BYU basketball: If not 1st-round lock, Jimmer Fredette likely to return

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  • dusty
    April 21, 2010 5:00 p.m.

    I graduated from BYU and watched them play in the NCAA tournament....Dude, I was not impressed by him. He cannot dribble very well. He lost the ball all the time. He dribbled off his foot. He plain got it taken out of his hands a few times. Over-rated. He stays one more year.

  • Zed
    April 21, 2010 12:40 p.m.

    Mike in Sandy,

    Probably time to change that moniker and re-emerge, Dwiggly-style, for another round of spewing your hatred.

    After the beatdown you just took from SportsFan, you probably don't want to keep that identity. Just a friendly tip.

  • R0B
    April 21, 2010 12:28 p.m.

    He will be back.

  • Gifford VanBuren
    April 21, 2010 11:15 a.m.

    Just to clarify my ealier comment. I'm a fan of Fredette, and I think his plan is a good one. It makes great financial sense to get your name out there. My problem was with Mr. Rayburn throwing out the Williams/Nash comparison. It's such idiotic writing that it isn't fair to Fredette and disrespects anyone with knowledge of basketball.

  • LKA
    April 21, 2010 11:04 a.m.

    I think this is great to see where he is at. It is a good rule to have to let them withdraw if they feel that is best. I know the coach of the team in their playoff this year spoke very highly of him. But I think that at best by next years draft he will be fortunate to make it in the second round. There are too many very good young players out there.

  • SportsFan
    April 21, 2010 10:54 a.m.

    Wow, Mike in Sandy, you seem to know alot about the NBA and what it takes to be a first round selection.

    Tell me then, why does someone who is such an NBA "expert" not know that there is no third round in the NBA draft?

  • Mike in Sandy
    April 21, 2010 9:43 a.m.

    Guarantee? FIRST round? That's hilarious.
    Go back to school, son.

    He will be likely go 3rd round. Who does he think he is?

  • Utah'95
    April 21, 2010 9:07 a.m.

    Jimmer is a real scoring talent - at the college level. But most of the shots he takes around the basket won't work at the next level.

    I remember watching Steve Nash play in college. He controlled the game, kept his composure when pressured by aggressive defenses, and kept all of his teammates involved. Fredette's game is definitely more about creating his own shots than it is about lifting his teammates. His transition to the NBA won't be as easy as it was for Nash.

    I think his plan is sound, and it almost assuredly means he will be back on campus next year. Now if only my Utes can find someone to guard him....

  • SportsFan
    April 21, 2010 8:59 a.m.

    re: hedgehog

    Does it ever get depressing being such a hater all the time?

  • Samwise
    April 21, 2010 8:07 a.m.

    Translation of Headline: "Fredette Will Return". I like Jimmer and all, but he is not first round material, maybe second round. If he has another year at BYU like last year (only without getting sick and thus not being slowed down), then I think he would be a lock for at least the second round, and might even get into the late first round.

  • BYU Superfan
    April 21, 2010 7:44 a.m.

    I think it is a good move for Jimmer. He will hopefully learn ways to distribute the ball to other players, such that it will open him up to being able to take better shots. He can push over most Mountain West schools with just driving to the basket and getting fouled, but that won't work in the pros., or as we saw, it doesn't even work with top teams in college. He needs to realize it is not a sin to pass the ball so others can make the points. This ability to know when to make the pass vs. taking the shots yourself is what separates great point guards from those that don't make it. Even when he drives into the paint, he needs to find the open man, and it may not be him. Go Jimmer!

  • rlsintx
    April 21, 2010 6:59 a.m.

    Not a chance...

    His ball handling was exposed BADLY in their NCAA's loss - even people at work here in Dallas were commenting on it. This guy'll get picked 10 times a game by pros guarding him... he has a LOT of ball protection/handling work to do before he's a pro level player in all areas. Shooting, he's got a gun - but that's not enough in the pros...

  • Bugoff
    April 20, 2010 11:52 p.m.

    Fredette is probably more like Fisher. Smart, good outside shooter. He could run the triangle at LA or MN.

    He needs to improve his lateral quickness. The pros go to special training facilities. BYU should create their own. They have the donors. Their whole Bball team and football team would benefit a lot. Their bigs would improve dramatically in verts, lateral and quickness.

  • royalmidnight
    April 20, 2010 11:46 p.m.

    His style of play is not similar to theirs. Once he gets 7 or 8 assists a game, maybe I'll see some similarities. As of now, no.

  • UtahBlueDevil
    April 20, 2010 10:16 p.m.

    Interesting. Outside of Utah, nobody really covered him nor the Y despite their 30 game winning season. He may be good enough for first round. But if I were a betting man, I wouldn't put money on it. He didn't draw national attention during the regular season, and the NCAA's ended way to early for Y for him to have turned many heads. But you just never know.

  • Max-was-right
    April 20, 2010 7:27 p.m.

    hedgehog, shouldn't you be out in your KIA with a razor blade taking the red U out of the back window after your wonderful basketball teams season?

  • moodyblue77
    April 20, 2010 5:37 p.m.

    I just re-read the article. No one compared Fredette to Nash or Williams. They said he would play the point similarly. His style of play is like theirs as opposed to Ty Lawson or other shorter and faster players.

    The player I've heard him compared to is Nash--because of all the little odd shots he takes around the basket and because he can keep his dribble alive. Not because he will be the NBA MVP.

    Nobody said he would BE Steve Nash. When Nash came out of college, nobody said he would be Steve Nash, either.

  • hedgehog
    April 20, 2010 5:34 p.m.

    Total waste of time..
    Both for Jimmer and the Dnews for writting such hog wash.

  • royalmidnight
    April 20, 2010 4:27 p.m.

    No NBA scouts see him as a Steve Nash or Deron Williams. Funny article.

  • Qwest Perfected
    April 20, 2010 4:08 p.m.

    Jimmer should go #1. He is perhaps the best point guard to ever play the game.....

    Seriously, does he think he would be a first round pick?? He is a good college player but I'm not sure he can make it in the NBA. His mono isn't going to go away anytime soon and the NBA season would work him over worse than K State.

    Good luck Jimmer!

  • Gifford VanBuren
    April 20, 2010 3:25 p.m.

    Deron Williams/Steve Nash...Um...have you ever seen one of those guys plays. It's almost blasphemous to compare him to 2 of the best PGs in the Association. Let's try to maintain some credibility and compare him to like a poor-mans Eddie House or an even poorer-man's Jason Terry.