Chewing tobacco cost would rise with new tax

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  • the(whole)truth
    Feb. 8, 2008 10:18 a.m.

    I don't suppose we're going to hear any of these dignitaries pointing out that smokeless tobacco is substantially safer than smoked tobacco, and without the (supposed) harmful effects of second-hand smoke? Didn't think so.

    Also, your math doesn't add up. If the $1.05 price-based tax on a $5.99 can of snuff changes to $.90, the retail price should drop to $5.84. Seems that either the new tax is going to be on top of the old tax, or you just picked a bad example (i.e., if the same size can of cheaper snuff retails for $2.00 and wholesales for $1.00, then the tax would increase from $.35 to $.90). I suspect the former is the case, since the latter would actually result in a tax cut for all but the cheapest snuff, and we couldn't have that! (Or could we . . . ? See point #1.)