Utah Clean Air Alliance formed to fight Wasatch Front pollution

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  • Sticky
    April 15, 2008 5:12 p.m.

    ok I am so totally frustrated with Utah. We are so dumb! We have to clean up the mess that we are making. I'm doing a debate on this, and I totally think we need to take action.

  • Saila
    March 25, 2008 8:45 p.m.

    It's about time moms took a stand about important issues, including ending drunk driving and air pollution. I'm rooting for you and the rest of Utah Clean Air Alliance! And for you "Sick."

  • Sick
    Nov. 13, 2007 12:02 p.m.

    I am very ill over the bad air in Utah. I cannot even get out of bed these days. It is killing me. However,I am certain that I will just choke to death on one of these wonderful polluted days of ours in Utah.

    I will see all my friends in heaven :( Thanks for trying to do good for the living anyway

  • Matt
    Nov. 9, 2007 4:49 p.m.

    Inversion is a phenomenon by which the air circulation through our valleys is reduced. We should strive to reduce our pollutants all the more because of their innevitability. A tax (or automobile registration) proportional to our pollution contribution makes perfect sense. We should stop subsidizing the grossest polluters - like the interstate trucking industry - with all the road building and lasiez faire environmental policies. If each of us simply paid the full societal/environmental cost of our actions then our way of life would clean up quickly. I'm sure we would soon have an economy of more wind farms and solar panels and fewer gas stations and superhighways. And the sky would be bluer.

  • Kyle Dansie
    Nov. 9, 2007 12:22 p.m.

    Cheers to the Utah Moms and everyone that joined the alliance.

    Today I drove my electric vehicle to work. Tonight I will plug the EV in the PV solar system on my garage roof.

    Zero gasoline consumed.
    Zero GHG created today.

    There are solutions to this air pollution problem, all it takes is a willingness to try something new.

    Just google zevutah for details.

    Anyone at the deseret news want to test drive my EV, give me a call.

  • Correction
    Nov. 9, 2007 10:16 a.m.

    Bob - Maybe there are alternatives to the way we run transit; hopefully we can all share ideas to improve things. However, UTA is completely separate from SLC; there is no financial, govermental or even informal connection. SLC has just as much input as anyone else to UTA policy. Transit taxes do go to all counties that UTA serves, not just Salt Lake; but UTA itself is an independent agency.

  • Drew Chamberlain
    Nov. 9, 2007 9:51 a.m.

    Yes mountain valleys are Inversion traps. And yes most of the inversion is caused by decaying vegetation such as leaves and grass. The pollution mixes with this and gives it the brown color. Utah has inversions in all of it's valleys, even the ones that have no population. We cannot stop inversions but we can slow some of the pollution. Mass transit has proved to be a very poor solution. UTA again and again falsifies their ridership and only a fool would believe their predictions. A competitive contracted mass transit system would help but with only .9% of trips on mass transit I don't see how that could help. Congestion is a major contributor to pollution (idling cars). Some road building must be done to curb that problem. Telecommuting is happening and should be encouraged. Work shift scheduling is helpful. Emission control has been most effective. The bottom line is that if you don't like the inversions then you may consider moving out of the valley.
    Good luck,
    Drew 282-4877

  • ---
    Nov. 9, 2007 9:26 a.m.

    oh please.

  • LindaJ
    Nov. 9, 2007 9:20 a.m.

    So glad to hear about the Clean Air Alliance. I lived in Colorado 35 years and there we made huge improvements, Denver's "brown cloud" is no longer a big problem. The thing is, air pollution causes definite decreases in precipitation (think snow & drinking water), not to speak of health effects, and can be decreased if we work at it. Thanks for all the hard work to the organizers of the coalition.

  • Moose on the Loose
    Nov. 9, 2007 8:00 a.m.

    Yes, Bob, the Wastach Front is geographically inclined towards inversions (the bowl-like basin acts like a pollution trap when cold air is pushed downward by warmer air that acts like a lid). Mother Nature has all the control here. However, how much pollution is trapped is up to us. And as you point out, Bob, we desperately need better public tranpsortation here in Utah. About 65% of our local air pollution comes from tailpipe emissions (coal-fired power plants are the next big polluters). So along with better and increased public transporation networks/hubs we need stricter emission standards. I think people should also be taxed according to how polluting there cars are, not by the car's bluebook value. Yes, that sounds unusual, but it makes sense: make the polluters pay. We must think outside the current paradigm if we are to make the necessary changes to protect everyone's health -- and to protect Utah's natural beauty.

  • Moose on the Loose
    Nov. 9, 2007 6:00 a.m.

    THREE CHEERS to all of these people who dare to care about our air. It is about time. Utah's dirty air hurts not only children, but all Utahns (1000 people die prematurely evey year in Utah due to air pollution exposure) - and it hurts our economy. A big part of Utah's income comes from the tourism industry and if our main draws - the pristine mountain and desert beauty - are marred by polluted skies people are going to go elsewhere. Businesses will also choose to locate elsewhere. So, let's have pride in Utah and take care of what is so special to us - our children and our clean air.

  • Bob G
    Nov. 9, 2007 4:19 a.m.

    The wasatch front is a natural area for pollution and weather inversions and unless 'moms for clean air' have some godly powers its a waste of time. There are many things that can be done though about traffic congestion than is being done. And I don't mean build more roads. Turning over public transportation to an private business that specializes in transportation would be a big leap. They might even provide some good public transportation. To start with, take the downtown SLC service hub out of the picture and provide the whole valley a hub like service. The UTA and TRAX are owned and operated by SLC and they only provide what is best for SLC and its downtown. It's all about self preservation for SLC and not providing a service to all of the Wasatch front that they are receiving taxes for. All of the counties pay equally in taxes yet SLC is the only beneficiary of these taxes and all service is hubbed to the downtown area. So the side affect of all this is that people still have to drive to get where they need to go, home and work being the primary destinations.