Utah Jazz: Jazz need 1 win to stop Rockets' momentum

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  • IT'S OVER!!!!
    May 2, 2008 11:44 p.m.

    Jazz win and win big. Awesome game with a few lapses, but impressive nonetheless. D-Will was AWESOME in the third, knocking down threes like they were layups. Everyone chipped in tonight and showed we can hang with anyone when we play together on D and play smart on offense. Go Jazz, let's take the Lakers!

  • WA WA WA
    May 2, 2008 11:30 p.m.

    Houston fans.....you have a problem. Even with the refs giving the advantage to the Rockets they still lost by 22. No excuses this time, the Rockets just plain lost!!!!!

  • Jazz fan
    May 2, 2008 4:32 p.m.

    Jazz need 1 win to stop Rockets' momentum


    should read

    Jazz need 1 win to stop Rockets' season


  • trevor
    May 2, 2008 3:29 p.m.

    Even though the Jazz's performance was weak a couple of days ago, with the home court advantage and a knowledge of Houston's 'good days", they will win tonight against popular belief.

  • Anoymous
    May 2, 2008 3:24 p.m.

    The last game shouldn't have happened at all to the Jazz. Rockets won all four quarters. Utah won nothing.
    Come on Jazz!! Play like I know you can!!
    GO JAZZ!!!!

  • Nice try
    May 2, 2008 3:16 p.m.

    No tickets on TicketMaster.

    Enjoy another first round exit, Houston fan. T-Mac will be crying yet again.

  • Houston Fan
    May 2, 2008 2:40 p.m.

    Sure the Jazz have the best regular season home record. But in the playoffs its a whole different story. The Jazz are playing very weak right now because their team is composed of weak minded players. The Rockets have the physical and mental toughness to win the series. It's a prophetic statement when I say Rockets will win in 7. I have no doubt in my mind that the series will end in any other way.

    There are still tickets available to tonights game by the way. Shows how little confidence Utah fans really have. None.

  • Sokol
    May 2, 2008 1:10 p.m.

    I happen to think they could be the Lakers. Gasol
    is a choker and Bryant has never won anything on his own.

  • Old Port
    May 2, 2008 12:51 p.m.

    These are the kind of situations D-Will was drafted over CP3. I hope he watched his fav movie "Gladiator" to get psyched for tonight!! Deny T-Mac again...since he is just one of those big number regular season stars, which will be completely forgotten over time....

  • Re: Jazz Fan (The Bloriginal)
    May 2, 2008 12:04 p.m.

    Your plan for a destruction of the league to create 5 all-star teams is ridiculous. That would completely destroy the sport, and hypothetically ruin many state economies. (Let me explain)

    Sports themselves may not make economies wealthy. But people who accept job positions often take into consideration such things as: night life, entertainment, culture, climate, etc. If I were considering taking a job in Phoenix or Albequerque (similar climates and locations), I would definitely add some brownie points to Phoenix for the entertainment factor (Suns, Cardinals, D-Backs, etc).

    Similarly, businesses take things into consideration when deciding where to locate themselves. One of those considerations is labor. They don't want to locate themselves where people don't want to be, you don't get a big pool of applicants to choose the best employees that way.

    Apply both of those on the macro level, and placing sports teams in only the big metro areas would potentially hurt all the rest of the states in terms of economics, real estate, tourism, etc.

    In other words... Get a life and GO JAZZ!

  • re: ID Jazz
    May 2, 2008 11:59 a.m.

    I think your statement is dead on.

    As far as Kobe, yes he is great.
    Can we shut the lakers down?
    Probably not.

    May 2, 2008 11:43 a.m.

    It is funny to see all these Rockets fans predicting "Rockets in 7." You guys are really going out on a limb with that prediction aren't you!

  • Herm F says Jazz win
    May 2, 2008 10:35 a.m.

    We will win tonight. Big time. Go Jazz. I'll be there, got my tickets and I'm ready to support the team.

    Yay for loser, rockets fans and their vain hope! Its pretty dumb trying to put pro-rockets comments in a Utah paper. I wouldn't be suprised if a deluded rockets fan tries to predict the Rockets in 6! Go Jazz.

  • Sokol
    May 2, 2008 10:34 a.m.

    I think the season is on the line. Some of these
    guys will forever more be looked at as chokers.
    Does Sloan have a Knute Rockne speach in him, if
    they fall by 10 at halftime? What would he do
    to coax the corn to grow?

  • ID Jazz
    May 2, 2008 10:33 a.m.

    There is a an easy way to tell which Jazz team shows up tonight and it has been this way all season. If the game opens with a Boozer jump shot then that is not a good sign. It's Boozer's way of admitting defeat of attacking the basket and if the Jazz trail at the end of the first quarter by 10 or more they lack the mental toughness to come back they just give up. Dwill said it after the last game that it is important for the Jazz to come out running the ball up the court and attacking the basket. If they start out just running half court sets game over.

  • Game Time
    May 2, 2008 10:11 a.m.

    Game time is at 8:30 p.m. It can be seen on KJZZ and ESPN.

  • Jazz Fan (The Original)
    May 2, 2008 10:04 a.m.

    The NBA season is interminably long....much too long. The league greed, and the number of games played to reach the playoffs is not productive. Sixty games is the limit, and then every team gets in the playoffs. That will satisfy the people who want parity. My plan for all pro leagues is to have a re-entry draft at the end of every season, and the highest bidder gets the players. That way I figure that New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and maybe three or four other cities will end up being the league....eveyone else will be outbid and lose their franchises. We will then end up with some real teams with the best players. We could have 4 or 5 teams in each of these large cities....then this will satisfy all the Madison Avenue/Wallstreet people who think all the influence lies in the large cities of the country. This worldwide NBA concept that Commissioner Stern seems to be cultivating is a joke. Who wants to see their team traveling around the world playing in China, or in Europe. I like the NFL compensation plan the best......you EARN the money you are paid....not just sign for $ millions, then get injured.

  • Jazz Fan (The Original)
    May 2, 2008 9:51 a.m.

    Memo to ???: Jazz - Rockets game time 8:30 MDT. Look at Yahoo.com

    I respect Kobe and the Lakers; but who cares about what the message board Kobe's are saying? Kobe doesn't need to prove anything; he is the best in the league bar none. I am a Jazz fan, BUT.....the Laker - Spurs series for the Western Conference title will be the NBA Championship as far as I am concerned. The Jazz are not mature enough, nor do they have the weapons to contend with the talent of either team....they are not playing like they did last year, when they were blown out by the Spurs. They are no match for the Lakers either. Let us not delude ourselves, however diehard we are in Utah. Come on!! Get real!!!! Brewer and Williams are not at full strength, and Boozer and Okur are not playing up to their potential right now at all. I believe the Jazz are covering up a plethora of injuries with all their players. Matt Harpring is a shadow of himself. Jerry Sloan is reluctant to play C.J. which he knows best what players can do in playoff situations. I trust Sloan.

    Nevertheless.....go Jazz!!!!!!!!

  • Bi-Polar Wannabe
    May 2, 2008 9:26 a.m.

    Well I guess if Kobe says he'd rather play the Jazz, then the Rockets are better. Of course he also said at the beginning of the season that he wanted to be traded because the Lakers were a horrible team.

    Kobe says the Rockets are better, and 99% of the other sports analysts and commentators say that the Jazz are better. Personally, I'd suggest not taking any analytical advice from someone like High School grad Kobe Bryant.

  • ???
    May 2, 2008 9:02 a.m.

    What time is the Jazz game tonight?

  • Houston, you have a problem...
    May 2, 2008 8:26 a.m.

    "Kobe says":

    First off, Bryant said he preferred to play the Jazz simply because he figured everyone else would say the Rockets, so he wanted to be different.

    Secondly, the Jazz own the Rockets, regular season and playoffs. Have fun whining about how the better team lost the series tonight.

    PS: EVERYONE was wanting to play the Rockets in the 1st round. Including the Jazz. Most thought the series would go 6 games. What's so different now?

    May 2, 2008 7:50 a.m.

    If the Lakers want to play the Jazz is what i meant to say

    May 2, 2008 7:37 a.m.

    Hey Jazz fans i was reading an article and Kobe Bryant said he prefers the Jazz win because the Lakers have more advantages in matchups against the Jazz than they do against the Rockets so we all know that the Rockets are the better team if the Lakers want to play the Rockets! Go Rockets!

    Rockets in 7!!!

  • Chuckie B.
    May 2, 2008 7:28 a.m.

    How many teams have ever come back from getting creamed to win the next game...?

    Oh wait, there's been a ton.

    Twenty-some years ago Boston smacked LA by thirty in game one just to lose game two.

    Spurs only scored 64 on Utah at the end of this season just to go back home and wipe th Jazz off the floor.

    Nothing like a good old butt-kicking to get a team's attention, and face itUtah was playing very uninspired ball at Houston on Tuesday.

    Jazz will be fine.

  • Bi-Polar Wannabe
    May 2, 2008 7:01 a.m.

    Actually... this is game 6 for the Jazz; any way you look at it. It's also game 6 for the Rockets. The Jazz will be putting themselves at a great disadvantage if they can't close out the series tonight, but I'm not planning on writing them off until it's all said and done.

  • Jazz Slayer
    May 2, 2008 2:56 a.m.

    I'm suprised the entire Jazz team hasn't flopped on the court at once. When you lose a tooth and end up with a broken nose, doesn't sound like whining to me. Compare that with Okur's flailing arms or AK's flailing arms. Get over it. Rockets in 7

  • magnus
    May 2, 2008 2:27 a.m.

    Listen up Rockets fans

    It's been fun and all, you're team has guts (I wish our team played with the heart that your team does), but tonight it ends.

    The Jazz will find their jumpers and attack the rim and the limits of physical play, Derron will play like an MVP, TMac will have good numbers but disappear in the fourth...

    and the Jazz will win by 15.

    Just remember you heard it here first.

  • alfren
    May 2, 2008 1:58 a.m.


    We'll if rockets win in game 6, there will be a big chance for the rockets to win in game 7.

    go rockets!

  • McGrady's gorilla
    May 2, 2008 12:31 a.m.

    This is Game 7 for the Jazz. After seeing the last effort in Houston, I'm not sure they stand a chance, regardless of their 1st two wins there.

    The Rockets are whiners, their coach is a whiner, and even the refs are whiners (throwing out the Jazz fan) Just shut up and go fishing with Kenny and Charles, Houston.

    Jazz in 6.