Brad Rock: Utes show affinity for happy endings

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  • re/re hmmmmBYU vs Utah
    Dec. 22, 2007 6:12 p.m.

    After watching BYU win 2 straight conference championships and going undefeated for 2 years I can say Utah is a better team because you beat us on to miracles, one vs an average Ute team. And this year at your place vs backups all over. Utahs backups arent as good as BYU, give us all our starters back (7 out vs BYU) and we'll see who has the better personel. Sorry, but even the national media knows it. BYU is only known because of Utah. Utah finished 8-1 with BJ back. Utah is a better program, has better players, if only we lived our lives better off the field.

  • Re: to: Navy Grad
    Dec. 22, 2007 2:08 p.m.

    Thanks for your respectful comments regarding Navy and the service academies. We had our chances to win the game but the Utes held us off. I hope you have a great Holiday Season.

    To those who have disparaged the Navy team, a Happy Holiday Season to you too.

    We are proud to have served this country and defend your right to free speech even if we don't like what you said about our team.

  • Bad calls are part of the game
    Dec. 22, 2007 11:11 a.m.

    I said it after the rivalry game. So I get to say it now. Bad calls are part of the game.

  • Re: to: Navy Grad
    Dec. 22, 2007 11:06 a.m.

    You were doing well until the line about BYU fans lowering themselves to the level of Ute fans. Certainly there are plenty of Ute fans who talk smack, but there are pleny of BYU fans who do it as well. There are good and bad fans on both sides of this rivalry. I have appreciated the good BYU fans who have given the Utes props on the win over Navy.

    The BYU fans who have disparaged Navy and the midshipmen have definately ended up looking stupid. Seriously guys, do you hear yourselves? Wake up and get a life.

    I have nothing but respect for the service acadamies and those who serve this great country in the armed forces. I grew up a Ute fan, but dreamed of going to the Naval Acadamy. I didn't get there but I am still a Navy enthusiast with a fascination for the service's history.

    USS Utah

  • Rick
    Dec. 21, 2007 9:40 p.m.

    Remember fans, both the BYU and UTAH teams are composed of a lot of our young talented youth from our own mountain valleys. They represent us well. A bowl win from any Utah school is a feather in all of our hats.

  • pac
    Dec. 21, 2007 7:39 p.m.

    Congrats to the Utes on a great rebound from a slow start. I'm a Ute fan and wish the Cougars well in their rematch with UCLA. A win for either Utah or BYU in a bowl game is good for our State and good for the conference. Rivalry week is over, so until next season....Go Cougars!

  • RE: RE: USNA Fan
    Dec. 21, 2007 7:31 p.m.

    That would be great if it were up to the two of us. Until the two teams meet again, I still have the memories of a "cream puff" team that won the 1978 Holiday Bowl against Marc Wilson, Jim McMahon and company.

  • Ute in Brooklyn
    Dec. 21, 2007 7:14 p.m.

    No one knows the Utes back East. Just like you can't name a decent team in Delaware. But I turned a few believers onto our style, Thursday night. Nice job Utah. I wish I could see you guys more, but a bowl victory on ESPN in every sports bar in America is okay. Even if you are competing for eyes with Kobe and LeBron, the NFL, and local sports teams. 7 in a row in something not many can claim. I am a Utah an Sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wisconsin Ute
    Dec. 21, 2007 6:42 p.m.

    Nice job Utes in pulling out a win over a quality Naval Academy team (far from a 'cream puff') even if it was not the best played game of the year for the Utes. A good team wins even when not playing their best ball. Nice job in pulling out a respectable 9-4 year from a 1-3 start - that should get nothing but respect from anyone. Why are there all these negative comments from a school that had nothing to do with the game ? Hmmmm

  • Sacramento Coug
    Dec. 21, 2007 6:35 p.m.

    Congrats to Utah for a nice win against a pretty good Navy team. I really want to see all the MWC teams run the table this year--it's good for the conference and it's good for both Utah and BYU. Holtz's comments were typical hyperbole...Utah is a very talented non-BCS team, no fair minded Cougar fan could say otherwise. That said, the Utes are NOT the most talented non-BCS team in the nation--you would have to give that nod to Hawaii, BYU and Boise State. If Utah was the most talented, then what an indictment of Whittingham and the Ute Coaching Staff! Nonetheless--way to go Utah. 7 in a row is highly impressive. I wish my beloved Cougars had that kind of postseason record. Still, as long as BYU beats Utah every year, the rest is just gravy!

  • Heheh
    Dec. 21, 2007 6:17 p.m.

    Mark, you forgot one.... 27-0 against UNLV. Easily the highlight of the UTES' season! Ha Ha!

  • re:HMMMM
    Dec. 21, 2007 6:11 p.m.

    Sorry, but can I just give you an "amen".

    Sure the Utes won, but someone needed to put it in it proper context. After skimming the rest of the posts (that's 20 minutes I'll never get back), I agree that the Utes get so worked up and all puffy chested, but only really had one good year.

    My question for any Ute fan, after getting beat by BYU for the past two years in a row, and watching them go undefeated in conference both years, how can you continue to honestly claim to be the better team?

    It just astounds me that people can sound so moronic.

    I promise you one thing. If Utah beats BYU in the future (on the scoreboard, no excuses) I'll be the first to say that Utah is the better team.

    Why is it so hard for the poor LBUN Utes?

  • to:Navy Grad
    Dec. 21, 2007 6:01 p.m.

    I am a BYU fan and have seen in these posts the standard banter that goes back and forth between BYU and Utah.

    Please don't take any of it serious. Every BYU fan I have spoken to has nothing but respect for the Navy Football Program (The AFA as well). Most actually were wanting a strong MWC showing and were worried that you would embarrass the Utes. We have been tied to the AFA through the WAC and MWC for many years and have nothing but respect for all academies and the Class they have shown.

    Some BYU fans drop to the level of the Ute fans when they "talk smack", but both usually just end up looking Stupid.

    Nice game last night. Your turnovers and poor officiating came at bad times for you, but good for fans of the MWC.

    Have your AD call our AD. Let's set something up!!!

  • BleedCougarBlue
    Dec. 21, 2007 5:48 p.m.

    Hey, Utes, NICE JOB! Sure, I love BYU but as a guy who grew up in Utah, I'll pull for the Utes in EVERY game of the year until you guys play my mighty Cougars. What's good for the Utes is good for the entire state of Utah. Again, congrats to the coaches and the players for coming back from a distressing 1-3 start to having a solid, very admirable record. What percentage of Division I (and, no, I don't care that that's no longer the "correct" term) teams can say they ended the year 9-4?

    Dec. 21, 2007 5:40 p.m.

    Your football team is a creampuff. Sorry.

    Proven by the fact that you were beaten by a team that tied for third place in the MWC, was shutout by UNLV where the other coaches laughed at them, whose coach was flipped off by the coach from Wyoming, and could not stop BYU on a 4th and 18.

    (The men and women who so proudly serve are not creampuff, they are brave and do things other's would not, and no one has said otherwise. But we are talking football here, and you can't take it personal.)

    BTW, BYU did beat AFA, Utah did not.

    And to correct your statement so it is accurate, The reason they're in the service academies is because they are "smaller" and "able to move around in the tight confines of a submarine or a ship".

    No one could argue that Navy is a smaller team, and Utah had no problem pushing the smaller people around.

    If you want to prove yourself though, I think BYU has an opening next year...

  • Mark in Peoria
    Dec. 21, 2007 5:20 p.m.

    Congrats Utes on a nice victory after a season that many fans had written off when you started at 1-3!

    ---Biggest win against a ranked team (#11 at the time) in years
    ---2 Wins vs BCS opponents.
    ---Only loss to a BCS team was to an underrated 8-4 -Oregon State team.
    ---50-0 thumping v Wyoming (even die-hard Cougar fans probably gotta kick out of that one).
    ---Bowl Victory against a disciplined Navy squad.
    ---All this despite numerous injuries and calls for the coaches head.

    As a Ute fan (grew up Cougar watcher), I must say I am one who does not discredit BYU's incredible 1984 season. Michigan did not have a stellar record but they were still a quality opponent (just go back and check the facts). BYU had no say in getting UCLA as this year's bowl opponent. I imagine the team (and most fans) would deep down prefer a game against the likes of Boise St., Oregon St., Kentucky, Florida St. or Texas Tech. So go Cougs...bring back the glory and punch those BCS punks in the nose (no matter how mediocre).

  • CougarKeith
    Dec. 21, 2007 5:15 p.m.

    Thank you for the compliment about we BYU Fans congratulating the Ute's for a win. Anytime a Conference team wins a Non-Conference game it is a GOOD THING for BYU and the Mountain West Conference as much as I wish BYU could get into the BIG XII or start a new Conference with Utah, Boise State, Fresno State, Hawaii, Possibly New Mexico and a few others to make a Large two division Conference with some GOOD Schools, and a Championship Game at the End Of The Season and a Good Bowl Bid for a NEW YEARS DAY GAME!!! Perhaps then we will get on National TV more than with "The Mountain", what a crummy deal. It was all about the "All Mighty Dollar" and it was like selling our souls to the devil! We have 0% exposure nationally, Nobody sees us on the east coast at all! Our Commissioner Screwed us up royally! And the Vegas Bowl to face a 4 or 5 seed Pac 10 team instead of a Conference USA Champion in the Liberty Bowl on December 31st? What a screwed up deal that was, our second or third place team used to play in the Vegas Bowl!

  • NC Navy Grad
    Dec. 21, 2007 5:13 p.m.

    First of all, congratulations to the Utes! You have a great ball club and all the Utes fans I met before and after the game were a total class act. They treated the Navy fans and Navy football team with total respect. Thank you. Secondly, the bad call was unfortunate, but Navy should have executed in the first half and not turned the ball over to put them in a situation that a game could come down to a bad call. We had plenty of opportunities to win the game and didn't execute. Kaipo-Noa didn't convert on the 4th down, then threw the game ending interception. It sucked for me, but that's the way it goes. The Utes may not have had their best game according to these comments, but they stepped up in the clutch on that last play. Finally I congratulate a strong Navy team. Most Utes and BYU fans disparaged the Navy team by calling us Cream Puffs and a high school team, but I believe Navy showed you and the nation that we are a quality team and despite our lack of size and pro talent, we are a serious threat. 400+ yards, nuff said.

  • Congrats to the Utes
    Dec. 21, 2007 4:54 p.m.

    It was a good game. It was a bad call (so said the refs after the game - the key here is they said it after the game, had they said it during the game, who knows what would have happened, well other than a few BYU fans who seem to know for sure - hmmm, maybe these guys are seers?).
    I am a true UTE fan - but I do hope BYU destroys UCLA. The Mountain West is a good conference and by having our teams win, all ships rise.
    In the end Utah won. If folks think we should dimminish this win based on 'the call' - well, then what happened a few weeks ago in Provo should be questioned as well. As for me, the Utah-BYU game was called the way it was, Utah lost, BYU won! Congrats to BYU then. Congrats to Utah today!

  • USNA Fan
    Dec. 21, 2007 4:41 p.m.

    I take exception to Navy being called a cream puff. If those of you who think they are cream puffs, I would put any man and woman at the service academies against you individually any day. In that matchup, you'd be the cream puff (if you're lucky enough to live through it). The reason they're in the service academies is because they are smarter and tougher.

    By the way, Navy did beat Air Force this year. Only a few in the MWC can say that.

    Anyway, congratulations to Utah! They won over a solid football team in an exciting game.

  • Bad Name
    Dec. 21, 2007 4:30 p.m.

    I have two good friends who are just like that. Huge Y fans that just devalue and pick apart everything the U does. They are way more consumed by it than I am. Geeze, why does everything have to be so negative all of the time, that's classic insecurity. I'm sure they're are U fans who are the same and that sort of attitude is disgraceful and an embarssment to football, your school and other fans.

    They act like sore losers even when their team didn't lose! Give me a break guys. Navy wasn't #1, no, but they were a tough team and the Utes pulled of a close game. I'm not going to revisit the 100 year history of Navy to see how high of quality the win was, or play X beat Y, but Y beat Z who lost to X, so that means A is better than C and a win over D means nothing, so there, na-na-na-na-na! I'm even active LDS and it really embarasses me sometimes to see how my "brothers" treat people over a stupid football game.

    Back to the article. Nice way to finish the season on a high Utes!

  • chester blue
    Dec. 21, 2007 4:28 p.m.

    How funny! BYU's articles always get the most comments even after the Utes have a postgame article talking about their victory on a Bowl game actually played. BYU hasn't even played but still gets the most pub because their fans are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better than the Utes few who actually support their team. Holtz made those comments because he felt sorry for the Ute players playing because nobody supports them enough. The only place where Utah is more talented than BYU is their secondary. BYU is the most talented non-BCS school by a landslide. We also have the best coaches too who get the most out of that talent. Hawaii and Boise State are ranked second and third respectively. Navy got hosed on the call which should've been a touchback, NOT a TD for Utah. This was a good Bowl Win for Utah because it's the first good opponent they've faced in years. Now who's better? BYU 20 plus outright conference titles or Utah with a lowly two outright titles. And yes, we were National Champs in 1984.

  • Ernest T. Bass
    Dec. 21, 2007 4:21 p.m.

    One more FACT I would like to add:
    Since 1990 Utah is 25-19 against BCS programs, well above .500
    Since 1990 byu is 19-35-1 against BCS programs, a win percentage of 34.5

    byu is Utah's little sister.

  • Y Fans are hard to figure out
    Dec. 21, 2007 4:10 p.m.

    Rather than just coming on and congratulating the Utes on a big Bowl game win....they have to dwell on the rivalry. Hey you beat the Utes last month....congats now move on. try winning your Bowl games and do what Utah just did....reflect positively on the conference. When one reads these illogical biased comments one understands why Cougar fans are hated and the team has been known as the most hated team in America....based on you posts you have earned it well. How about Congrats on the win Utes and hope we do the same on Saturday

  • Ernest T. Bass
    Dec. 21, 2007 3:51 p.m.

    Thanks for the comments.
    I didn't write anything that wasn't true. I challenge the byu fans who doubt me to look it up.
    This is what I said and all of it is true:
    -Utah has had more winning seasons than losing seasons.
    -BYU has had more losing seasons than winning seasons.
    -Utah has more overall victories than byu.
    -Utah has more victories head to head, than byu.
    -Utah has defeated conference champions from BCS conferences (Pitt and Oregon recently)
    -Byu hasn't defeated a champ from a BCS conference, aside from Miami.
    -Holtz said several times last night that it is widely considered that Utah has the most talent of all non-BCS programs.

  • Buckeye Ute
    Dec. 21, 2007 3:42 p.m.

    To Texas Cougar you might want to understand college football a little. Michigan did not win the National Championship in 1985. Oklahoma did they received 55 first place votes in the AP poll, 2nd place was Michigan with 1. Michigan does not even claim that the Sagarin and Matthews polls made them national champions. Your right they had a good season in 1985, but BYU played them in 1984 when they were a mediocre 6-5 team that beat a good 9-3 Miami team. So your comparison would be like Ute fans saying we beat a National Championship USC team because 2 years later they won the National Championship. Your logic is flawed and I do understand what I am talking about.

  • TrueBlue
    Dec. 21, 2007 3:36 p.m.

    I'm a BYU fan, but always cheer for the Utes when they play out of conference. My hats off to Utah, they are the class of the conference when it comes to post-season play. Thanks for flying the MWC colors so well! Now let's see if the Cougs, Frogs, Lobos and Cadets can add to the MWC's post-season victory total.

  • What goes around....
    Dec. 21, 2007 3:34 p.m.

    I think the BYU fans who have written in to congratulate the Utes are showing a lot of class. It makes me think a lot more of your team. To those of you who are writing in to trash-talk and try to down play a great game, watch out. Your team plays tomorrow. What if, by some chance, there is a questionable call that goes your way? What if you only squeak by UCLA by a 3 point lead? (Remember, they already beat you once!) What will you be saying Sunday morning? Will you be really fired up for the win?! Will you be wishing the refs had not "blown" the call?! What goes around comes around....until you see your team's performance on the field tomorrow you should keep your negative comments to yourself.

  • Anonymous
    Dec. 21, 2007 3:01 p.m.

    There is a lot more momentum to be gained by stopping Utah at the goal line than by getting the ball back because of a fumble. That play was 10xs more emotional than a reversal would have been on the play before.

    Navy just stuffed them, and now the offense had their chance. Utah's defense did an awesome job in a quick-change situation. If anything, that call helped Navy, because Utah scored in no time and Navy got the ball back. If they get stopped farther up the field, Utah likely runs out the clock.

    Frankly, it's not BYU I can't stand, it's (some of) their fans.

    Beating UCLA will not say more than beating Navy. UCLA won on of their last 5 or 6 games. They're playing for an interem head coach that is not currently the leading candidate (Oregon's coach is), and they have no quarterback.

    For the conference's sake I would like to see BYU win, but for some of you BYU fans, It will not bother me if they get smoked.

  • Idaho Cougar
    Dec. 21, 2007 2:50 p.m.

    Way to go Utes! I was a little worried toward the end but the Defense came through. As I was watching I was wondering what you all thought of the taking out Johnson for the "change of pace QB Louks"? I thought wow they are marching down the field, LEAVE Johnson in! It worked most of the time however. I don't think any of the gadget plays worked, I think they should stick with their bread and butter, smash mouth with Mack and great passing short and long with Johnson. ANYWAY, Sincerely, GREAT JOB, GREAT WIN!!!!

  • Jillian
    Dec. 21, 2007 2:48 p.m.

    Who wrote this naughty headline? I love it!

  • Re re Ernest T Bass
    Dec. 21, 2007 2:44 p.m.

    FYI, Stobart never won more than 6 games in a season and he only did that once.

  • reMadrybeg
    Dec. 21, 2007 2:26 p.m.

    All are creampuffs, but BYU.

    National Champion Creampuffs?

  • All BYU fans should cheer
    Dec. 21, 2007 2:26 p.m.

    Only an ignorant BYU fan would cheer against the Utes in a bowl game. BYU should cheer for any Mountain West team in a bowl game to help improve the image of the conference in the one game that is nationally televised.

  • re Ernest T Bass
    Dec. 21, 2007 2:24 p.m.

    I love that you chose that name, because that is exactly who you sound like with all of your weird facts.

    If Lou Holtz thinks that Utah is the Best non BCS bowl team, what about UNLV and tieing for third in the MWC.

    If he meant they have the best non-BCS personel, then he may have a point and Utah someday will need to address the fact that they have weak coaching, and Kyle refuses to "grow into" a Division 1 Head Coach like Bronco. Kyle will play around with 8-4 records for the next 8 years like Stobart, and finally Hill we need to pull the trigger. But they beat BYU out for him, and will refuse to admit they got anxious and made the wrong choice.

    All the Ute dilusional rantings cannot take away the fact that BYU BEAT you, undefeated in conference the past two years, and you will continue to be our LBUNs

  • Anonymous
    Dec. 21, 2007 2:20 p.m.


    uh, what has byu done to hurt the mtn west?
    conversely, what has utah done to help it?

  • Craig
    Dec. 21, 2007 2:14 p.m.

    Oh, I just love the BYU/U hate! That's why the rivalry is fun. So for you peacemakers...I say let the games happen.

    Lou Holtz is the king of hyperbole. Didn't you ever see one of his Notre Dame press conferences? The guy kisses up more than Paris Hilton does to a video camera.

    As for the what. We all know you wanted to win the BYU game more than anything...and it's another 345 days until you get a chance at redemption!
    2 in a row....get used to it! Gonna be at least 2 more with all our stars back.

  • Re:LDS Ute
    Dec. 21, 2007 2:11 p.m.

    My thoughts exactly from LDS Ute.. why are all the fans cat fighting like little girls. Lets get over it already. I am a BYU fan but have attended serveral Utah games this year when, BYU was on the road. I was at the Utah/UCLA game and the Fiesta bowl game in Phoenix. That was a great win last night and the Ute should be congradulated but what is up with all the hatred. Both schools have good programs coming our of Utah, we should all be proud of...

  • Pittsburgh Ute
    Dec. 21, 2007 2:01 p.m.

    come on people, the refs reviewed the pylon fumble, it was ruled out of bounds. So all of these paid pro refs got it wrong, but all of you armchair refs got it right? Let it be! It was a great game and the Utes are looking GREAT for next year. GO UTES!!

  • to byu fans
    Dec. 21, 2007 1:58 p.m.

    dont you have to go and live righteously or something, at least when utah has lost the last two years our qbs dont cry to the press like,aka "john beck" just remember 52-21 and the first non bcs confrence team to go to the bcs that shows a lot about this program. and yes navy is a good team and i think byscrew would have a tough time

    go utes 9-4 the record is improving every year since the 12-0, next year should be a good one.

  • Huge BYU Fan
    Dec. 21, 2007 1:54 p.m.

    I bleed blue, but that was a pretty sweet game last night. Congrats to the Utes for another good season. I hope the MWC goes undefeated in their bowl games, then maybe we'll get some recognition. To the Lou Holtz comment, he didn't say the Utes were the best non-conference team, he said they had the most "talented personnel" of non-conference teams. I happen to agree with him, but that doesn't mean they're the best team. They tend to get a lot of talented players.

    Dec. 21, 2007 1:34 p.m.

    For those who talk of creampuffs, weak teams, etc. you do realize how Utah and BYU and every MWC school for that matter, are looked at by the REST of the country? The very name you refer them to..creampuffs, weak, etc. Most people, except those of us who live here, even know WHAT the Mountain Standard Time Zone is! NOBODY cares aobut these teams but us! We have to have schools do well and if that means BYU and Utah and every school HAS to win their games. There is no win-win. Losing is not an option. BYU has not helped this cause in years past. That is the truth. Utah has more than helped. The next step is for Utah to get to higher profile bowls and win there. BYU needs to just win what is offered. There is the truth! Like it or not!

  • hey utah's real bowl game
    Dec. 21, 2007 1:08 p.m.

    the only byu can beat utah is by miracles and living right on and off the field

  • Taylor Finklea
    Dec. 21, 2007 1:07 p.m.

    Utah won a weak bowl.

    They will never be the team BYU is.


  • '75
    Dec. 21, 2007 1:06 p.m.

    This pylon appeared to be not on the sideline, which Navy Alum points out may also be considered out of bounds, but adjacent to the outside edge of the sideline. I hadn't thought about NA's point in five decades of watching.

  • BY-Utah
    Dec. 21, 2007 1:04 p.m.

    People, People, People...if you support one of the teams in the MWC, you have to root for all of them in their bowl games. The only way to win national respect if you are in a mid-major conference is to beat the big boys on a consistant basis and post good out of conference records in bowl games. Sure I cheer for the Cougars when they play the Utes, but for the other 11 or 12 games of the season I want the Utes to play well and win. Face it, our conference is relatively weak, and we need to win games vs non-conference foes...especially teams from BCS conferences! Moral victories don't bring the big BCS money or top national players into our conference! So, Way to go Utes, and best of luck to ALL MWC teams in their bowl games. It's time to represent!!!

  • Always a UTE
    Dec. 21, 2007 1:04 p.m.

    My favorite team is UTAH and anybody who plays BYU. I thought the 1st half was dreadful however, the second half was exciting and a real nail biter. So glad I am home for the holidays and not on the road when the parade of mini vans heads to Las Vegas, don't forget your fake beards and mustache so you can't be identified in the casinos. The guy standing next to you is probably your Bishop.
    The U represents the LDS Church? What kind of thinking is that?
    Go Big Red! We are the The University of Utah!

  • RE Bad Calls?
    Dec. 21, 2007 12:52 p.m.

    To the former ref:

    The ball came out of the receiver's hand before he was out of bounds. It also was out of his hands before it hit the pylon. Thus, whether the player was out of bounds prior to or after the ball hitting the pylon is irrelevant, isn't it?

    It was a definite fumble because the ball came loose before the player touched the ground out of bounds. So, if a ball is fumbled and hits the pylon before the ground out of bounds, it is a touchback per the ncaa rulebook.

    I'm a Ute fan but the rule is very clear on this. How do you claim it was a good call based on the fact that the receiver was "out of bounds before the ball crossed the goalline"? Didn't you see him fumble the ball before he was out of bounds?

    Dec. 21, 2007 12:50 p.m.

    You just couldn't wait rip on the Utes. Give this team their due, they came through so many adversities this year and still won a tough bowl game with a worthy opponent. Be a man and accept the fact that the Utes played like champions last night. I'm a graduate of both BYU and Utah, you make me cringe with your idiotic statements.

  • fan24
    Dec. 21, 2007 12:48 p.m.

    Hey Utah just one question WHO won the game this year BYU or UTAH? I can't remember, I turned it off when it was 4th and a mile with 1:00 left, oh yeah, I remember, groundhog day from the previous year, Utah just couldn't close out BYU. Bring it on next year, BYU will make it 3 in a row.

  • Re Navy Alum
    Dec. 21, 2007 12:46 p.m.

    The call was blown. The rulebook clearly states that a fumbled ball that hits the pylon is a touchback.

    I think they need to rethink the rule. If the pylon is "inbounds", it should be placed inbounds, not out of bounds. As it is, the sideline is a straight line and then jogs 3/4 of the way around the pylon and then back to the original line to the back of the endzone.
    Since the pylon is placed on top of the "chalk", it is out of bounds but is treated as inbounds. Kind of weird.

  • '75
    Dec. 21, 2007 12:41 p.m.

    Wasn't the pylon sitting out of bounds? Wrong placement, which made the call difficult even on the replay.

  • BYU -- UTES
    Dec. 21, 2007 12:39 p.m.

    BYU, give the Utes respect, if you feel they deserve it, otherwise don't, but don't hate just to hate.

    Utah, this was a win against a smaller, 8-4 Navy team, nothing more, by the U of U, a third place (tie) finisher in the MWC.

    Lou Holtz was trying to make people watching feel they were watching something worth watching (it's his job now), but if he thinks the third place team out of the MWC in with an 8-4 record that was shut out by UNLV is the best non-BCS team in the country, then he is really hitting dementia hard and fast, or on crack.

    Otherwise, nice meaningless game.

    BYU, good luck in your Bowl.

  • Show some class BYU
    Dec. 21, 2007 12:36 p.m.

    Great job Utah and Kyle. It's nice to have 2 great football teams in the state to root for. As for you smack talking BYU football fans, have a little class. You do your school a big disservice with your ranting. No wonder some many other schools, dislike the Cougers.

  • reAGM28B
    Dec. 21, 2007 12:31 p.m.

    They lose (not loose) more often, they have more practice.

    When you begin to accept losing, that makes you a loser.

  • Navy Alum
    Dec. 21, 2007 11:58 a.m.

    This was an exciting game. Both teams played great ball notwithstanding both were missing key players to injuries and Navy was missing its head coach (and play caller). But the new coach stepped up. Does anyone know the rule on the fumble to the pylon. The ref said the ball carrier was out of bounds, but he was still in the air when he fumbled. Lou Holtz said you're not out of bounds till you hit the ground. I think I've seen plays where a guy is flying out of bounds but hits the pylon with the ball for a touchdown. So if he fumbles it into the pylon wouldn't it be a touchback?
    Navy has been undersized since the early 1960's but still does all right. It has a great program. My class never lost to Army! Class of '77

  • Bad Calls? I'm a ref...
    Dec. 21, 2007 11:57 a.m.

    As a former college ref (line judge), that was a tough one to make on the fumble at the goal line. However, the Utah player was out of bounds before the ball broke the goal line, thus it was a correct call. Like most close games, they can be blamed on one call or the other. Overall, the officiating was okay, but both teams had several bad calls and several breaks. I don't think one team was favored overall and in close games, it comes down to lucky breaks. Navy was very fotrunate to get a 58 yard TD pass and the onsides kick and to stop utah at their own one. I'd say that was more fortunate than one close call on a fumble. Being a Washington residnet I'm not really biased one way or the other, but to say that Utah was given the game by officiating is pretty silly. It was a close game, either team could have won, and the Utes came out on top in this one. Porbably one of the more exciting bowl games we'll see this year...

  • Congrats, Utah.
    Dec. 21, 2007 11:54 a.m.

    I'm a big BYU fan. I drove 1,100 miles to be treated to the 4th and 18 game. I bleed blue. Enough of that.

    Congrats to the Utah football team. I'm sorry that there are so many poor sported, low life BYU fans who can't just extend a hand and say: "Good Job."

    Who cares about schedules? Do the players have any say in that? Do the fans? Everyone contributing to this blog has no say so why all the opinions about things you can do nothing about?

    Utah lined up with their Navy opponent and beat them on the field. They are now on a great bowl streak that only helps the helpless MWC. They did it on a national stage (ESPN-in HD!!!) Give credit where credit is due. GREAT JOB!

    Congrats to the Utes. Go Cougs. Go Horned Frogs, Go Lobos and Go Air Force!

    Merry Christmas everyone.....and let's remember.....IT'S JUST A GAME!!!

  • Sitcom Parable
    Dec. 21, 2007 11:41 a.m.

    The "Everybody Loves Raymond" parable...

    BYU is Raymond - self-absorbed, momma's boy. Utah is Robert - inferiority complex, feels less loved. The MWC is a sitcom to the rest of the country - a big joke. Face it, the BYU, Utah, and the MWC is not respected.

    How do you earn respect? First, by respecting ourselves and each other. Next, by constently winning our non-conference and bowl games.

    Here's the plan:
    1) RESPECT EACH OTHER! How about some brotherly love? We may be a dysfuntional family, but we are in this together and need each other.

    2) REPRESENT WELL! News flash: to the rest of the country, BYU AND THE UofU BOTH REPRESENT UTAH AND THE LDS CHURCH - LIKE IT OR NOT. Let's represent our schools, our state, our conference, and if applicable, our religion the best we can.

    3) JUST WIN BABY! Winning is the only way to bring this positive attention (and improved ratings) to our little sitcom. By the way, winning is the only ticket we have to getting more cable/network exposure past the poorly planned and executed "MTN" cable agreement.

    Go BYU, Utah, and MWC!

  • stu
    Dec. 21, 2007 11:38 a.m.

    congratulations to the Utes! I am a BYU fan, but I do cheer for Utah against any other team. But go BYU against UCLA!!!

  • AGM28B
    Dec. 21, 2007 11:38 a.m.

    At least when the UTES loose, our quarterback doesn't cry!!

  • seattlecougarblue
    Dec. 21, 2007 11:36 a.m.

    Congrats Utah! I'm a huge BYU fan. I like to see any MWC team perform well against non-conference opponents. As far as the bickering goes (who is better... Utah or BYU?) the only way to answer that question is on the football field each season. BYU is the better team this year... we won that game.

    As far as "irrelevent" bowl games go... BYU has no control over that. Utah was trying to get to that "irrelevent" bowl game all year. I hope all the teams in the MWC aren't just letting BYU beat them so that they don't have play in the Las Vegas Bowl.

    Congrats to Coach Kyle. At least having someone that played his football for the cougars makes it a little easier to cheer on the Utes against non-conference opponents.

  • BYU Blue
    Dec. 21, 2007 11:36 a.m.

    I always cheer for Utah (and any other MWC team) as long as a win by Utah does not hurt BYU. Needless to say I cheered for Utah last night. It was a great and exciting game! Way to go Utes! Let's hope for another exciting matchup next year!

  • BYU
    Dec. 21, 2007 11:34 a.m.

    BYU has had arguably their best 2 seasons in the past 15 years right? They beat Utah on 2 fluke plays. An average Utah team, and a good one this year. But for some reason they say they own us. See, when your good you blow teams out, then you own them. That just shows that even on your best years and our down years, you are even with us. We own the series record, how do you own us? Boston won the world series this year, do they own the yankees? Thats how you guys sound.

  • Justin
    Dec. 21, 2007 11:34 a.m.

    To Hmmm:
    It's not a drive, it's a short put to make you nuts.

  • Thankyou
    Dec. 21, 2007 11:32 a.m.

    To Kyle for a great year.
    To the Utes for not giving up and winning 8 of 9 after a 1-3 start and a ton of injuries.
    To the Ute seniors for all they did for the program.
    To Grady for UCLA 2007.
    To Weddle for being, well, Weddle.
    To Navy for a great game.
    To all Naval personel, for serving my country.
    To all military personal (while I'm at it) for all you do.
    To the classy fans for being . . . classy.
    To Zoobs for proving onces again, that they really do care about the rivalry (even while they say we Ute fans care more). Seriously, guys, get a life!

    Merry Christmas
    Peace on earth good will to all men
    Go Utes!!

    USS Utah

  • Bad call
    Dec. 21, 2007 11:31 a.m.

    To the guy who said the call made a difference because Navy would have drove down and scored easily and they owned Utahs Defense. Do you realize they had crossed the 50 yard line 1 time the whole 2nd half? DO you realize they went for it on 4th down, therefore had 4 downs to get 10 yards? the first play got them 5. So 3 plays to get 5 more yards. the 20 yard line wouldnt have changed a thing. If they could move the ball so easy they would have. BYU and their little cute fans

  • Dear Pittsburgh Ute
    Dec. 21, 2007 11:31 a.m.

    Sorry, we can't find the room on our own blog about our own team because it is filled with so many silly Ute comments.

    Congratulations Utah. I hope you continue to win all of your games except ONE.

    I don't think it would have changed the outcome of the game, but what were those officials thinking when the ball was fumbled and hit the end zone pylon. They need to go back to referee school.

  • BYU fan
    Dec. 21, 2007 11:27 a.m.

    Shut-up BYU fans, 7 wins is impressive. Good job Utes! May you win every bowl game and lose every BYU game.

  • Zeb
    Dec. 21, 2007 11:22 a.m.

    Brad Rock
    What is a ..."first half-quarter.."?

  • re:hm
    Dec. 21, 2007 11:12 a.m.

    Are you talking the two Ute losses when BYU beat them the last two years in a row?

    That's what I thought.

    Way to squeak by a way smaller Navy team. They can get on the boats or fit in submarines unless they are tiny, so they are not allowed in if they have any size.

  • Lou Holtz was in a rocking chair
    Dec. 21, 2007 11:09 a.m.

    I don't think he even watch the game. All I can guess is that he was trying to keep two groups tuned in to the Irrelevant Bowl by the BCS comment:
    1) Ute Fans.
    2) Anyone channel surfing (notice how many times he made the same innane statement).

    Does anyone else realize that the fumble out of the endzone should have come out to the twenty, affecting field position. Ute fans whined about judgement calls at the BYU game, and should be at least realize they got the best of a very "poor" call. Navy fans should be furious. (if it was on the other side of the ball, the ute fans would be whining and crying their eyes out).

    If this is the quality of teams they beat to get to a 6 bowl game streak, then BYUs 10 game streak, and undefeated in conference is way more impressive.

  • Kosmo Kramer
    Dec. 21, 2007 11:09 a.m.

    Judging from the sentence structure of most of the ute fans, I would guess most never actually went to school there . . .

  • Lou Holtz
    Dec. 21, 2007 11:01 a.m.

    " I believe this Utah team in the best non-BCS team in the nation".

    Marinate on that Team Down South

  • re:RE:HMMMM
    Dec. 21, 2007 10:57 a.m.

    Nice conference record.

    Would it help you to PROVE yourselves to get another shot at UNLV?

    Right on LBUN, be happy with the patsy you got, and Thank Collies higher poser that you did note complete the patented Whittingham collapse.

  • Josh
    Dec. 21, 2007 10:56 a.m.

    Hey justcurious, I know Urban Meyer was making about 500 grand a year at Utah and was lured to Florida for about 2 million, which is about as high-end as it goes in college football. I imagine Whittingham's doing about the same.

    I love the BYU fans here pretending there's this long history of dominance. If you're talking long-term, Utah leads BYU in the overall series, and short-term, there was a recent four or five year drought for BYU prior to the '06 win.

  • RE: Ike & Lou Holtz
    Dec. 21, 2007 10:55 a.m.

    Before you accuse the Utes of Whining about calls or no calls Bronco is notorious for accusing officiating. Officials are human and part of the Game. Sometimes they go your way sometimes they dont. As for Lou Holtz, Utah does probably have the best of then Non BCS talent all around. Proven by thier ability to take true freshman and 3rd string players for most of the year and finish at 9-4 (10 and 3 if they don' give up 4th and 18!) As has been stated in other sites Most Tallent does not = best team. Utah has issues mainly their offensive coordinator if we throw a questionable call makes no difference.

    For the rest of all you Cougar and Ute Fans if you have hopes of BCS bowls you need to realize every MWC team that goes Bowling needs to win and you should cheer for them if they do. As a UTE fan I realize BYU has to win tomorrow, if not the conference has no credibilty. The Reality is Three if not Four teams in the MWC could be competing for a BCS bid next year if all goes well. Get over it!!!

  • Utes Ranking?????
    Dec. 21, 2007 10:53 a.m.

    Probably #45 or #50 - But nice season anyways - Collies open

  • Barc
    Dec. 21, 2007 10:51 a.m.

    Hey congrats to the Utes...honestly, congrats.
    After this game you can't whine about officiating, right?

  • Tarheel Ute
    Dec. 21, 2007 10:50 a.m.

    The Utes started off for the most part like they played at BYU, error prone with no apparent or an inconsistant offensive game plan and Navy running through and around the defense. A couple of fumbles that went against Navy, and the game might have been different but whos to know.

    The second half was clearly Utah's, perhaps that 312 to 240 pound lineman advantage took its toll, however QB Johnson was flawless going 9-9 in the third, complimented by Macks and Louks running and furious defense and special teams play.

    An pretty good game, a good win for the Utes. The ball's in BYU's and New Mexico's court on Saturday.

    Here's a Ute cheering for them to win.

  • LDS Ute
    Dec. 21, 2007 10:48 a.m.

    I am a true Ute! I loved the game last night. I live in Las Vegas and will be at the game tomorrow. I will be wearing my blue and white and cheering hard for my fellow saints! Let's save all the bashing between teams until Nov when we play. Until then, let's cheer for the other team to win. I applaud the class of the BYU fans that sent their heart felt congrats to our Ute team. Ute fans, show some class back. We are better than that! Congrats to Whit! Go Cougs!

  • PogoCoug
    Dec. 21, 2007 10:40 a.m.

    Outstanding game! Not perfect, by any stretch, but Navy had quite a bit to do with that. Navy was no cupcake this year, and despite all of the challenges the Utes faced this season, they got it done in the end. Great representatives of the MWC. Now, I hope BYU holds up its end of the deal.

    And I hope that the Dawgs get it done against Hawaii!
    Go Cougs! And hunker down Dawgs!

  • ds
    Dec. 21, 2007 10:39 a.m.

    It was a fun game to watch. But to say that the Utes played an excellent game is far from the truth. They got lucky on a horrible missed call from the officials and if the Navy receiver doesn't slip on the comeback route at the end of the game. There's a great chance Navy ties it up. Navy ran all over the Whittingham D. The Utes were far from dominating over a mediocre Navy team!

    Dec. 21, 2007 10:37 a.m.

    You almost make me want to be a Utah fan. Let them enjoy this win. I'd be happy if we beat Navy.
    Oh and by the way you aren't a true BYU fan, you are an embarrassment. You seem like an Ohio State fan.

  • Not so impressive from Boston
    Dec. 21, 2007 10:37 a.m.

    Hey, but a win is a win. A fumble at the 2 yd. line and an interception in the last minute, Utes have learned that a win is a win, and those things and, 4th and 18 and Harline are part of the game.

    Navy was probably one of the easier teams that you faced, but like yourselves, earned themselves the opportunity to extend their season and have a nice trip to San Diego with a fairly weak team.

    I don't think anyone should be overly impressed with a domination by eiter team, because each team was incapable, but when it's all said and done, you got the win.

    If beating 6 bowl patsies is something to be proud of, then congratulations for that.

    Congrats for third in MWC also.

    And congrats for making a decent season with a adequate team and coaching staff.

    Boston Ute / BYU / USU fan -- East HS Alumni

  • Midwest Ute
    Dec. 21, 2007 10:35 a.m.

    Way to go Utes!! I must admit that I was nervous at halftime, but with some adjustments, the Ute offense rolled in the second half. From what I hear Navy fans were all class - a lesson some of the BYU posters should learn. The Ute players should be the talk here, not BYU. Talk amongst yourselves inside your warm cozy bubble about how BYU "dominates" Utah. Whatever gets you over a 7th straight bowl win by the Utes, nice comments about the program for the commentators, and a quality effort by the players. Insecure fans are ones that have to degrade another team's accomplishments. Why don't you wait until the Y plays and then comment on your own team's performance.

    Great win Utes!!

  • NevadaCoug
    Dec. 21, 2007 10:34 a.m.

    Congratulations on an excellent win, Utes. Yeah, I'm a Cougar fan, but I cheered for the Utes to win despite all the irritating trash being thrown out about BYU's bowl selection. Why? Because it's good for everybody in the MTNwest. That's why.

    One thing that I've always feared and admired about Utah: they always seem to peak as a team at the right time. That's been bad for BYU in the last decade or so because they always get Utah when they are playing their best ball. BYU, under Lavell, always seemed to peak in October and start declining in November. I'm glad Mendenhall seems to have fixed that. It will make the rivalry even better.

  • To Hmmm...
    Dec. 21, 2007 10:21 a.m.

    If you feel that BYU going to the Las Vegas Bowl is impressive, it is not. BYU winning the MWC, irrelevant.

    The MWC is a weak conference and is not respected nationally.

    I am not a U fan, Ohio Alumni. Stop pretending BYU is a great team, they are going to an irrelevant bowl game from an irrelevant conference...

  • The call was a non-factor
    Dec. 21, 2007 10:21 a.m.

    BYU fan here. The missed call was a non-factor, because the Utes didn't score anyway and their defense was playing well enough that they likely would have stopped the Middies, even if they had started on the 20 yard-line.

    And as for the Utes having the best players of any non-BCS team, I guess having the best players doesn't necessarily translate into conference championships or national rankings, does it? ;)

  • bad calls...
    Dec. 21, 2007 10:17 a.m.

    Just like a BYU fan, has to blame everything on the refs. You know what, maybe the refs did screw up that call but that doesn't mean that Navy would have scored or won the game, Utah could have very well held them to three and out or stop them on fourth like they did when they turned it over on the goal line. But I saw a horrible no call PI on Navy where the Nave CB had his arms around the Utah receiver preventing him to adjust to catch the ball, I saw tons of holding on Navy and I'm still skeptical about the onsides kick whatever, if it bashing the refs in a game that Utah won is the only way to satisfy your mediocre bowl record then so be it. GO BRUINS!!!!!!!

  • Shut UP, Ike!
    Dec. 21, 2007 10:11 a.m.

    Ike, how many *'s does BYU have next to some if their wins?! You're our man!! Check the stats, get back to us!

  • To: IKE
    Dec. 21, 2007 10:08 a.m.

    Your assignment this week will be to call the Poinsettia Bowl officials and make sure they put an * by this Ute win.

    Thanks, your EQP

  • Awesome Win
    Dec. 21, 2007 10:04 a.m.

    Thanks to the Navy fans who showed great class and pride for their team and treated all the Ute fans with respect. Navy is a class act for a program and I am proud to have them represent our nation. Maybe BYU fans can learn a thing or two from them. It is ironic that as a Utah Fan, when I go to the stadium that my church owns, I have to put up with some of the worst fans and poor sports in any stadium in the country. I know that is not what my church stands for... not too sure the BYU fans know that...

  • ediddy
    Dec. 21, 2007 10:04 a.m.

    To HMM and IKE:
    As a BYU fan, all I can say is, get a life guys. Would it be so hard just once to just say, "Great job Kyle and the boys. Well done and we'll see you next year?" Heck of a win. Nuff said!!!

  • Sour Grapes
    Dec. 21, 2007 10:03 a.m.

    We are a Navy/Air Force family. I am a Cougar fan. I wanted the Utes to lose. They out-played Navy in the second half and deserved to win. Who knows what the result would have been if when the ball hit the pylon it had been ruled a touchback (which it should have been). Congratulations, Utes.

  • Shut Up, Ike!
    Dec. 21, 2007 10:02 a.m.

    Are we really going to go there?! Of course the Utes aren't going to talk about the officiating of this game! Did your BYU team/fans talk about the officiating when you beat the Utes?! No. You didn't have anything to complain about, did you?! Two (counnt 'em TWO) questionable calls give you guys 30 problem there!!! You were right not to mention anything about it in your post-game. Why would you try to get the Utes to talk about it now?! BYU fans are doubt about it.

    Dec. 21, 2007 9:56 a.m.

    Wow. Really? The Utes squeaked out a win over the Navy High School team? Really?! A bad call was the only thing that gave the utes the win?!

    Were you this outraged on Nov. 24th when a couple of bad calls helped your beloved koogs squeak out a win over the big bad utes?! I didn't hear any of you guys whining about the officiating that day!!

    If the only thing you can come up with on a UTE blog site, just put your hands in your pockets and fight the urge to type. Your poor sportsmanship makes your team and the fans looks like boobs.

  • Anonymous
    Dec. 21, 2007 9:54 a.m.

    The call on the pylon was wrong. However, I doubt that it made a defference. Navy still stopped the touchdown on the next play. And although they got the ball back on the 1, Navy got breathing room immediately with runs out to about the ten. You have to give Utah's defense credit; they stopped them on fourth and two. It is also unlikely that navy would have punted even if they were on the 30 or 40 yard line.

    Navy had every opportunity to win that game; especially after the onsides kick. They couldn't get it done because Utah made a great interception. Utes deserve all the credit.

    Can't wait to move back to SLC next year to atttend every game!

  • Runnin' Utes
    Dec. 21, 2007 9:51 a.m.

    That first half was so ugly! Brian Johnson looked like a completely different player in the second half. And what about that spin move! That was sick! The only comment that got me excited was thinking of undefeated Utah playing undefeated byu, that would be awesome. I am a die hard ute fan, and I must say there are actually some positive comments made by byu fans here. Good job y fans. It almost makes me hope you win tomorrow.

  • UteHater
    Dec. 21, 2007 9:51 a.m.

    Lucky for you the replay at the end went the Utes way eventhough it was the wrong call. Should have been a touch back with Navy ball on the 20.

  • hm
    Dec. 21, 2007 9:47 a.m.

    byu fans talkin smack when they barely sqeak my the utes two years in a row

  • fd
    Dec. 21, 2007 9:43 a.m.

    You people are something. As one who thought the UTES played a great game against Navy And yet 24 hours have not passed that you, BYU and Utah fans are at one another like a bunch of cats and dogs.Many are critical of BYU because they are playing a 6-6 UCLA team. The last I remember is that BYU did not ask to play UCLA nor have a choice of who they played. Utah likewise dident ask to play Navy. Thats the way they were paired up. So who's at fault? Why don't you give each team some credit for having good teams and outstanding young men who are playing the game and who represent each school with class.

  • Ute Fan
    Dec. 21, 2007 9:42 a.m.

    No doubt the Utes caught a break with the call where the fumble hit the pylon. I hope one day we can be as rightous as all the BYU fans who never complain about poor officiating or missed calls and who never get a break. The way you all live right and do the right things is what we aspire too. You really are our hero's.

  • rh
    Dec. 21, 2007 9:39 a.m.

    Suddenly it is no big deal when the officials blow the call. After all wasn't it the officials that cost Utah the BYU game or was 4th and 18?
    No whining today about the refs huh Utes?

  • Cougars aren't very smart
    Dec. 21, 2007 9:35 a.m.

    I hope the Cougars learn the lesson next year and NOT WIN the conference. Its just not smart to win the conference when your in the MWC. Next year let the Utes do it.

  • Lou Holtz comment
    Dec. 21, 2007 9:33 a.m.

    Lou Holtz didn't dub anybody anything. He commented on the fact that Utah is supposed to have the best personnel of any non-BCS team. It doesn't matter if you agree with that or not. Knee-jerk reactions indicate idiocy no matter the subject or context.

  • davidheid
    Dec. 21, 2007 9:32 a.m.

    Coug fan here with LOTS of respect for what Utah accomplished. The turnaround you had (which included scaring me to death in the BYU game) reflects much hard work and character. Your Bowl record is truly amazing, and my congratulations to you. Football fans (as opposed to those who belittle), recognize what you did. Thanks for giving the MWC some needed respect, and I hope that the Cougs can take care of Bowl Business like you did.

    By the way, Eric Weddle is a stud for the Chargers. We love him, not only for his play, but for the fact that he is seen regularly in the SD Temple. Good guy, and an example of why I root for the Utes whenever they are not playing BYU.

  • Anonymous
    Dec. 21, 2007 9:32 a.m.


  • Sour Grapes
    Dec. 21, 2007 9:31 a.m.

    We are a Navy/AirForce family and I am a Cougar fan. I wanted the Utes to lose, but they out-played Navy and deserved to win. Congratulatons, Utes.

  • Congrats
    Dec. 21, 2007 9:28 a.m.

    Excellent game, Utes. Obviously the first half involved a lot of getting used to the surroundings with some good defensive play, but once the offense got rolling, the outcome didn't seem in doubt. Even after the onsides kick, I figures you would be able to pull it out.

    Now let's see if the MWC can win the rest of their games (no thanks to Rodney Ferguson and his academic woes). Going 5-0 in its bowl games would not make the national media stand up and salute, but they would have to notice.

    Osgrath the Cougar Fan

  • aag
    Dec. 21, 2007 9:17 a.m.

    Pittsburgh Ute-
    What is Utah's national ranking again?

  • Cougar
    Dec. 21, 2007 9:14 a.m.

    Don't mind people like Hmmm...I wish we all would learn to control our tongues a bit and be more positive one with another. Congrats on the win Utes...good for Utah, good for the MWC, and good for entertainment! I just hope our Cougs bring the right team out for the Las Vegas game (which should have invited a more worthy opponent, instead of the barely eligible Bruins). They should crush them, but we'll see...

  • Re: HMMM
    Dec. 21, 2007 9:12 a.m.

    by the way, we wouldnt have anything to prove playing UCLA. We already whooped them 44-6 this year. BYU on the other hand, has no room to complain about their matchup, they lost. Dont be bitter about our success little brother, you had yours during the 80-90's but its a new era

  • Alabama-Ute
    Dec. 21, 2007 9:11 a.m.

    Great work UTES!

    I had to agree with the announcer (on ESPN) that the Utes are the best non-BCS team in the country. Now if they could only get a few more games on television...

    The Utes need to exploit Brian Johnson's running ability. His TD run was outstanding. The Utes could use the option (or triple option) better than Navy.

  • OHS 05
    Dec. 21, 2007 9:10 a.m.

    It was a wonderful game. I thought for sure that Navy was going to end up pulling out the W. But credit to the Utes for playing hard and holding off the pesky Midshipmen. What a great way to kick of the Bowl season.
    Good luck to all of the Mtn. West teams, may you all have success in your games.

    Go Gators!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • redneck ute
    Dec. 21, 2007 9:10 a.m.

    Nice season Utah. Re: the other comments - BYU never had a season as impressive as Utah's that ended in the Fiesta Bowl blow out. Those who are older than 12 know this. I think it's sour grapes because BYU is usually (not always) horrible when it counts in bowl games. I'll be rooting for them though - better for the conference & the U if the MW does well in the postseason. I'm worried though that the Cougs are going to get smacked.

  • Alpaca Familia
    Dec. 21, 2007 9:06 a.m.

    This BYU Grad was thrilled by the game and by the win. I always root for the Utes, except for once a year. You made us all proud and I couldn't be happier for the whole U of U community. Way to go!

  • BYU Fan
    Dec. 21, 2007 9:06 a.m.

    Way to go Utes! I root for the Utes except when the play BYU. I am glad that Utah won and they deserve a lot of respect. 7 straight bowl wins is amazing. Keep it up, I love the competition.

  • carter
    Dec. 21, 2007 9:04 a.m.

    im a state of utah football fan and i enjoy seeing utah and byu get victories over teams from bcs schools as well as other teams from the mwc. my loyalties always have and always will lie with the utes, but i do hope byu can pull off a victory over a better than their states ucla team. i want to wish good luck to all the other mwc schools playing in bowl games, hopefully it can be mwc 5 other conferences 0. congrats utah utes

  • just curious
    Dec. 21, 2007 9:04 a.m.

    How much does a Head Coach or an assistant coach make?

  • Ernie
    Dec. 21, 2007 9:04 a.m.

    I agree with that happy ending stuff. How about that ending in Provo this year sending utah to the flower bowl.

  • Ernest T. Bass
    Dec. 21, 2007 9:03 a.m.

    Zoobs are funny. They claim they don't obsess over Utah, yet all I see are comments about from zoobies.
    The facts are that Utah beat a better team in this bowl then byu plays.
    The fact is, Utah has more winning seasons than losing seasons.
    The fact is, byu has more losing seasons than winning seasons.
    The fact is, Utah has more total wins than BYU.
    The fact is, Utah has beaten more teams who have finnished the season in the top 25.
    The fact is, Utah has beaten more teams who are conference champs, from both BCS and non-BCS conferences. In fact the ONLY BCS conferense champ BYU has beaten in Miami. ONE TIME!
    Byu is Utah's little sister, a fact that will never change.

  • BYU Fan
    Dec. 21, 2007 9:02 a.m.

    Something must have mutated in my brain recently, but for the first time, I was so happy the Utes won. With the horrific exposure we get around here from the "Mountain" garbage channel, it was so nice to see Utah play on ESPN again--And win!! In front of more than 300 TV viewers on the Mountain. It was also nice to see the game with quality camera work. The Mountain looks like my 10 year old is shooting it with the handicam. Way to go Utes!! from a die-hard BYU fan.

  • Utah's REAL BOWL game
    Dec. 21, 2007 9:00 a.m.

    Uh, excuse me. Utes...that was nothing. Your REAL Bowl game was in November. Remember? Remember how UP you were to beat the Cougs? Remember how it turned out? don't kid yourselves, beating Navy was a sloppy job of licking your wounds. The mighty Cougar owns you.

    We will come into YOUR house next year, and we will once again, take away your candy. No Bowl game will make up for how you have LOST the last two years to us. We own you now.

    We will come into your little round building you call a stadium...remember, it wouldn't be there but for the Olympics. It is the house the Olympics built! You haven't EARNED it.

    And to the Ute fans posing as BYU fans...offering congratulations...nice try. No true BYU fan will care if you win a game. Here's why...if BYU wins the rest of their games forever, and Utah loses forever, BYU is not hurt at all...because BYU would be honored. BYU DOES NOT NEED UTAH TO DO WELL. PERIOD.

    That was a nice salvaged game almost lost again.

  • to gary s
    Dec. 21, 2007 8:54 a.m.

    So you think that byU's lowsy bowl record is the only thing that keeps them from being completely dominant over utah, huh? Well what about Utah beating byU 4 of the last 6? What about byU needing "magic" the last two years to beat Utah with byU's best 2 seasons in the last 15 years? What about the 20 game lead Utah has in the all-time series? What about a recent BCS bowl championship? need i say more? because i can.....

    Dec. 21, 2007 8:54 a.m.

    To all you ill willed BYU fans....Get over it! Any Bowl win for a MWC team is a good one. Why does it always have to be a trash talk affair with you card carrying, active LDS people. You make me sick. I will be cheering the cougars on come Sat, against UCLA.

    GREAT WIN UTES! with all the injuries you suffered this year you could have made excuses and thrown in the towel but you battled and look where you are now. GREAT SEASON, Thank You!!!!

  • coach
    Dec. 21, 2007 8:54 a.m.

    what was the Ute's national ranking again?

  • cy
    Dec. 21, 2007 8:51 a.m.

    Excuse me Max and Friends but winning the mwc means we beat you! The conversation ended when Hall completed the 4th and 18. Who cares if you beat UCLA you lost the only game that counted and need a bad call at the pylon to beat Navy who ran all over your wonderful defense.

  • Navy fan
    Dec. 21, 2007 8:49 a.m.

    Trying to understand why we're going back and forth about BYU...they play on Saturday. Congratulations to Utah on an excellent performance and an exciting finish last night!

    Dec. 21, 2007 8:49 a.m.

    RE: HMMMMMMM: Talk about Cream Puffs....UCLA is a joke. Navy would walk all over UCLA, that is a very well coached and disiplined football team. Anyone who has played football or knows anything about football knows that stopping any triple option attack is tough when you see it once a year. You wanna talk annoying commentators....lets talk Craig Rubell for BYU. Talk about a whining joke!

    You BYU fans are a joke. I want to cheer for BYU but your fans make it so difficult to do so.


  • re: Hmmmm
    Dec. 21, 2007 8:48 a.m.

    I'm amazed that y (yes I know its lower case) fans try to rip the Utes on a nice win when you haven't played yet. Man oh man if you loose AGAIN to a bad UCLA team you are going to be eating a lot of crow. I hope they win because it sheds a positive light on the MWC as a whole. As far as winning the MWC and playing a quality opponent goes I would hardly consider UCLA a quality team. A team with a similar record as Michigan when you won that booby prize you call a national championship. You didn't play a quality opponent all that year. What a goof ball you are.

  • alumi
    Dec. 21, 2007 8:46 a.m.

    The Utes prove that even with a mediocre record you can get a bowl game.

  • Provo
    Dec. 21, 2007 8:45 a.m.

    Why do we always have to talk about BYU vs Utah? Let's grow up and be least when we're not playing each other. Let Utah enjoy their win. Way to go Utes! I thought Navy had a chance after their successful onside kick. It was exciting for a few seconds at the end there.

  • Ludwig
    Dec. 21, 2007 8:43 a.m.

    I think there's only one thing stopping the Utes from taking a huge leap forward: Andy Ludwig. It was entirely Johnson's fault he had such poor numbers in the first half. What do you expect when you only call 9 passing plays?

    It's just like giving Mack the ball only a half a dozen times in the first half against BYU. Ludwig has improved considerably, but he continues to under-utilize the weapons available to him. With all the talent Utah will have on offense next year, we need a coordinator who can use it well.

    I know Whit won't fire him after the good finish on the year, but it would do wonders for the program.

  • Navy dad/Ute Fan
    Dec. 21, 2007 8:41 a.m.

    I respect Navy but GO UTES-Congratulations!

    Dec. 21, 2007 8:37 a.m.

    I am a BYU fan and I think that the Utes did good! OH by the way Merry Christmas! Don't complain that is really immature.

  • zoob-blue
    Dec. 21, 2007 8:36 a.m.

    It's hard to get overly excited about colledge football anymore. Nobody wins in the current BCS BS... Utah or BYU no matter how good can't win it all anymore. Even Hawaii in it's turn as the bastard step child is out before the bowls begin.

    Regardless it's always a good day when a local team wins. Good job Utes. You just made the BYU win over you a little more sweet.

  • Bowl games separate Y from U?
    Dec. 21, 2007 8:34 a.m.

    yeah I have a problem with what Gary S says that bowl games are the only thing separating the Y from the U...hmmmm try a all time 53-34-4 record that Utah holds in football over BYU...or Utahs record of 124-120 in basketball over BYU. These are the type of comments that just drive me insane about BYU fans, even when they are trying to be complimentary they are delusional about the facts. Good game Utah and hopefully next years you can have an entire season full of success and get things started by handing Rich Rodriguez his first loss at Michigan.

  • Interesting
    Dec. 21, 2007 8:34 a.m.

    Funny how the Ute fans don't complain about the referees when controversial calls go THEIR way.

  • Ike
    Dec. 21, 2007 8:33 a.m.

    So why didn't anyone mention the bad call? I mean after the BYU game all I heard from Utah was how the calls were so bad. If you looked at the game there were a ton of bad call. Utah's DB's couldn't cover anything without facegaurding, which is a penalty by the way. It was never called. When it finally was called, properly, Utah whined about it.
    In this game the REFS actually came out and said that after looking it was a bad call. It should have been a touch back. The fumble call was wrong. No arguing if it was good or bad. THE POST GAME REVIEW BY THE REFS SAID THEY SCREWED UP. Well way to boost your bowl record with a horrible call. This one needs an astrik.

  • Henry Kissinger
    Dec. 21, 2007 8:28 a.m.

    Boys, boys can't we just enjoy the moment. The Utes grabbed a nice win over a solid Navy team. I hope BYU lays the wood to UCLA in Las Vegas. Next year both teams return a bunch of starters including key skill position players and offensive lineman. Utah gets Michigan in the "big house" to open the season and if they can get the win they probably crack the top 25. If BYU beats UCLA in the bowl they should be in the pre-season top 25 next year. If both teams (BYU/Utah)can run the table, a BCS bowl invitation could be on the line when the rivalry game is played next November. Now that would be exciting. So please don't harsh my mellow this holiday season with this bickering back and forth. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

  • HO_HO_HO
    Dec. 21, 2007 8:27 a.m.

    hey HMMMMMMMM:
    Navy(8-5) is ranked 49th, UCLA(6-6) is ranked 58th....there is no harm in cheering for both teams coming from this state. But if it makes you feel bigger, then the pressure is on you now! 7 bowls games in a row!......good job Utes!

  • Mike in Thailand
    Dec. 21, 2007 8:27 a.m.

    I appreciate the couple of Y fans who offered their congratulations. I hate the Y with a passion but hope they clobber UCLA. I hope the Mountain West wins out in all their bowls. We are a pretty good conference and it would be nice to get a little recognition. Congrats Utes on an great ending to what started as anything but. I can't wait till next year!

  • Go Zane Taylor!
    Dec. 21, 2007 8:26 a.m.

    From your REAL NDN BUDDIES down south , represent brother!

  • "Gary S" is a loser
    Dec. 21, 2007 8:24 a.m.

    Hey Gary S, you are exactly why U fans can't stand cougar fans. I have never met a cougar fan who actually lives in reality. You guys are so ignorant when it comes to football and your team that I want to puke. Tell me again how you guys are "completely dominant over Utah?" Is it the overall head-to-head record? No!!!! Is it total conference championships? No!!!! Is it dominating since the formation of the MWC? No!!! we own that as well? Ok, it must be since Ron Mcbride took over? No!!!!! The only thing you have dominated us in is wins from 1972-1992. So get it straight moron

  • Army Ute
    Dec. 21, 2007 8:23 a.m.

    What entails one football team being "completely dominant" over another in football? A 6-9 record over the last 15 games against each other? You're hilarious, Gary S.

  • The Truth
    Dec. 21, 2007 8:17 a.m.

    Fumble in the ENDZONE not given to Navy won the game for the YEWTS. Be thankful for the sub par perscription contact lenses of the oficials.

    Watch the REPLAY!

    Navy showed that when they want to they could walk all over the YEWTS. Their first dirve of the 2nd half prooved that.

    New headline for this story: "Eaked out a squeaker...YEWTS barely beat Navy High School on a bad call."

    Stand tall and be proud. You earned it!!

  • Anonymous
    Dec. 21, 2007 8:10 a.m.

    The recent posts prove that mosts BYU fans are good sports and support the Utes in their bowl game. It's the minority of fans that feel the need to disparage their rival at every moment. Utes players and coaching staff did a fine job. Did any one else feel that the game mirrored their season. Slow start with a strong finish.

    Good luck to BYU and all MWC teams. The conference needs you

  • BYU Grad
    Dec. 21, 2007 8:10 a.m.

    Great job and fun game to watch. Whenever our state's teams have an opportunity to shine we should stand behind them....

  • Dutchman
    Dec. 21, 2007 8:09 a.m.

    To Hmmmm: Why don't you go ask Pete Carroll, Norm Chow, and Carson Palmer of USC if Utah played and beat a cream puff in the Las Vegas Bowl. Last time I checked Pete Carroll is still at USC, Norm Chow is the offensive coordinator of the Tennessee Titans, and Carson Palmer is a starting QB in the NFL. Your post is idiotic and shows your lack of knowledge of Utah football.

  • MWC Unity
    Dec. 21, 2007 8:07 a.m.

    Way to go Utes... I think most people agree (whether Blue or Red), all MWC teams need to cheer for each other in the preseason and postseason. We ALL need to win for the sake of the MWC. Go UTES, COUGS, LOBOS, FALCONS, and FROGS!!! Let's go 5-0 in our games!

  • dennyG
    Dec. 21, 2007 8:06 a.m.

    Winning is Winning.
    High Five to the Utes once again in post seaseon.
    HMMMMM....have a cup of coffee and relax.

  • GoodGuyGary
    Dec. 21, 2007 8:04 a.m.

    congratulations from a BYU fan here. Way to go, Utes, let tem see what Mountain West is.

  • Great Job
    Dec. 21, 2007 7:59 a.m.

    Congradulations Utes on finishing the season strong. Next up the BIG HOUSE!

  • Texas Cougar
    Dec. 21, 2007 7:58 a.m.

    Congratulations, Utes. You beat a very good Navy team, and the score was a lot closer than the actual distance between the teams. Congratulations also on the 7 game bowl wins streak. Please ignore my fellow BYU fans who are too myopic to appreciate your accomplishments.

    I do have one thing to add. I've noticed its a favorite claim of Utah fans to discredit BYUs national championship based on the record of their bowl opponent (Michigan: 6-5). That 1984 Michigan team beat Miami (ranked #1) at the beginning of the season. Their only non-conference loss of the year (other than to BYU) came to Washington, who was also up for national championship consideration. The next year, that same Michigan team was named national champions by both Matthews and Sagarin. They beat Ohio State, Notre Dame (back when it meant something), and Nebraska. On top of all of that, Robbie Bosco played the majority of the game with a torn ACL. Basically, I'm asking that certain Utah fans not run their mouths about something they know little to nothing about.

    That said, enjoy your bowl win...and your 7 game bowl winning streak. They are both major accomplishments.

  • SBA
    Dec. 21, 2007 7:53 a.m.

    Congratulations! What an exciting and entertaining beginning of the college bowl season. You represented the MWC well. Here's hoping the other MWC teams win in the coming days as well. Great showing.

    By the way, I refuse to say anything demeaning about BYU or their fans. I wish them well - beat UCLA.

  • Ernie Hemple
    Dec. 21, 2007 7:52 a.m.

    Fun game. Great defense! Definitely made the MWC and the State of Utah look good. Congratulations from a die hard, true blue, BYU fan! Too bad BYU can't get invited to a real bowl game. Who set-up the Las Vegas Bowl arrangement anyway? UCLA 6-6?? BYU has everything to lose and nothing to win. We're spending $500,000+ a year on Bronco (what a great name for a football coach) Mendenhall, Let's get a better end of the season deal!See all you Ute fans in church on Sunday!

  • BYU Fan 14
    Dec. 21, 2007 7:50 a.m.

    Congratulations to the Utes on a great win. A well-fought turn around season. It's great to see the Mt West win.

  • Call
    Dec. 21, 2007 7:50 a.m.

    Wow - nothing about the officiating. That's all we were hearing about after the BYU game. I guess when it goes in your favor you're ok with it - huh Utes ? How the refs can screw up that fumble that hit the pilon is amazing. That was crucial too field position and ended up being the difference in the game. Utes are LUCKY to have won this game.

  • Officials...
    Dec. 21, 2007 7:50 a.m.

    Hhhmm, funny how no one has talked about the most obvious missed call in recent memory that helped the Utes win. After the BYU game that's all you Ute fans could talk about, funny how when the call goes your way nothing is said. I'm talking about the fumble that hit the pylon and should have been a touchback, from ESPN:

    "Afterward, the officials released a statement saying a mistake was made, and the play should have been ruled a touchback, with Navy getting the ball at its 20."

    That was a huge missed call, if Navy gets the ball at the 20 instead of the 1 they have the momentum and easily go down the field and score, cause the Utes sure like to give up last minute TD's to give their fans heartbreak!

  • Y Grad Y Dad
    Dec. 21, 2007 7:45 a.m.

    Well done, Utes! You have (again) walked the walk. No more taunts or rips from Y fans, at least today, I hope.

    Visualize this: next year, TWO teams from Utah destroy their opponents, TWO undefeated top 10 teams converge at RES at the end of November that means something from coast to coast, and the Mud Puddle West Conference has to settle for sending it's number 3 team to Las Vegas because TWO teams from Utah earn BCS bowl berths.

    It could have happened this year; next year, let it be so.

  • to hmmmm
    Dec. 21, 2007 7:36 a.m.

    "utah has the best athletes of any NON BCS teams in the nation!" ...lou holtz. he said that twice last night! just for you cougar fans.

  • Random Thoughts
    Dec. 21, 2007 7:25 a.m.

    1. Utes didn't play their best and still beat a good Navy team.

    2. Signs of a good coach: Teams get better after halftime, teams get better in the second half of the season, and few offensive penalities (Colin Cowherd, ESPN, not my original thoughts). Ute's defense in third quarter was great. Utes were a great second half team last night (minus one long touchdown pass).

  • HMMM
    Dec. 21, 2007 7:19 a.m.

    Hmmm has a point! Niether BYU nor Utah are playing very respectable teams this year in their bowl games. But given the choice between the two, I'd much rather play a 6-6 BCS team rather than an 8-4 non-BCS team. I guarantee that if BYU can beat UCLA that it will give them much more respect than beating NAVY!

  • UtahUte72
    Dec. 21, 2007 7:19 a.m.

    One common thread that has run through the comments on the Ute fan site is how classy the Navy fans were even in a loss. It is amazing to me how a supposedly church sponsored school attracts such low class fans as Hmmmm. To those BYU fans offering congrats I applaud your classiness (even Gary S. who couldn't resist the BYUism, no you're not even close to dominance in spite of two last minute wins), to those of you who are modeled after Hmmmm, way to represent your school

  • You want annoying
    Dec. 21, 2007 7:15 a.m.

    If you want annoying, listen to Greg Wrubell. I'd like to gouge my eye out with my hot chocolate spoon after listening to him for 2 minutes.

  • Michigan fan
    Dec. 21, 2007 7:12 a.m.

    I watched the game and add my congratulations to Kyle and his band of Utes.

  • 5peat
    Dec. 21, 2007 7:05 a.m.


  • Lou Holtz
    Dec. 21, 2007 7:04 a.m.

    My favorite comment of the game came near the end of the 4th quarter when Jereme Brooks fumbled the ball onto the pylon (which should have been ruled a touchback, with Navy taking possession on their own 20). While the replay guys were trying to figure out what happened on the play, Lou Holtz dubbed Utah, "The best non-BCS football team in the country." Does he really think that the MWC team that got shut out by UNLV is much better than Hawaii, Boise State, BYU, or Air Force? What a nut. Even still, congratulations to Utah on another bowl win.

  • Pittsburgh Ute
    Dec. 21, 2007 6:57 a.m.

    Forget about those jealous BYU fans. Why don't you Cougars go whine in your own blogs about your poor bowl opponent and your abysmal bowl record.

    This is Utah's moment of triumph!

    Brian Johnson totally took over the game in the 2nd half. He was stellar!

    Props to the Navy players for their tenacity. These are the kinds of men that I want to have defending our country.

    But the Utah players are the ones I want to see carrying the Poinsettia Bowl Victory trophy!

  • To Hmmm
    Dec. 21, 2007 6:54 a.m.

    You just must be one of those BYU fans that nobody can stand. There are too many of you guys out there.

    Also, you might not want to talk too soon. You have a game this weekend against UCLA that you haven't won yet. Don't get too carried away.

    And if you hate our announcers, stop listening to our games. Your world revolves around the BYU Cougars, remember?

  • Jimmy's Sneakers
    Dec. 21, 2007 6:45 a.m.

    Jimmy also has an affinity for happy endings...

    ...Jimmy just never knows how much to tip for the extra service. ;-o

  • Vernal roid;
    Dec. 21, 2007 6:43 a.m.

    I can't believe all of the ute and BYU fans still bashing each other no matter if they win or lose, Reality is neither team is really that good and only played close to there potential one time this year,I couldn't stay awake for the 2nd half of the utes bowl game, because I was thinking that the utes would really blow out Navy, Sure they one but I thought that they would play alot better game,should have eaten your Wheaties not Fruit Loops
    Because I thought your effort was weak, I hope that BYU can blow out UCLA but I doubt it, They will probally be lucky to win. Just being truthfull.

  • to HMMM
    Dec. 21, 2007 6:29 a.m.

    1984 is way in the past!!!

  • NC Fan
    Dec. 21, 2007 6:14 a.m.

    As a BYU fan, I want to congratulate the Utes. Well done!

  • Gary S.
    Dec. 21, 2007 4:51 a.m.

    I'm a true blue CougarFan and I can't believe I'm saying this, but: well done Utes. Sure they took advantage of playing an average team 3,000 miles from their home, and yes they almost lost, but the point is that they won. Like they do almost every year in bowl games.

    That's the one piece that keeps BYU from being completely dominant over Utah in football: our sad history in bowl games. The Cougs are on their way to fixing that record, but for today, the Utes deserve our congratulations. Nice work!

  • TheHailstorm
    Dec. 21, 2007 2:21 a.m.

    Dear HMMmmmm,
    The Announcer was directing his whineing just to drive you nuts, as if you need any help.
    It's you and the blue bloods that put the nuts into the UTES Christmas pudding.
    Congratulations Utes !
    They must be iving right.
    Now if BYU could win 2, yes 2, in a row then they could look around campus and see if they can find a chest to thump.

  • Dale Newton
    Dec. 21, 2007 1:38 a.m.

    To Hmmm:

    Who's getting too excited? It was a close win - but an entertaining game - over an 8-4 team that also led the nation in rushing offense. Not a bad accomplishment. Nobody is doing cartwheels, but a win is a win and the Utes should be proud. This has been a good season of perserverance expecially after a 1 and 3 start and with the still missing starters. Brian Johnson struggled in the first half but played a sterling second half. There is reason for much optimism regarding the 2008 season. Congratultions to Kyle and all the players and coaches.

  • Utah Thailand
    Dec. 21, 2007 1:30 a.m.

    I agree with Mad Max. Is Hmmmm suggesting that by winning the conference BYU is getting the better opponents? Utah beat UCLA 44-6, and did so without Brian Johnson. In fact if BYU had beaten UCLA the first time around, UCLA would have a losing record and wouldn't even be legally eligible for a bowl game. His comments remind me of the year BYU won the national championship by beating a 6-5 Michigan team that I don't think was even ranked. What other team has ever won the national championship with that caliber of an opponent? So much for your tough bowl games.

  • Lu's Massage Parlour
    Dec. 21, 2007 1:26 a.m.

    I didn't know that happy endings were part of the Poinsettia bowl package. I thought this was only reserved for the BCS bowl games.

  • Hey Hmmm....
    Dec. 21, 2007 1:15 a.m.

    I usually don't do this but I feel inclined to feed the troll, why don't you like creampuffs? May I suggest waffles?

    Sweet Potato or Pumpkin Waffles

    3/4 cup of mashed, cooked sweet potatoes or canned pumpkin.
    1/2 cup of flour
    1 Egg
    3/4 cup of milk
    1 tsp. baking powder
    1/2 tsp. salt
    3 tsp. of cooking oil or butter


  • Remarkable turnaround
    Dec. 21, 2007 1:07 a.m.

    Incredible job by the Utes to turn around the 2007 season. If anybody was told when Utah was 1-3 with five starters at that point out with injuries that they would finish the season 9-4 with a bowl win, they would have told the teller that they were crazy. Not many teams in the country would have the resiliency to turn around their season the way Utah did, concluding with tonight's game.

  • To Hmmm, aka ill-willed byu fan
    Dec. 21, 2007 1:04 a.m.

    The Utes battled; they won. They didn't officiate. Don't try to rob them of their time to celebrate.

    The Utes went to a BCS bowl. They have seven consecutive bowl victories.

    BYU's two latest victories against Utah both came with miraculous, and atmittedly very exciting, plays at the end of good close games. Don't pretend you're far and away the dominant team.

    Seven consecutive bowl victories isn't something to scorn. I hope BYU wins, but not for your sake, ill-willed byu fan.

  • Congrats
    Dec. 21, 2007 1:00 a.m.

    Congradulations Utes on Extending the Bowl Winning Streek to Seven.

  • MadMax
    Dec. 21, 2007 12:49 a.m.

    TO: Hmmm
    Do you mean by winning the MWC Championship that the better team we could play is a 6-6 UCLA team which finished 5th in the PAC 10? Thanks, I'd rather play Navy at 8-4,now 8-5. The fact that the Utes actually win their bowl games is in contrast to BYU which has trouble with that in spite of the 'weak' teams they have played.
    Congratulations to the Utes and their miraculous turn around of their season, once at 1-3. 9-4, with a record tying 7 straight bowl wins is a record of which they can be proud. GO UTES!

  • Hmmm
    Dec. 21, 2007 12:32 a.m.

    Don't get too excited Ute fans--you barely beat a team that many athletes can't play for due to rigorous academic standards and very specific height/weight limitations. The fact that Navy kept Utah out of the endzone on fourth and inches is a joke--Air Force (with the same standards) did the same thing to Utah. With the exception of the Fiesta Bowl (where they still even played a pretty poor Pitt team), the Utes play cream-puffs in their bowl games...that's what happens when you finish 3rd or 4th in the Mountain get to go play a cream puff in your bowl and you SHOULD win those games. Try winning a conference championship and playing a better team in a bowl...your bowl winning % will adjust accordingly.

    By the way, who is that ANNOYING announcer on 700 AM? One of the Utes announcers just drives me NUTS as he whines the entire time........

  • Jake
    Dec. 21, 2007 12:27 a.m.

    Way to go Utes! Sure it wasn't a blowout or the prettiest of games, but once again they found a way to win their bowl game.

    Thanks for a great season!