Ex-FLDS mayor heartsick over Texas 'Gestapo' raid

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  • Pastor Don Milton
    May 15, 2008 4:34 a.m.

    I've noticed a huge decrease in the bigoted comments against the Eldorado FLDS lately. I think those once growling dogs who were foaming at the mouth in defense of the Texas government now have their tails between their legs having realized that they mistook the government for their master.

    Pastor Don Milton

  • deb
    April 23, 2008 5:19 p.m.

    ANOTHER exFLDS member saying the same thing- they don't ALL abuse their children. If one man did-get him in jail - take HIM into custody, not the innocent children or families that have never committed a crime.The yfz ranch is not one big family unit, anymore than your local Baptist church is all one family. They just wanted a community away from the world. Can anyone blame them for wanting a fence around them to protect them from the world--- see what the world does if your different!!!

  • Jodie
    April 23, 2008 10:01 a.m.

    Regardless of what thse people do, their rights are being trampled under the feet of the government. If the government is allowed to do this...what's next??

    It sounds to me like prejudice against these people. Just because they wear dresses that aren't the new style, and have more that 2.5 children does not make them criminals. AND they have yet to prove that they have broken any laws. Polygamy isn't illegal. Bigamy is. Read up on it.

  • Honest American
    April 22, 2008 6:00 p.m.

    Any honest Arizona strip resident knows Dan Barlow was a corrupt toadie of Rulon and Warren Jeffs. He didn't think twice about "bleeding the beast" when it came to fleecing U.S. taxpayers. He was responsible for perhaps the most corrupt and least constitutional police force in modern U.S. history. He should stay hunkered down and out of site for good.

  • Anonymous
    April 22, 2008 2:58 p.m.

    Any honest American the knows Dan Barlow can say he is one of the most honest good hearted people they have ever met. I believe he can, and will give his all to help in this terrible situation.

  • dingo
    April 22, 2008 2:43 p.m.

    last time i checked rape, incest, menatl and ohysical abuse, and polygamy are not legal in the USA.

    once upon a time in america lynching was considered a "religious" activity as was burning at the stake. SCOTUS has ruled time and again that religious practices must be kept within the bounds of the law.

    GO TEXAS!!

  • John
    April 22, 2008 10:09 a.m.

    Is this mhappening in The United States of America?

  • Anonymous
    April 22, 2008 9:24 a.m.

    What an interesting figure: someone who knows the trauma of previous raids AND who got excommunicated for running afoul of Jeffs. Nice that he can talk about what the former feels like; wonder if he can articulate anything about what the latter feels like. Clearly someone in a position to find bridges LOTS of ways. Not an enviable position though.

  • Still stunned
    April 22, 2008 7:05 a.m.

    I am a physician in St George who works regularly with FLDS from Colorado City/Hildale. They are good people who do not deserve the type of mistreatment they are getting in Texas.

    The more this story goes on, the more I sit in disbelief that my country, the land of the free, is allowing it. Are we in the Twilight Zone? I can't believe anyone thinks this Orwellian governmental abuse is OK!

  • Virginia
    April 22, 2008 5:46 a.m.

    Bravo for Barlow lets hope he can get these children back home.

    April 22, 2008 5:38 a.m.

    It seems just like gestapo tatics but in a more scientific mean. STAR on the chest=DNA sampling. Spliting families apart=put on a train and shipped away. Held by the Texas courts=put into a compound with an electric fence.
    So how far are they going to go? Who will be next?