take the time to calculate all of the numbers (which you haven't and I won't) I'm sure you will find that BYU's total football revenue exceed Utah's for the foreseeable future.

  • Uncle Rico
    Sept. 2, 2010 5:53 a.m.

    So UTAH football did nothing to help launch ESPN?
    Apparently not.

    True payout? too funny.

  • Max for President
    Sept. 2, 2010 5:08 a.m.


    BYU 2011 win-loss record:

    Utah (W)
    Your Mamma (W)

  • Eddie
    Sept. 2, 2010 4:56 a.m.

    So what are you saying Jimmything? I give this two to three years and BYU will be making more money and have greater exposure than many expected. This is the real deal with many, many extra's. The schedule will be semi-weak at first, but don't think for a moment that BYU and ESPN haven't been doing some talking to the storied programs of the country.

    Meanwhile look for more sanctions coming from the PAC-whatever. USC was hit hard and I think that there are others in future. While BYU will be playing in college football prime-time (Saturday afternoons and evenings) the PAC-? will be trying to compete and will be viewed by the west coast only.

  • One Angry Salebarn Worker
    Sept. 2, 2010 4:38 a.m.

    True Football Reality:

    $2m per home game televised. Pac 12 deal, $10m per school.

    BYU 3 of the last 4 over UU.
    27 of the last 40 over UU.
    Recognized national program (could UU have commanded a similar deal with televisions sports leader)?
    National Championships: BYU-1, UU-0
    Oh, and Ave. ACT score of entering freshman:
    BYU: 28
    UU: 22

    Nationally ranked academic programs: BYU-6, UU-0
    BYU=The University of Utah

  • Utefan
    Sept. 2, 2010 4:30 a.m.

    Of course ESPN has nice things to say....when sugar daddy finds himself a new date, does he say nasty things about her? Of course not! ESPN, aka sugar daddy, just found themselves someone who was willing to play on Wednesdays and Thursdays! The question that remains unanswered among all the glee of Ybuers over a previously done two for one Texas deal and a six game Notre Dame deal which is at best is home/home 3 times, is who will schedule the Zoobies in October and November? Oh...Utah State and the rest of the runts of the WAC litter! I'd say the folks in Provo have just the kind of schedule they deserve! Good bye BCS!!

  • Jimmything
    Sept. 2, 2010 1:51 a.m.

    BYU 2011 sched:
    Texas, Oregon St., Utah, Utah St. Idaho, New Mexico st., La. Tech, Hawaii, San Jose St., Army, Navy,
    12th game not yet determined. True ESPN payout $2-3 mil.
    Utah 2011 sched:
    Pitt, Boise St., Iowa St., Oregon, USC, Oregon St., ASU, Arizona, Stanford, CAL, Washington, UCLA. True payout from new PAC 12 tv deal: $16-18 mil.