Interior Department faulted for preservation lapses

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  • Hypocracy
    March 10, 2010 2:10 p.m.

    If one artifact is important enough to disrupt peoples lives and charge them with felonies they should all be considered that important and cared for as such.

    I know salvage archaeologists who are called in for road construction in Arizona. After the site is excavated they put the pottery and other objects in a hole dug in the center of the project place dirt on it and flatten it out with a roller! why are some charged with 8 felonies for a few pots while those pots found on road sites lay crushed under road construction?

    History is important and it should be preserved. Imagine if they spent the millions preserving and restoring sites or even documenting there own museum collections instead of paying a snitch for cases that likely wont go anywhere?

    This seems business as usual for the feds. They did a similar raid back in teh 80's and what results did it have and detering excavations or preserving history?

    I know this wont be politically popular but with the theft clause in NAGPRA and local tribes taking items from museums these private collections are the best way of preserving our history.