Film review: Glimmer Man, The

No-action thriller's got cliches, gore; but acting and chemistry are scarce.

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  • Steven De Spain
    March 22, 2000 5:10 a.m.

    Though The GLIMMER MAN appears at first glance to be the
    typical Steven Seagal thriller, it turns out,in fact,to
    almost TOO realistically portray the violent aspects of
    real life crime.
    Seagal plays tough guy cop Jack Cole, a mysterious soft
    spoken buddhist with sharp one-liners and lightning fists.
    In the film, Cole is tracking a serial killer dubbed the
    family man who performs violent murders and bizzare
    religious rituals on his victims.
    In The GLIMMER MAN, Seagal is paired with the ever funny
    Keenen Ivory Wayans who plays the equally tough but
    occasionally soft mannered Jim Campbell.
    The film moves along as fast as Seagal's flurry of
    punches and kicks as the pair begin to uncover a government
    plot to smuggle chemical weapons from Russia as well and
    then twists to the possibility the Jack Cole may be
    The film offers some very funny moments to pull away
    from the violence, such as Seagal entering a restaurant and
    dingging the service bell over and over and then punching
    out the ignorant host. Or what about Seagal offering
    Wayans a little something to cure his allergy to incense?
    (You have to see this one!)
    The movie is also chock full of mind whirrling fight
    sequences that occasionally look choppy due to poor
    editing.(Fire those guys Seagal!)Seagal tokes out hordes of
    thugs using his always impressive but never duplicated
    skills of Aikido.(You can almost feel the punches.)
    My only problems with the film were the dark and dirty
    atmosphere reminiscent of a slasher film and the choppy
    edits that make you think you've missed something.
    Though the tall and muscular Seagal also gives an
    impressive fashion show with his obviously expensive
    wardrobe, he is often mistaken as being sluggish or out of
    shape and people have always made a point of mentioning and
    even exaggerating this in recent reviews.(Actually a
    medical problem Seagal has suffered from even during his
    Above the Law days in which his organs have descended below
    his rib cage.)Still The Glimmer Man packs a punch that no
    Seagal fan will want to miss!