Grant to help abuse victims in polygamy is cut

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  • Katchalater
    Nov. 2, 2007 2:57 p.m.

    Monogomous men do not marry their stepdaughters while married to their mothers ala Kelly Fisher, Tom Sliwinski, Tom Green, (Tom wife and mother of child wife Linda also married her stepfather at 12). The Jensens who lived in Utah the father married his stepdaughter at 11 and on and on. Sure some stepfathers abuse their daughters but seldom with the complete approval of the child's mother. When a mother does allow the sexual abuse of a child it is called the "ultimate betrayal" except in polygamy where it is called sacred. i.e. Winston Blackmore's website calling on the Fisher child not to betray the "sacred family secrets".

    There are many crimes occuring in polygamy that do not occur in monogomy so yes, there should be some money set aside for victims. Also victims in polygamy are often disowned for leaving and have no safety net. They are also often uneducated so have difficulty finding work that pays a living wage.

  • Anonymous
    Nov. 2, 2007 2:48 p.m.

    Sad for You - better look to your home state first. Polygamy is big there and Warren Jeffs has a fortress in Texas. What do you think is going on on the XYZ Ranch?

  • Monogamy
    Nov. 1, 2007 11:51 p.m.

    Now if we can only get more grants for the women and children leaving abusive monogamist relationships too, we'll be all set.

  • Sad4UinTX
    Nov. 1, 2007 8:14 p.m.

    It is so sad to see women and children in situations like this and so very little funding coming to relieve them of their suffering. It is difficult to see and understand this happening when their are grants and programs that are being abused by others. When I hear of a grant to help non-citizens that pass but this one fails, it makes me sick. To be able to start over and build a new life, I think that a program like this should be accomodated. A measly $700,000 and they end the program due to the large number of applications. That to me signifies the need for more funding, not less or none. I hope that people will see the need to fight for this program to be brought back into play and for more funding. I don't live in Utah, but I feel for anyone who would live in that situation and find that there is one less avenue to follow. Such a loss of hope in our system.