Utah Jazz: Hot shooting Jazz blaze by Portland

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  • todd to bp
    Feb. 5, 2010 9:07 p.m.

    You need to read my comments in Oracle. It may stun you but I am not rooting for the Jazz or Jerry to fail. I stated I am NOT AFRAID OF THE LAKERS AND NOT US THIS YEAR.

    I also finally agreed with your friend DOug and others when I wrote last night, the players I was upset we did not get in the off season for the most part of "have been failures" for the new teams they are on.

    I hope they do get past Denver, I want to go to a playoff game at Staples I will root for the Jazz but I likely will need bodyguards

    The fact is I have said for one year here The Jazz to me are only behind maybe Denver and La for talent out West. We are playing now to the "expected acceptable level"

  • CL
    Feb. 4, 2010 11:40 p.m.

    I agree that we could end up #2 behind the Lakers, we are playing closer to our potential and hopefully we can keep it up. As good as we are playing, I think we can be even better. Players like CJ,Mathews,Fes,KK, are only going to get better. Probably not too much this year, some of them don't get enough PT.
    It's great to see AK play like he is.
    Even though many who post on here hate Boozer, he is good and I for one would love to see the Jazz be able to resign him. His D is suspect, but he has played better Defense this year.
    I think the only thing we need to compete with the Lakers in a big man in the middle who can control the paint on the defensive end, (Fes).
    I'd like to see us keep the same personel for next year, but get Fes & KK more PT so they can improve. CJ, Mathews, Brewer,Milsap should continue to improve. Even Okur as old as he is, is improving(driving,post ups etc). A while ago I was wanting to break the team up BUT??????

  • BP
    Feb. 4, 2010 10:09 p.m.

    Good Comments Brandon, SeattleJazzFan, and others.

    Funny how some people still look for little things to whine about.

    @ Todd: You made a couple good posts, but you just can't go one day without throwing out the "glass-half-empty" card can you? You remind me sometimes of Debbie Downer on SNL. Always throwing in the conditional "don't forget" this or that, and "remember Sloan will eventually fail us down the stretch".

    No matter. I hope you enjoy saying "I told you so" if the Jazz tank the rest of the season, cause I'm sure going to have fun saying "I told you so" when they surpass Denver and challenge the Lakers for the top spot come season end.

    To ALL: Our team is finally healthy (yes including Booz despite his little lapse), and why couldn't this be the year we finally realize our potential? We've been saying the Jazz have way more potential then they're playing to for 3 years now, so why not this year? No chemistry issues, only minor injuries right now, total confidence, momentum, consistently 4-5 pts better on defense per game (huge stat). The stars might be aligning.

  • S Gavenman
    Feb. 4, 2010 8:58 p.m.

    I don't like the beard. It makes him look out of place. If Kobe gets healthy this year it will not matter what your little team does.

  • SeattleJazzFan
    Feb. 4, 2010 7:58 p.m.

    Re: Short Memories

    I love how you pretend to know Boozer's intentions and motivations. That is, "playing for himself and himself only...fake injuries, stay out longer than needed...bla bla bla bla." How do you know? Did you talk to some of his teammates...his coach?

    He made a couple of stupid comments in the summer time, and once he believed he was very likely to be traded, he lobbied to land in either Chicago or Miami. If I were in his position, I would do the exact same thing: anything to avoid landing in Minnesota, Sacramento, etc.

    All I'm goin' to say is--and this goes for all of you who do this--stop pretending like you know what's going on in the hearts and minds of the coaches and players. You have no freakin' clue what they're thinking. NO CLUE! It just bugs me when you have these fans who make these wild assertions about the players, as though they know them or their trainer or someone's girlfriend...whatever...just give it a break!

  • Short Memories
    Feb. 4, 2010 7:14 p.m.

    I can't believe the short memories alot of you jazz fans have! Boozer all but trashed this team and town last season with his mouth and actions, why would you want to resign him? A leopard doesn't lose it's spots. The man is playing for himself and himself only. It's a contract year for him and he is finding that the interest in him last summer and so far this season is very minimal. Thats why he will take what ever he can get now including eating crow and resigning with the jazz. I warn jazz management again don't do it, he will do the same after the contract is signed as he has while here- fake injuries, stay out longer than needed and be a distraction to the other players.

  • Houdini/Comma Man
    Feb. 4, 2010 4:41 p.m.

    @The Truth: It was me who wrote the following:

    "Maybe you should be installed as coach,you know way more than everyone else"

    I am sorry that I tried pretending to be the "real Miles". I just can't help myself.

  • SeattleJazzFan
    Feb. 4, 2010 3:51 p.m.

    A lot of folks seem to have the memory span of a fish. That is, a lot of y'all seem to be pretty forgetful. The Jazz have won 11 of their last 12 and have looked pretty darn good in all of those games. And last I checked, Boozer played in all but three of those games. So, all you "trade Boozer people" need to just chill. Millsap is awesome, Boozer is awesome, and it's an incredible luxury to have both of them on our team. RELAX with the trade talk. It's getting old.

    On another note, it's been fun watching my Jazz win.!

  • The Truth @ Miles
    Feb. 4, 2010 1:39 p.m.

    If I was a betting man, I'd say Jerry wins out and Booz stays!! I would never want to coach, GM? hey that seems like a cushy job especially for the Jazz, talk to people all day on the phone about trade senarios and then do nothing, collect a pay check and go home. NICE! Is that Miles or Houdini who can tell anymore?

    @Brandon, it's not just the road games it's the back to back roadies and the three games in 4 nights that will bring the Jazz back to the pack!

  • More Sundiata
    Feb. 4, 2010 1:22 p.m.

    Things seemed to really start going the Jazz's way when Sundiata Gaines hit the three to beat the Cleavland Lebrons... oops I mean Cavaliers. He should get more playing time. Also, when Deron didn't play because he was at a funeral for his uncle, Gaines and Price played the same amount of time in one game. Guess who had better stats...

  • Fred in NJ
    Feb. 4, 2010 1:07 p.m.

    Boozer is doing great this season. I guess his defense has reached the peak, although it is far from NBA good. He is still a great defensive rebounder and a great finisher around the rim. His mid-range jump shot seems to pass its prime, but it is still usable for most of situation. If there is no good offer before 2/19, I would rather see him on the team till the end of the season. Please don't trade him to a team for some draft picks and garbage players. To be honest, he is not overpaid in terms of him number and overall performance. However, I don't see the Jazz being able to sign him back from the free agent market this summer, he is no John Stockton.

  • More Korver
    Feb. 4, 2010 1:03 p.m.

    Everything seems to be going the Jazz way right now! The only thing that would make it better would be more time for Korver. Sure would like to see him get going on the 3's. He's just not getting enough time to get warmed up.

  • GoManUReds
    Feb. 4, 2010 12:58 p.m.

    The point of getting rid of Boozer is this; The Jazz won't win the championship with him. Impossible. So, seeing as "he's going to get a raise no matter what" after his contract is up, why not save millions now? What is the point of keeping him the next half of this season? He costs the Jazz his salary + the 6 million in luxury tax penalties. Even if they drop a game or two more without him then with him, at least they'll be playing as a team, playing better defense and saving the franchise money they can reinvest in more positive ways than paying other teams in the league just so the Jazz can keep Boozer.
    Problem is, other teams know what a pansy he is and won't give anybody but pansies in return.

  • Miles Re: The Truth
    Feb. 4, 2010 12:28 p.m.

    Maybe you should be installed as coach,you know way more than everyone else

  • The Truth
    Feb. 4, 2010 11:07 a.m.

    So here is the dilemma, Jazz can't afford to keep Boozer. They made the decision in the off season to keep Memo instead when they extended him. Jerry wants Booz to play out the season, management more than likely wants to trade him for something because you risk losing him for nothing if you don't trade him!

    The fundemental problem you have here is Jerry has to much influence.

    Memo,Milsap and AK get more opportunities to score, shoot and make plays when D-will and Booz aren't doing there thing and they can cover the 4 spot. The thing you lose is inside scoring without Booz, however, in the playoffs he couldn't score inside against bigger guys anyway. I personally am one to say, let's see something different lets take a chance. This team isn't going to win it with the way they play with Booz anyway.

    No way the the Jazz pay Booz big money because of his history. I say roll the dice.............Booz walks at the end of the season regardless!

  • Jazz Cop
    Feb. 4, 2010 10:52 a.m.

    @happy but realistic-agreed, there is no good reason why we aren't no better than the fifthorseventh team out west. lest the temperature is right, is as good a reason asany we wouldn't be fighting for a playoff spot right now.
    @invisible man-whatever you just commented about, i didn't get. what is it you are trying to say? that just by mathews happening to be a tough minded fellow who replaced the linebacking of hapring, we have a replacement for harp that easy, mathews happens to be a rookie, harp happened to be our most experienced presence? this is how the team is changing, but not in the ways that you describe it, trust? fun? get it back? don't you think the ride is like a roller coaster, not all the tracks are there, who knows how to operate it? i have no idea what ride you are talkinga bout. the rickety old ride sounds like alot of fun until one of the wheels falls off. 4sho, we got a couple things go our way, but i'm not doing jumping jacks cuz there ain't no ride to begin with.

  • Brandon @ todd
    Feb. 4, 2010 10:39 a.m.

    "20 of last 33 on Road--remember........"

    Yes, and only one elite team on that road sched (Lakers). The rest are against middle of the road teams like Portland, OKC (Who is hot, mind you) Houston, etc. Jazz already have the Cavs, Cs, Magic, Hawks, Mavs, Nuggs and Spurs off the books for the road. And they went 9-12 against that murder's row. I think the road record will improve based on that fact alone.

    For those bashing Boozer with him being out as the reason the Jazz got hot, do try and remember that he helped start this hot streak as well. Yes they are 3-0 with him out, but they're also, what, 5-2 with Dwill out of the lineup? I think that just points to the talent this team has, especially when they play as a team. Highest assist and FG% team in the league right now. I think that speaks to just what this team can do. Hopefully it translates for the rest of the season in their play.

  • Re Houdini
    Feb. 4, 2010 10:19 a.m.

    Matthews did a good job when he started earlier in the year,as long as he gets his minutes,it doesn`t matter,he`s tough and will be in at the end when it matters,Oh and Sloan won`t play rookies? he will if they play smart

    Feb. 4, 2010 10:10 a.m.

    This has been a fun stretch to be a Jazz fan. I expect the Jazz to play well and win every single game, which is a far cry from where I was at earlier in the season.
    The Jazz are ALL playing well together. I also love seeing Deron and AK getting along so well. I happy AK is a VERY productive AK!

    Feb. 4, 2010 10:09 a.m.

    Better without Boozer?

    All of the BOOZER BASHERS remember way back...a few weeks ago when the winning started..with DERON out with an injured wrist and EVERYONE WAS SAYING HOW MUCH BETTER WE DID WHEN WE SHARED THE BALL?

    Well Boozer has played every game but the last couple in that winning streak....not to mention before the winning streak and the team was wallowing in mediocrity BOOZER WAS STILL DELIVERING 20 AND 10 EVERY NIGHT!!

    Sloan has made multiple admirable attempts to make CJ a viable starter in attempt to add depth with AK coming off the bench. Unfortunately CJ has squandered those endless chances but the upside is that AK has ripped the starting position back and UNQUESTIONABLY this team is better with BOOZER and AK on the floor playing together.

    AK is getting 30 minutes and making EVERYONE better. It is a tremendous LUXURY to have a player like Millsap on the bench to bring in if Boozer/Okur is having a bad night or in foul trouble.

    Having all this talent is great for depth and for the playoffs. Look how Matthews, Korver, and CJ are filling bench roles.

    Its all good stuff.

    Enjoy it!

  • tommyk
    Feb. 4, 2010 10:01 a.m.

    We still need boozer to win Playoff games, for anybody who think we dont need boozer to win, your not really a Jazz fan, and your just a Bandwagon fan and your basketball IQ is very low!!

  • Hugh G. Hater
    Feb. 4, 2010 9:49 a.m.

    I just can't warm up to Fes. More KK please.

    Is it me or are the Jazz getting disrespected by the officials?

  • CL
    Feb. 4, 2010 9:43 a.m.

    To me, all those who complain about Boozer and say the Jazz are better without him are blind. It's true his defense could be better, but this year it has been better. He is solid and consistant on the offensive end and showing improvement of Defense.
    Why all the negative comments? Boozer may have put his foot in his mouth during the summer, but his play has always been pretty good.
    Milsap is good but still hasn't proven he can be a 20/10 guy on a nightly basis. We still need Booz.
    I also believe we need to develope Fes, so we can complete with the Lakers and Celts and a few other elite teams.
    Props to Mathews, he is playing great. Love his energy, hustle and toughness. He plays the whole game with passion.

  • Jazz Cop
    Feb. 4, 2010 9:32 a.m.

    Since i found the topic of dirty play, i'd like to recall how malone played andlook at the circumstances. 1) I'll admit malone wasa dirty player, maybe the dirtiest player i've seen, many cheap plays in his distinguished career.
    malone started his career in an era, when cheap plays were thenormal run of a game, recall rambis closelining mcchale in the finals, the cheapest play ever, just pre malone days, in those days, cheap plays were expected of good teams,
    the era is reason malones career progressed theway it did, by the end of his career, malone was not so cheap as he was a crafty veteran, after the jazz got hornacek, he didn't have tobe so dirty, he wasn't, but the jazz played a goodbrand of ball?No.

    of course, malones style wouldnot go unpunished inthe nba today, this is good, better for the players, but malone was in a different era.
    the point of this matter, in this era of the nba, the refs need to protect the players better, including jazzmen, malones erais a matter of history that is irrelevant. This newteam is proving they are good without being dirty.

    Feb. 4, 2010 9:20 a.m.

    One of the best games I've watched all year. You have to love this team when they're moving the ball like that and playing hard! It was an absolute pleasure to watch the Jazz last night, and the previous few games have felt the same way. Who is this Russian dude with the middle school haircut? I vageuly remember having someone like him a few seasons back..... And Boozer? Take your time rehabbing that calf. the team is a lot happier on the floor without you. It will be interesting to see what this team does against Denver (who incidentally got killed at home vs. Phoenix last night) on Saturday. GO JAZZ!!!

  • Invisible Man
    Feb. 4, 2010 9:19 a.m.

    Its good to read these blogs and people dont want Coach Sloans head on a platter, well this is what he has seen since last year before all the injuries. He knows a good team when he has one, they do miss Harpring but "do they?" with Mathews there, a tough kid who has filled in nicely for Harp. This team has clicked and realized they are doing what the rest of us only dream of they are having fun playing the game of basketball, they like each other, they trust each other, they know that if they give away the ball they will get it back, they are playing good D, and better O, man enjoy the ride FANS, its going to be fun...........

    But please Fans if they drop a game here and there stay postive, I will promise you one thing they will not win every game the rest the year, expect that, so when they drop one or two dont get all negative and start screaming for heads.....

    Oh I know CJ does need to pass more, but Sloan sees something there and I trust that......

    Keep it going Jazz and Fans

  • Houdini/Comma Man
    Feb. 4, 2010 9:07 a.m.

    matthews is the bomb,millsap plays like a girl,trade williams,sloan clueless,miles to dleague,memo soft,kobe aint nothin on matthews,matthews allstar,

  • todd from santa ana
    Feb. 4, 2010 9:04 a.m.

    The "sloanaholics" and DOug have us winning the NBA title after a 7 game "regular season winning streak"

    They are ready annoint theyr'e hero Grand Pooba SLoan who will ride his "sloanaholics" to the top of the thorn

    20 of last 33 on Road--remember........

  • Jazz Cop
    Feb. 4, 2010 8:53 a.m.

    I know that refs will let dirty play go against us, its fun to watch, to see how tough the jazz really are, but as a plead to the refs, this isnot how the jazz play, we are not a bunch that intendsto play dirty as a method, and this is not what good teams do, lakers don't play dirty as their method, cavs, magic, denver, for sure?--i think allthe good teams are not so cheap, good to see the jazz didn't lower themselves to that level,instead, an exhibtion of what it is to not be antagonized, which is entertaining when we can keep our heads above that lifeless and petty brand of bball, but against denver, yeah, they will isolate and expose, they are a great team, we will be looking for answers against them, hopefully the refs come prepared to call a fair game, otherwise...jazzor nuggets get away, i want to see in a fair game, can the jazz beat thenuggets, melo billups, they are a the top of their games, super super stars, they are a dangerous team. denvers too many ways for us to take lightly. toast if we do.

  • Happy But Realistic
    Feb. 4, 2010 8:47 a.m.

    I too am happy that the Jazz are finally looking like a basketball team, but remember Portland was without 2 centers(Oden & Pryzbilla) and their all-star guard and leading scorer Roy. I'm quite sure that the game would have been much, much closer with those three! So a word to the wise, be happy but don't get over confident because we are actually around the 5th to 7th best team in the west.

  • Jazz Cop
    Feb. 4, 2010 8:29 a.m.

    No good reason for the kind of plays like bayless on ak, for refs to let it go unpunished, this is a clean play, and two players risk injury, and it goes unpunished. ok, fine, we are lucky no one gets injured, but refs let it go, and this is not good basketball, there is a difference between good basketball that is rough,a nd just bad basketball that is dirty; underdog usually will get benefit of doubt, but jazz are not so much better than their competition, they aren't being dogged by the refs, despite it, it was good to weather that, we are rough butnot a dirty bunch like that, just for the sake of the game, refs should punish plain old dirty plays, not fun to watch plays like bayless pulling down ak without a foul call. i am concerned, this is wear and tear, refs don't make it easier by allowing it without a foul call. what if the dirty play by bayless and ak is injurd because he is pulled down? there is a no call, and it will happen again, eventually, injuries for sure, we are lucky to get through that.

  • Ben
    Feb. 4, 2010 8:29 a.m.

    has anyone checked up on Denvers schedual??? They lost to the suns last night..they will have to play at LA Lakers on friday, then here against us saturday, back home tuesday against Dallas, Thursday spurs, and then the rest of the month includes another trip to LA Lakers, and Boston... We are gonna be knockin at the door. I love this teams effort right now

  • Observation-ist
    Feb. 4, 2010 8:22 a.m.

    In years past, come playoff time, when the level of physical play increases, AK has gone soft and is one of the most tempramental pro basketball players I know. I hope this new found energy and attitude can persist into the playoffs. If so, he'll finally start earning his max-contract.

  • Houdini
    Feb. 4, 2010 8:22 a.m.

    Matthews just continues to impress me,I wonder about starting him at the 2 spot and having Ronnie B and Korver backing up the 2/3 spot,keep AK at the 3 when Boozer gets back.We have some nice options,still wish Fesenko could get some real minutes,at least 10-12 Go Jazz,Beat D-town

  • Jazz Cop
    Feb. 4, 2010 8:18 a.m.

    Ak is at the top of his game right now, his presence has supported the rest of the guys, dwill is getting lost on defense, those guys should be glad they have ak, and ak is playing with nerves, being a professional, playing with nerves like he is making his money, like he has the nerve to make 16 million+a year, good for him, he is doing what he can do, and thats why you think you like shelling out dollars for him, still overpaid, but its a nonissue, not many players like him around, its tough to game plan for a phantom, he casts his shadow his fingers are on the beating heart, his sense of spacing is critical, and his opportunistic play, we aren't the same with out it, a mediocre team, and its frustrations.
    any guy getting minutes who gets soft, thats what i'm waiting for, or for sloan to be his typically petty self. its presently possible that jazz get a new one ripped when denver comes like gangbusters.
    hope the refs aren't letting bayless drag ak down rsiking injuries, refs shouldn't let unnecessary rough play go unpunished, no reason.

  • Jazz Cop
    Feb. 4, 2010 7:55 a.m.

    Again, fesenko had animpact, i think it was the first time we got to see him and okur on the floor at the same time. I thought it worked well. For a minute we had alot of size in the front and for the moment it changed the game enough we were able to end the first half with some stops and we extended the lead a little.
    so whats the deal with sloan, his hard headed approach to how a player developes, we are lucky to have players he has given any minutes to at all, if he wasnt' forced to play guys, we'd likely have a roster full of guys who never see the ligth of day.
    without a doubt, unless a good trade comes along, lozing boozer will weaken the team, despite the fact with out him, more minutes go around, unless we get front court help, we are thin upfront with out him, for better or worse, we wouldn't beat the lakers or denver, so this is tension, how far and long do we hold onto something we aren't going to be able to keep?
    denver and birdman, melo,bigshot, great team.

  • @ Doug 6-19am
    Feb. 4, 2010 7:50 a.m.

    "we need the 20/10 of Boozer as well as his leadership"

    Boozer & leadership in the same sentance WoW !!

    The ONLY reason the talented heartless one is playing so well is it's a contract season

    IF he re-signed (never going to happen) he would revert back to the normal Carlos.

    No heart, injuries that last forever & flaky D :(

    Ride him while we can....

  • Jazz Cop
    Feb. 4, 2010 7:42 a.m.

    We are still susceptible to some unknown factor, usually in the form of some hyped up picking and draining the threes which is our problem, sloan needs to find a solution for this, how can he prevent teams from exposing us this way? As the mailman said, better teams will isolate our weaknesses and expose them, watch what denver is going to do.
    I actually agree with doug-it's time for dwills beard togo, notthat i don't like the wise look that dirty sock gives him, but the jazz are going to need more than superstition to beat the lakers. he has made a statement, for better or worse, he needs to do something with that beard, it's a real issue now, denver will expose us, we might as well prepare for it, esp if the refs let the nuggets get away with the rough play they allowed the blazers, but thats something the jazz won't overcome, a mostly onesided game in favor of the underdog, the guys handled the noncalls the way a better team should, we are not so much better than portland, we weathered that, but against denver?

  • Anonymous
    Feb. 4, 2010 7:21 a.m.

    I still call for Sloan's retirement. He mistreated AK for several years now.

  • To: Anonymous 11:03p
    Feb. 4, 2010 6:28 a.m.

    Because dollar for dollar this guy has not earned his massive contract. Have you forgotten how much time he has not played since he has been a Jazz player? His coming and going because of his frequent injuries is what disrupts this team and keeps them from really grabbing any momentum. His MO has been that his time off is not equal to the severity of his injury and interestingly enough, even in a contract year, he is injured again. For those reasons this team would be better off without him. Plenty of talent go around. Shed the Booz and build around the remaining core players. That would be the right business decision.

  • Doug
    Feb. 4, 2010 6:19 a.m.

    I think the mailman is discouraged with the Jazz. I am sure he wanted some trades and big changes earlier and now has no basis. So he mentions we play okay against decent competition at home. Such as Lakers, Magic, Spurs, Blazers, Suns, Cavs, Phoenix, Mavericks. Seems to me the Jazz do okay against these type of teams. I hope to add Denver to this list after Saturday.

    If I am not mistaken Calgary is in the cold white north and it seems that the cold has damaged your memory. Boozer brought the team to this point, was injured, fortunately the Jazz are deep enough to step up for a few games, but don't be fooled without Okur playing out of his mind and a rookie shooting 100% we need the 20/10 of Boozer as well as his leadership.

  • nottyou
    Feb. 4, 2010 5:43 a.m.

    Where are all the front-runners calling for Sloan's head? Good job to ALL the Jazz!

  • ECR
    Feb. 4, 2010 5:28 a.m.

    I don't care if Deron Williams grows a 10-inch long beard. If the Jazz keep winning, let it grow! Go Jazz!

  • jch
    Feb. 4, 2010 4:22 a.m.

    I'm not sure it's chemistry that improves when Boozer' out. What definitely improves is AK's movement. I think it's because he doesn't have to worry about guarding his own, Boozer's, and Memo's guys.

    And finally, finally, D-Will is comfortable finding guys in the transition other than Brewer. Maybe he'd look for Booz, too, but we'll never know, since Carlos is always trailing the play.

    Am I the only one who remembers Karl running the lanes? Does Phil Johnson or Scott Layden ever take out the old videos and say, "Carlos, this is how we fill the lane on the break"?

  • the Mailman
    Feb. 4, 2010 3:50 a.m.

    @ 11.44

    Hey man sorry to cast some perspective on this love fest but facts are facts. You might be happy with these mid season win streaks but to me they mean little when the playoffs roll round.

    Playoff success is what really matters, its just that some - maybe you - are satisfied a lot more easily. Look at the history my brother, i dont need to be Nostradamus to predict what will happen come finals time..

  • JB
    Feb. 4, 2010 2:20 a.m.

    Boozer needs to go!!! he dose not fit into the Jazz chenistry, he is poor on defense. The Jazz is a 4 man team when he is on the floor. He wants to be trade so lets do it before the deadline. Please.

  • Chuck Nunn
    Feb. 3, 2010 11:57 p.m.

    I don't think there's any question that this team is better with Carlos Boozer. Paul Millsap can't continue to play 40-plus minutes a game over the long term. Boozer's inside scoring and his rebounding are essential to this team's long-term success. But the team has also put together a couple of good games without him, and if they were to lose him in the offseason, the future of the team is still pretty good.

    Peace out from the Jazz Oracle!

  • Wow Mailman.
    Feb. 3, 2010 11:44 p.m.

    Are you serious man?? The JAzz are on a red hot winning streak and you actually come in here and moan about some perceived weakness on your part???? What is your deal dude? dont be a naysayer dude, be happy that we are winning the way we are. you shouldnt rock the tag of the mailman, you are so not deserving of it

  • Bravo JAZZ Dust the wallsBlazers
    Feb. 3, 2010 11:43 p.m.

    Utah JAZZ we are the Champions 118/105 final score
    there doing great keep it going ~GO JAZZ~

  • Captain
    Feb. 3, 2010 11:38 p.m.

    Please start Millsap on saturday. Why change what is working.

  • Calgary Jazz
    Feb. 3, 2010 11:33 p.m.

    to Wow/meow. It is 3 games now and last season we played our best ball when he was out. It is when he came back Jazz started going down and slipped to 8th place. Boozer is cancer and sooner he will be gone better better we will be. Just see how fun and exciting game ( for everybody) is when he is not around.

  • Calgary Jazz
    Feb. 3, 2010 11:27 p.m.

    So we are seeing now what we were talking two years in a row. AK plays better at 4, all team plays better and is more fun to watch when Boozer is not around, so why it is so hard for Jazz management to realize that getting rid of Boozer for some defensive minded big guy is a key to success. We will put up points no problem playing such fun passing style of basketball - no need to get Boozer back and let all other guys stand and watch again. Get some big athletic guy who can rebound and defend for him and we can challenge anybody.

  • What?
    Feb. 3, 2010 11:23 p.m.

    The Jazz were laughing at hootin it up when Boozer was playing. All you people thinking the Jazz are playing better without Boozer you are foolin yourself. We are playing very well and Denver lost so we are poised to keep gaining ground on them but we need both Boozer, Milsap, Okur and AK to play as big as they have to gain the 2nd seed in the West which I believe is very possible if we can continue this success. I know we aren't gonna win them all but if we only lose 5 to 6 more the rest of the year we will be in the 2nd seed and homecourt until we meet the Lakers. GO JAZZ

  • jbra80
    Feb. 3, 2010 11:06 p.m.

    It's amazing what AK means to this team. Sure, during the streak we've had different guys with big games every night, but the constant has been AK's energy and also his smart play. He's moving great w/o the ball, following up countless shots on the glass, and he's everywhere on D. If we could get something valuable for Booz i'd do it, but not just a salary dump. We're playing great right now but we will need the kind of depth we have with a healthy Boozer down the stretch and into the playoffs. I think we could drop a wing player before the deadline and be ok, but for Booz I think we'd need an athletic big guy (long preferably). I just don't know if there is anyone available where it makes sense financially. I started off the year saying we're a 5-8 seed at best, but I forgot AK could play like this. If he keeps this up, we can play with anyone (and by we I mean the Jazz).

  • Anonymous
    Feb. 3, 2010 11:03 p.m.

    People kill me talking about the "chemistry" when Boozer's not around...Boozer is good for the jazz whether you like him or not...if you could keep Millsap happy coming off the bench for the next 5 years and resign Boozer I'd do that in a heartbeat....a bench player like that is a luxury that never lasts because the player finds somewhere to go where he can start......

    and the only thing that's different lately is everyone is playing hard....so simple-hustle and work hard, what a novel concept! Oh, that and free throws tonight- if they shoot their normal 20 for 30 tonight, that 10 point lead in the fourth is 3 or 4, and the whole game is different. If they just keep hustling and sharing the ball, they will continue to improve.....gotta love the upside here!!

  • matt
    Feb. 3, 2010 10:59 p.m.

    ak is awesome. memo is great. carlos will dominate when he comes back.

  • Wow
    Feb. 3, 2010 10:55 p.m.

    Are you serious people? We play better without boozer? so he has sat out 2 games but what about all the other 11 wins. Paul is just as good but we wouldnt be where we are at without booz.. he is a stud and we need to resign him.. Wake up boozer haters

  • CL
    Feb. 3, 2010 10:47 p.m.

    The next game against Denver will be interesting, Denver is losing by 19 with 10 minutes to go in the 4th quarter, if Denver loses to Phoenix and LA, we oculd be one down when we play them Sat.
    The last game against Denver they beat us because they out hustled us, attacked us and had us on our heals and playing uphill all night. I think they had like 49 free throw attempts for the night. On offense they were on the attack all night, we can't let them play like that Sat. We have to come out and attack and push the ball. Hopefully they will be tired after playing the Lakers the night before.

  • the Mailman
    Feb. 3, 2010 10:46 p.m.

    Poor Doug, do you find it hard to grow facial hair? Sometimes people grow beards even if fashion experts like your good self dont approve.

    Some nice play from the Jazz of late but dont be fooled fans (including you todd) this team has the same lack of inside presence and rigidity that the elite teams will isolate and expose.

    Home wins against decent opposition are one thing, lets see some consistent form on the road and playoff success please Jerry..

    Alas as sure as the day is long, it will never happen under the current coach.

  • Chuck Nunn
    Feb. 3, 2010 10:22 p.m.

    It was really nice to see Okur have a real breakout game like this. Hopefully he can keep up some of that taking it to the rim. When he's done it in the past, he's been successful. He needs to also duplicate this confidence on the road. That'll go a long way in helping Utah down the line. Kirilenko is also playing with an incredible amount of confidence himself, and that ought to continue as long as he continues to start. Love that Wes Matthews and his grit and hustle. Still would have liked to see a little more Fesenko, but Portland's not that big without Oden and 'Nilla, so it's all good this time. Down the line, though, the small lineup will not cut it, such as against the Nuggets.

    Peace out from the Jazz Oracle!

  • Me too
    Feb. 3, 2010 10:17 p.m.

    Carlos who? OK, I watched the game on ESPN Gamecast so it wasn't the real thing but even so it appears as if the team seems to be firing on more cylinders when Boozer is not available. Better chemestry. I think we have plenty of talent without him and will not miss him when he is finally discarded. Maybe he isnt really hurt but is being preserved for a trade before the deadline. We can only hope.

  • CL
    Feb. 3, 2010 10:11 p.m.

    Love how the Jazz are playing, it's fun.
    Love to see AK play like he is, when he plays like he is, he is invaluable. If he can keep it up he will start to earn his contract.
    Mathews is playing great, especially for a rookie. he deserves the minutes he is getting. His hustle and defense earns him the minutes at the end of the games.
    It was nice to see Okur take the ball to the hole so agressively.
    I still wish Fes could get more minutes, so he could develope faster.
    CJ played OK, not great, just OK.
    Milsap & Brewer the same.

  • todd from santa ana
    Feb. 3, 2010 10:06 p.m.

    I congratulate Okur for working hard. Maybe he fooled all of us like he was stubborn and did not want to change when the jumpers stopped falling. What is even more great to see with the drives, the athletic moves a 7 footer is not supposed to have is at the same time, he is playing better defense than maybe he has his whole Jazz Career.

    Admit there are things I am seeing that are exciting. That is because we have not seen some of these attributes often. Meaning Okur playing good defense and getting blocks, and Kirilenko in particular. He is active and has looked as good as I have seen him in so long.

    jazz historians I would bet games Kirilenko had 15 points, 10 or so rebounds a game,. what the Jazz record is lifetime with those numbers///

  • todd from santa ana
    Feb. 3, 2010 10:01 p.m.

    I am beginning to wonder with Okur new found versatility taking to the basket, being creative now gives us a "New Look"

    This is tremendous news the improvement, maybe he could play more like a #4. I am beginning to wonder if maybe Boozer for a defensive Center would not be the one of the final puzzles we need. I am not upset with Carlos or trying to chase him out. I still think it long term nightly will be hard for Paul at 6'7 but then Okur would give you a 7 footer at the #4 position.

    Kirilenko in the last couple weeks is playing the best ball in his career. Not only that he has become a "thrilling exciting Human Highlight Reel"

    Matthews has been the find of the year maybe anywhere in the NBA. Dwil has spotted him and set him for so many easy layups or short shots.

    62 percent, tons of assists, great ball movement. If Denver loses tonight and at LA, a win Saturday and we are 1 back of them.

    Please tonight all be happy and thrilled with the success and hope it stays. Remember brutal 2nd half of schedule-just stating

  • CL
    Feb. 3, 2010 9:59 p.m.

    Love how the Jazz are playing, it's fun.
    Love to see AK play like he is, when he plays like he is, he is invaluable. If he can keep it up he will start to earn his contract.
    Mathews is playing great, especially for a rookie. he deserves the minutes he is getting. His hustle and defense earns him the minutes at the end of the games.
    It was nice to see Okur take the ball to the hole so agressively.
    I still wish Fes could get more minutes, so he could develope faster.
    CJ played OK, not great, just OK.
    Milsap & Brewer the same.

  • Ak Fan
    Feb. 3, 2010 9:51 p.m.

    Just fun to watch. without Boozer everybody playing quicker and more energized.

  • Doug
    Feb. 3, 2010 9:48 p.m.

    what a hoot to see AK when he is in full swing, he is something to behold. As an opposing coach you have to hate to see him swat and score.

    Okur needs to repeat this day again on Saturday. Matthews was great, such poise for a rookie is impressive.

    Carlos hurry back.

    Jerry good job in trying players and getting them out when they were not working.

  • Houdini
    Feb. 3, 2010 9:45 p.m.

    Good win,good to have Memo show up big time,we needed him,AK,Matthews,D-will,Millsap all game to play, good win,Lets get Denver,Go Jazz

  • GoManUReds
    Feb. 3, 2010 9:45 p.m.

    Look at the chemistry the Jazz have when Boozer isn't around! Granted, Boozer is having a good stats year, but when Boozer is around you don't see the smiles and laughing on the court like we saw tonight.
    Get SOMETHING for him and walk him to the plane. Save the Jazz millions and let this young team grow over the 2nd half of the season. They're not winning the championship with Boozer so let's see what they can do without him. Please. Do it. Trade him.

  • Doug
    Feb. 3, 2010 9:44 p.m.

    Deron looks like Baron

    Come on Deron whoever told you that sock on your chin is attractive they were honestly kidding.

    You told the fans 5 games in a row and it would be gone. Are you going to run for public office next and tell more tall tales?