Mormon Media Observer: Underdog Mormon candidate upsets Idaho GOP

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  • John Pack Lambert of Michigan
    June 2, 2010 10:16 p.m.

    Instero should read about Mia Love, a black, female Latter-day Saint who entered politics because she did not like the gowing movement to end the recitation of the pledge of allegiance in schools. Mrs. Love is now the mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah.

    Anyway this is an insteresting story because Idaho could become the only state besides Utah where its whole United States house delegation in Latter-day Saints. In fact Idaho could become the only state, because it is posible after the next eletion Utah will not have an entirely Latter-day Saint house delegation.

  • A Guy With A Brain
    June 2, 2010 5:38 p.m.

    Hary Reid is a disgrace to the ideals and value of the LDS church.


    When he dies he'll have a lot to answer for and, no, I'm not saying that in just a general way. His governmental choices have been nothing short of direct attacks on what we fought so hard for before we came here: freedom.

  • 1Observer
    June 2, 2010 9:15 a.m.

    Re: Instereo - You are ill-informed on the Tea Party and its motives. I have conducted an extensive amount of research into the Tea Party and find that while they adamantly support constitutional limits on government, they are very mixed on the issue of civil rights, with nearly half supporting the notion of civil unions. Your portrayal that they are somehow turning back the clock on the civil rights gains of women and minorities is false. You are simply parroting what you have heard from some media critics who are doing all that they can to discredit the Tea Party movement by using fear and hatred. I am not a Tea Party member and have never been to one of their rallies. But I have read volumes of research and polling data regarding the Tea Party from a varied host of sources, none of which have yielded any evidence to support your contention of civil rights regression.

    All your post is doing is continuing the despicable practice in politics today - fear and hatred spread by innuendo and rumor. So far all that has been accomplished by that tactic is dumbing down the level of candidates running for office.

  • Instereo
    June 2, 2010 8:21 a.m.

    A Mormon Tea Party guy upsetting another republican is not really a story. If he were a democrat or a moderate, that would be an upset. To me it's sad that so many LDS candidates and members have identified with the Tea Party in their zeal to protect the constitution. I think what they are missing is that the constitution is finally being realized for many people, blacks, women, minorities.