Film review: Knock Off

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  • Avi Green
    Oct. 19, 1999 2:08 a.m.

    Bravo! Zis is one of ze best paranoia thrillers set in a
    European country! I escpecially liked ze car chase! It is
    one of ze longest and most magnifique car chases in action
    movie history ever made zince ze 1968 action classic,
    Bullitt, with Steve McQueen! And kudos to ze performances
    of DeNiro, Reno, and McElhone! Ze film also has
    excellent location work in France! Zis is also a fine
    comeback to form for ze director John Frankenheimer! I
    garuntee a lot of enjoyment in zis film! Bonsoir!

  • Jack Sommersby
    Feb. 27, 1999 11:14 a.m.

    An anemic, arid, and just plain hollow spy thriller that
    simply fails to entertain. The plot is completely
    forgettable and uninvolving, the characters are
    one-dimensional, sketchy bores, and director John
    Frankenheimer (who did imaginative and energetic work in the
    slightly underappreciated THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU) fails to
    elicit an iota of excitement, and that includes the car
    chases, which, while being technically efficient, are
    strictly mechanical and without a distinctive flair of their

  • Dennis Orgill
    Oct. 22, 1998 8:06 a.m.

    Terrific. Suspensful. Great characters and story.
    Utterly amazing action! A must see! (It doesn't matter
    what's in the case--that's the whole point!)

    Have you noticed what a great number of these movie-goer
    comments turn out to be criticisms of Jeff Vice and his
    very condescending attitude toward movies in general? I am
    in awe of film making and love all kinds of movies!
    Perhaps the DesNews should find a reviewer who feels the
    same way and is a bit less parsimonious with his praise.
    Reading a Jeff Vice review is like watching an autopsy
    being performed on a good friend.

  • Kayputk
    Oct. 9, 1998 11:57 a.m.

    The movie has excellent car chases, lots of gunfights, and
    De Niro shooting cars with his missle launcher. A brainless
    action movie? No! It actually has some deep dialogue, and
    you never know what's in the case.

  • Ian
    Sept. 30, 1998 2:22 a.m.

    I liked it. It dragged a little now and again. But I enjoyed
    the twists and surprises. And what can be said about those
    chase scenes. Especially the big one! Wow. I loved it and
    plan on going to see it again.