1A high school basketball: Green River slows it down to dispatch West Ridge

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  • Greg P
    March 4, 2010 9:34 a.m.

    Go Pirates. You played well yesterday. Good Luck today against Piute. Play hard and do your best.

  • To Re: Green River.
    March 4, 2010 9:31 a.m.

    your comment has no justification. That is just the way the ball bounces, Green River beat a higher seeded team, can't fault GR playing well and for WR having a bad game. From what I saw at the game, Green River could be a good team if they had a point guard and a coach that would teach them how to pass and handle a press. Three of their 4 losses to Monticello and Whitehorse were very close games. Region 19 is legit, and the games were close most everynight. Whitehorse was so close to having 3 teams from region 19 in the quarters. Go Pirates.

  • re: Green River
    March 4, 2010 8:40 a.m.

    It's sad how the brackets play out. Green River was beat twice by both Monticello and Whitehorse and yet, Green River gets the easiest first round game. Whitehorse and Monticello both drew very tough first round games. Green River really made West Ridge look bad for most of that game.

  • Let me guess
    March 3, 2010 8:08 p.m.

    They're going to try to slow it down.