Uncle Sam on lookout for income tax evaders

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  • Bob G
    April 9, 2008 5:35 a.m.

    Uncle Sam, the IRS, should start at the top and look and the illegal aliens and their employers not paying taxes on their income. With 23 million plus illegals taking jobs illegally in america with no SSN or legal status and not aprehendable to recover taxes from is where out government is losing money. These illegals are making 50k-60k a year in tax free unreproted income, each. The number of american taxpayers evading taxes is minimal and insignigcant compared to the number of illegals working jobs and not filing tax returns. Billions if not trillions of dollars of their income is being funnled out of this country through WalMart, Western Union, and other international money transfers. And they are getting subsistance allowances because their income can't be traced or verified. The SSA, Medicare, and Medicaid are also suffering loses from the illegal workers and employers not paying into these accounts. Blaiming loses on the american people is redicoulous with so many illegals causing and the biggest part of revenue losses. The government IRS and SSA offices need to go after employers first that are perpetraing and causing revenue losses. Businesses are pocketing these revenues and are stealing from government.