Film review: Back to the Future, Part II

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  • Cornell Vaughn Jr.
    Aug. 8, 2002 7:56 p.m.

    The film "Back To The Future-Part II" is a good film, but
    not great to say the least. It doesn't live up to the
    "Back To The Future", but movie producer, Steven Spielberg,
    and film director, Robert Zemeckis, tried their very
    And, nevertheless, they still did a good job.

  • David VanLangeveld
    Jan. 18, 2002 11:23 p.m.

    2.5 stars actually. An okay film that mainly serves as a
    bridge between the first and third films in the series.
    Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd are superb in the
    roles they introduced in the first film and it is
    interesting to see the events from the first film from a
    different perspective. However, the film seems too long
    and feels more of a retread of the original than a sequel.

  • Philip Zamora
    June 10, 2000 3:05 p.m.

    Although it certainly doesn't live up to the first film,
    this second installment is still a worthy follow-up. I
    enjoyed it's mind-bending complexities, and kinetic pacing.
    The cast is certainly charasmatic to the utmost, and the in-
    jokes that are mainly aimed at previous Spielberg
    productions are worthy of a few chuckles. Like "The
    Abyss," there wasn't one moment that I found boring or
    disengaging. The only problem that I really had with the
    film was the fact that it's a rather empty experience.
    Once it's over, that's it. It isn't particularly
    memorable, or even worthy of classic status. It's just
    sort of there. It's plot seems like a contrived means of
    getting from the first film to the third film. The only
    reason they decided to make this film, in my opinion, is
    that Zemeckis and Spielberg wanted a trilogy. They could
    have just avoided this whole film and ended the series with
    the third film's storyline. But that's not to say that it
    isn't entertaining. It's one hell of a ride, just as long
    as you don't think about it too much.

  • Avi Green
    Sept. 9, 1999 10:51 p.m.

    The second movie in this trilogy was okay, but it had a lot
    of unpleasantness. Certainly the futuristic scenario at the
    beginning of the film is praiseworthy, plus the way it goes
    over a lot of the scenes we saw in the first movie in the
    second half, but the problem is of course, that the
    storyline is still written in too unpleasant a manner.
    Don't worry, you'll get you're money's worth, but it's a
    shame that Zemeckis and Bob Gale had to slip in the movie's