Arts tax may prevail in 2 Davis cities after all

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  • disenfranchised RMT "patron"
    Nov. 16, 2007 9:58 a.m.

    They need to find the money to do this themselves, just like any business would. If they can't do that, this shouldn't happen. So, yes, this should be a taxless endeavor. I have a feeling RMT wants to do this to make themselves a bigger and badder theater.

  • Cameron
    Nov. 14, 2007 3:52 p.m.

    It seems too bad that people really don't understand what the RAP tax is all about and what it really is supporting. A community is made up of MUCH more than homes and employment. It also consists of the people in it along with their personalities, passions, aspirations, hopes, and convictions. The arts in these communities have done more good when it comes to self motivation, encouragement to do more in the society through self confidence, and wholesome recreation than many other things. It is one of the genuine and VOLUNTEERED positives in our community amongst growing filth. I have seen many complain of the lack of community wholesomeness and the increase in social ills, yet seem also to be the ones complaining about the community capital needed (via tax and time) to support the efforts being made to make a difference in our community. What is it exactly that you want? A perfectly clean, wholesome, and TAXLESS (or at least minimally taxed) society? It's not going to happen. A vote for the RAP tax is a vote for a bettered community. I support those who dedicate and VOLUNTEER their time to continually working towards this goal.

  • Deltabelle
    Nov. 13, 2007 3:21 p.m.

    Seriously, what is more important: food at the grocery store or going to see Cousin Lucy and her friends put on a play in Centerville.

  • Julie
    Nov. 13, 2007 8:12 a.m.

    Putting it on the ballot for a third time? I think they should quit while their ahead. People need to know exactly where that money is going before it should be voted for.