Emotional farewell: Pres. Faust praised at funeral for his wisdom, compassion and love

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  • Bob Murri
    Nov. 5, 2007 8:54 a.m.

    To the entire Faust family, we love you and pray for you. The passing of Elder James E. Faust has been felt deeply by so many--an evidence of the great love he had for all of God's children. We were blessed in 1979 to go to mainland China to represent the LDS Church and BYU through a special music tour as the BYU Young Ambassadors. Elder Faust and his sweet wife Ruth accompanied us on that tour. It was truly a blessing to have them there. Ruth, we grew to love you and Elder Faust in a very short time. We prayed together, recieved spiritual guidance and worked hard to hopefully make a difference through the Spirit. I will never forget that wonderful experience. Yes, we mourn the loss of our brother and special witness of Jesus Christ. We take comfort in how he blessed our lives and inspired so many to be like Jesus Christ. May our Heavenly Father's choicest blessings be with you and the family to give you comfort and peace. We love you and pray for you.

  • Anonymous
    Aug. 22, 2007 10:33 p.m.

    My family & I offer our deepest sympathies to Sister Faust & her famil. Their comfort is in knowing the love for his Savior & his heavenly father that Pres. Faust had. It is very appropriate that the August Ensign would carry a final message from him. We greatly appreciated Pres. Fausts comments during the last general conference regarding forgiveness in times of tragedy or painful surroundings. God Bless the immediate & extended family of Pres. Faust

  • Sandra Poirier
    Aug. 21, 2007 5:47 p.m.

    Several years ago I wrote the following on the front page of a little homemade book and gave it away to about 100 people, I have continued using mine trying to do a good deed everyday,doing so has definitely brought me closer to the Saviour Jesus Christ, and as I do I think of President Faust and the awesome, loving man that he was and the inspiration he gave us all. He will be missed and remembered with a great outpouring of love....

    During the 2004 Christmas Devotional,
    James E. Faust gave a very memorable
    talk on the story of a young man who
    left home to go to school. He lived a
    very impoverish life there and knew
    there was no help from his family who
    also were living in difficult times.
    The only gift the son could give his
    father for Christmas, that year
    was a little, Scout diary, which had
    a space in the corner to mark off a
    good deed he had done every day.
    This was the gift he gave his father,
    a humble, little book, where for 365
    days he recorded the good deed he
    had preformed every day. When the
    father opened the gift he was moved
    to tears as he realized his son was
    living his life in the way he had tried
    to teach him. Do unto others as you
    would have them do unto you He was
    truly living the Golden Rule! I pray
    that you will be touched by this little
    story and follow the example of this
    young man and record a good deed
    every day for the New Year.

  • Donna Trapp Merrill
    Aug. 21, 2007 8:08 a.m.

    He will be greatly missed. His wisdom and love will be remembered always. He was a man that when you heard him speak, or just saw his presence you felt the spirit telling you this Gospel is True. My heart goes out to the family that are left here as it is not easy having a loved one leave us. God Bless

  • Judy Byrd
    Aug. 20, 2007 3:04 a.m.

    My prayers are with President Faust's family. I know that each one will miss him in there own way,but just think of all the wonderful things that he did while he was here on this earth and think of the wonderful things he is still doing. I have always enjoyed listening to his talks. Again my prayers are with the family and also with President Hinkley at this time.
    Judy Byrd

  • Debbie Dent, Georgia
    Aug. 19, 2007 8:18 p.m.

    My heart is saddened by the loss of a great and noble servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. President Faust served faithfully and left a legacy for all from which to learn and to emulate in our individual lives. I too thought his conference talk on forgiveness was a true masterpiece, and I will never forget it. I reflect often on his message and try to implement that kind of Charity in my life daily. The members of the church have lost a cherished friend in our Beloved President Faust. I pray that the family of President Faust will be comforted by the out pouring of so much love

  • Jeremy Hall, New Zealand
    Aug. 18, 2007 9:22 p.m.

    President Fausts Love was felt stongly in every conference talk and message in the ensign. My family has been touched and life enriched by the example and clear directions given. We will miss him and look forward to meeting him again.
    Kia kaha (Be strong)Love the Hall Family

  • Faye Whigham Warner Robins, GA
    Aug. 18, 2007 12:51 a.m.

    I've always remembered President Hinckley counselors by connecting their first letters President Monson and President Faust with the first letter in mother and father. I don't know what I will do now. We have lost a great "father" in the leadership of our church with the passing of President Faust. I will miss his counsel, his voice, his face, and the spirit he brought to General Conference. May my family and myself continue to read and follow the guidance that he blessed us with during his life. May the Lord bless Sister Faust and his family at this time. We will all miss him.

  • krishna Mckay
    Aug. 18, 2007 12:07 a.m.

    I to add my profound and humble gratitude for this humble servant of God...indeed an emmisary for the Lord Jesus Christ over a life time of righteous work. As he took his seat along side President Hinckley I have watched him add his unique gifts and leadership in his role as a counsellor. I hugered to read his addresses and c ouncil which akways was when I needed it the most, I observed his mobility had lessened but he never shirked his assignments. There was a beautifufl simple testimony which went deep into my soul, and many a time tears would unashamedly course down my face...Another healing was taking place in my heart.

    How I love this great man and his untiring efforts to be the servant at all times...To his beloved wife Ruth and their children and families, my husband and I and our families say farewell. and with gratirude express our love for him who has made our lives richer.

    I am sending this small letter of appreciation from New Zealand. We live in a small place in the Far North of the Borth Island called KAITAIA

    Elder Leslie and Sister Krishna Mckay

  • adriano duran
    Aug. 17, 2007 7:38 p.m.

    President Faust's was a great leader and and his teachings were marvoulous.He was a great example to the world.He is with our Heavenly Father.

    Aug. 17, 2007 3:27 p.m.


  • Bill Corbett, Irvine, Scotland
    Aug. 17, 2007 10:22 a.m.

    We had the blessing and privilege to have Pres Faust visit us in Scotland just a few years ago. We viewed and marvelled at his deep humility as he shared his experiences when called as an apostle and of his towering testimony as he battled the adversary. He spoke of the love for his sons as they administered to him. I have come to love this man and have so appreciated his service. Who will soon forget his last talk at Gen Conf on Forgiveness and the example of the Amish people. The other-side of the veil have received a spiritual dynamo.

  • Bro Tunde John Obalana
    Aug. 16, 2007 2:34 p.m.

    We were so saddened at the news of the passing away of the LORD'S annointig servant,but we remain joyful in the knowledge that we will see once again.The saints of Ibadan Nigeria District mourn the passing away of a noble soul.

  • robertanddgini
    Aug. 16, 2007 11:36 a.m.

    it is with great tenderness that, from our little island of Raiatea, French Polynesia, we extend our love and compassion to the Faust great family. we loved President Faust very much for his deep and thorough spirituality as shown in his many conference addresses and the writings we have been able to read.

  • Erich and Merri Prusse Family
    Aug. 16, 2007 10:23 a.m.

    When we first heard of our beloved Brother Faust's passing we were both saddened and felt a sense of joy at the recurring pattern of life's great cycle. It is comforting to see great leaders live what they believe and help us to do the same simply by doing what they do. A gentle giant has been silenced for this mortal time, but I have no doubt that his voice will ring out strong and clear for us to hear again. It is our prayer that his family will know peace during this painful time of loss and separation. It is but for a season, then will all things be made whole again. We love President Faust and look forward to being led and taught by him again.

  • Jimmy Carter OKOT
    Aug. 16, 2007 8:46 a.m.

    When i learned of his departure from mortailty, i felt a very sharp spirit passed upon my being, and i quicky thougt, oh this is the man who has prohpesied and dedicated our country for the preaching of the Gospel. And i have always taken comfort in his words, for they are being fulfilled every whit, those higlighted promised blessing to the saints of this Uganda as a nation. Who could have thought that our people would go to the temple in large numbers! Now its happening, and is becoming a rutine. We will see him someday, and the power of the words of Jacob a Book of Mormon prophet be fulfilled, " For as death hath passed upon all men, to fulfill the merciful plan of the great Creator,there must needs be a power of ressurection, ....." We thank the Lord for him, "Remember O Lord, the presidents, even all the preisdents of thy Church that thy right hand may exalt them, with all thier families, and their immidate connections, that thir names may be perpetuated and had in everlasting remembrance from generation to generation."

  • julian escobar
    Aug. 16, 2007 8:34 a.m.

    pocas personas he conosido en mi vida como el presidente faust,tubimos en nuestra casa a uno de sus nitos cuando estuvo en la mision en honduras y podimos ver el gran ejemplo que el les dio en toda su vida

  • Anonymous
    Aug. 16, 2007 8:01 a.m.

    Pres. Faust has beeen agreat man like all the several others our heavenly father has called in this Despensation .Am so thankful for his sincere services helping to put forward the purpose of God..."to bring to pass the eternal life of man kind".May his soul rest in peace.
    Ssonko Ronald Raza
    East africa,
    Uganda..kampala Dis.
    Mengo branch

  • John Killam
    Aug. 16, 2007 7:29 a.m.

    Elder Faust is a wonderful man who enjoyed making other people fee wonderful and special. His circle of friends and ascoiates only added to his spirituality. He was really blessed with a great wife. Ruth is also a great lady and family teacher. We will all miss your guidance and direction bro. Faust. God speed in what is accomplished from here on. In your present position please help us with World Peace.

  • Arven D. Hansen
    Aug. 16, 2007 7:22 a.m.

    To The Faust Family,
    I was indeed touched by his talks at General Conference and you can always tell that he was truely a servant of our Father in Heaven. We have all been blessed by his service especially the last 12 years. President Faust will be greatly missed. I LOVE you President Faust. Now it is up to the rest of us here to make sure that we keep trying to make our life better.
    Love Arven D. Hansen - Elmo, UT

  • A Saint in Texas
    Aug. 16, 2007 6:58 a.m.

    What a blessing this huge giant was to us. As they say here in Texas, his heart truly was as big as Texas. I agree with the comment from the Missionary that he reached all ages. What a greatness he had to reach the youth. Recently, as I searched lds.org on a certain topic, three articles came up and he was the author of all three. Love and prayers to his sweet family from Texas.

  • Ronald Dato
    Aug. 16, 2007 6:43 a.m.

    We will miss a great and honorable man, a servant of the Lord, President James E. Faust. Our prayers of comfort and peace to Sis. Ruth Faust and family.

  • beverly williams
    Aug. 16, 2007 6:02 a.m.

    I marvel that such as I could have the blessing of knowing such as President Faust, and that I could have the privilege of having his name cross my lips in prayer. His wife, Ruth, spoke by telecast at a recent stake conference, and the word that came my mind was "comfort".

  • Elder D. Keith Nay
    Aug. 16, 2007 12:53 a.m.

    I had the privilege of becoming personally acquainted with Elder Faust in 1976-77 while serving in the Argentina Rosario Mission. He inspired us with his testimony and messages on missionary work. He was a close friend of our Mission President, Angel Miguel Fernandez, and comforted Presidente Fernandez following the loss of Hermana Fernandez. The jazzy scooter is no longer needed by President Faust, on the other side of the Veil. I pray for the comfort of the Faust Family in their loss.

    Elder D. Keith Nay

  • Craig
    Aug. 15, 2007 11:54 p.m.

    Elder Faust was a great man with powerful teachings. He definitely made my life better. I think of some of the things he taught over and over and have for many years. I only wish I could have known him personally.

  • Linda Parkin
    Aug. 15, 2007 11:35 p.m.

    My father was so moved by the service that he was able to attend at his home in Wyoming. At age 90 he now seems to understand much better that we can all be forgiven, even over and over again. I'm also so impressed with these beautiful messages from others that show how one person can be such a precious gift to others. I will miss President Faust.

  • Danny Dale
    Aug. 15, 2007 11:26 p.m.

    My condolences go out to President Faust and his family. He was a truly man of honor who had a burning testimony of righteousness. He will continue his ministry in the spirit world and I am sure there are many people rejoicing. I know that President Faust was truly a man of God and will forever be missed. God be with us till we meet again!

  • Jay Richards
    Aug. 15, 2007 10:52 p.m.

    President Faust-

    You will long be missed in my heart. Your words, actions, and life were an inspiration to me. I hope I can someday be the kind of political leader you were- humble, loving, caring for the less fortunate, and soft-spoken. I true Democrat.

    My heart is with your family.

  • Kristyn Dodge- Redmond Oregon
    Aug. 15, 2007 10:06 p.m.

    I have only been a member for eighteen months, but I instantly loved that man when I heard his voice for the first time in April 2006 General Conference. I knew just as strongly that he was a man of God and a devout servant of the Lord. I know that as much as I know that President Hinckley is a prophet of God. I shall keep those closest to President Faust in my prayers. I know that he is home.

    Sincere Condolences,
    Kristyn L Dodge
    Redmond Oregon Stake

  • A missionary
    Aug. 15, 2007 8:33 p.m.

    President Faust will continue to live in my heart through his wonderful messages available to me. I don't think I will ever think of forgiveness without remembering his Conference address on that subject. He truly was a man for the ages. May the peace which passeth all understanding be with his loved ones. He was such a kind, gentle, caring person and I am better for having known him. I thank my Heavenly Father for such a man in my life.

  • Jeanette Vance
    Aug. 15, 2007 8:30 p.m.

    I love Pres. Faust. He taught me to enjoy my family and look for the gospel in the everyday things of my life. I hope I will be worthy to meet him in the next life.

  • Familia Werve-Macias
    Aug. 15, 2007 7:46 p.m.

    What a great example for every LDS member.... and his word will last forever through his important messages and will always be in our hearts! We love you & we love your family even when we have never meet them. Just remember, this separation is just temporarily! after that you'll be together and never will get separated again.

    Familia Werve-Macias
    Greetings from Honduras

  • Teresa Stacy Las Vegas NV
    Aug. 15, 2007 7:38 p.m.

    I was so touched and uplifted by the service yesterday, I am glad I made the effort to go to the Stake Center to watch it. I would love to know how to get a copy of Pres. Fausts song, This is The Christ, I really enjoyed that.

  • Kerry Stephenson, Murray, Ky.
    Aug. 15, 2007 7:15 p.m.

    I watched Elder Faust carefully during the last conference and noted to my wife that I felt that he did not have long to dwell with us. I am sorry that I was right about that, and our house will miss him greatly. His example is one of integrity and truth...he always spoke the truth. Warmest regards to Sister Faust and the Faust family. Now without mortal retraints and confinements he will continue on with his mission in the eternities.

  • Respect
    Aug. 15, 2007 6:24 p.m.

    A great man and leader. He will be missed. Warm wishes to the family.

  • Ed and Cheryl Staley
    Aug. 15, 2007 5:36 p.m.

    Dear Faust family:

    We appreciated the spirit President James Faust brought to my Uncle Parley's funeral. He certainly brought the spirit of caring with him. His kind words comforted my father and the rest of us immensely as he spoke of Parley's last days with his family and the valiant contributions of his life in 2003. We hope that the Lord will send the comforting spirit of the Holy Ghost to help you in this time of need. Through the days that you miss him the most, that you will remember the wonderful legacy he and your mother have left for your family. We will remember him for all the Conference talks he gave, especially the last one on "Forgiveness"and the story "He took my licking for me" He was a man that practiced what he preached, that is so unusual in this world today among attorneys.

    Edward and Cheryl Staley

  • Jerry Lindman
    Aug. 15, 2007 5:10 p.m.

    When our parents moved their family of five children to Utah, we landed in Cottonwood Stake where our Stake President was President Faust. I don't know how he did it but he seemed to know each of the youth by name, and when he spoke at the pulpit, it was as if he was all too often speaking directly at me. Today his presentations continue to remain a favorite our family and grandchildren. It will be difficult to fill the void left by his passing. May the Lord continue to strengthen those friends and family left behind.

  • Ricardo Rosas gutierrez
    Aug. 15, 2007 4:44 p.m.

    ase 2 semanas ricivi mi liahona y empese a leer el mensaje del presidente faust en primera pagina sean todos bienvenidos que bonito menseje yeno de saviduria y ensenansa lo boy a recordar no solo por ser el segundo consejero de la primera presidencia sino por todo lo que iso en la tierra y como un siervo y testigo especial de mi senor jesucristo nuestro salvador y redentor

    Ricardo Rosas Gutierrez
    los angeles california

  • Thomas Pisillo
    Aug. 15, 2007 4:41 p.m.

    I know all the angles weep for out loss as welcome another son home.

  • Ann Marie Curling
    Aug. 15, 2007 3:12 p.m.

    While I have been inactive in church for quite some time, in part due to circumstances, while also taking responsibility for the other part I felt drawn to watch his funeral yesterday on BYUTV. I have been struggling in my own personal life of late, and very recently began the long process towards being an active member again like reading my scriptures and daily prayer. After watching the replay of the talk that President Faust gave at the April conference on the Conference Report following the funeral it really resonated within me. The power of forgiveness is great, I have always had a testimony of that. But, like many I can fall back to old patters and let hurts build until they just overtake me. It was nice to get that reminder to forgive yesterday. It allowed me to release some serious longstanding pain, and gave me a wonderful sense of peace. I woke up happier this morning than I have felt in a long time. I know the Savior lives, and works miracles. To President Faust's family, thank you for your loving support of him as his did his marvelous work of God.

    Ann Marie Curling
    [email protected]
    Cadiz, KY

  • Lorin Blauer
    Aug. 15, 2007 2:35 p.m.

    I shall never forget how an exhausted Tabernacle Choir came to attention when President Faust paraphrased Helaman 10: 4-5 in pronouncing an Apostalic Blessing upon the Choir during our Sacrament Meeting on the shore of the Sea of Galalee during our tour to Israel at the end of 1992. It was a beautiful and touching experience which bound President Faust to our hearts forever.

  • Shelley Heer Moser
    Aug. 15, 2007 2:19 p.m.

    Elder Faust has always been a strength and an example to me of strength and righteous committment to Christ and His True Gospel. I am thankful to him and all of our leaders, who have dedicated their
    lives to us and the Lord's Church. Thank you to
    those, who sacrificed time with him to share him with the world. He has truly touched my life.

    Shelley Heer Moser :)

  • Debi BrockBank
    Aug. 15, 2007 1:55 p.m.

    President Faust's Legacy of Love and compassion lives on in the lives of his family. We send our best wishes and condolences to those he leaves behind. We will miss his great insigt and example.

  • Larry
    Aug. 15, 2007 1:54 p.m.

    Thanks President Faust. You are a wonderful example of what a man of God should be. My life is better for having known you.

  • Spencer, Chandler AZ
    Aug. 15, 2007 12:45 p.m.

    What an example of a life well-lived. A man who choose to serve and love those around him and to do all he could to follow the Lord Jesus Christ. His passing is a sorrow to all of us who will miss his wisdom, compassion, and example, but is sweet for him and the legacy he left will be a comfort to his dear family.

  • Sam Lopez
    Aug. 15, 2007 12:42 p.m.

    We learned of President Faust's passing while in hospital after my wife lost her unborn baby of eleven weeks. She always mentions how President Faust's discourses and Christlike, quite and loving manner as well as the tender feelings expressed when addressing the members at conference made of him a special General Authority for her. Thank you for your teachings and example of meekness and consacration. He surely has gone to join all the noble and great ones that went before before him beyond the veil.

  • Heidi
    Aug. 15, 2007 11:56 a.m.

    Sister Faust was my late grandmother's visiting teacher. The Fausts also came to my grandparent's 50th. We appreciate their graciousness and friendship. I have noticed that general authorities are the friendliest, best-humored, unrushed people I've ever met, yet they are the busiest people on earth. President Faust was no exception. The closing hymn was so appropriate and I didn't know that Pres. Faust wrote the hymn until yesterday. We'll miss him.

  • Anonymous
    Aug. 15, 2007 11:03 a.m.

    On behalf of the family of President James E. Faust I wish to thank each of you for your comments of love and support. They have meant a great deal to us during this difficult period.

    Faithfully yours,

    Marcus G. Faust

  • Paul A. Coulis, Gaithersburg, MD
    Aug. 15, 2007 10:36 a.m.

    President Faust's funeral service, during which President Hinckley presided was not a military ceremony. And it would have been a notable breach of etiquette and protocol to place floral arrangements from all those who loved him on to of the Stars and Stripes. It was reported that his casket was draped by the American flag, presumably after the floral arrangements had been set aside, as it approached his grave.

  • Peggy in Oregon
    Aug. 15, 2007 9:46 a.m.

    I will always be grateful for the particular comfort, love and insight Pres. Faust offered everytime he spoke. A great man and a great personal example.

  • The Brower Family
    Aug. 15, 2007 9:45 a.m.

    A noble servant, teacher and leader who will be missed. However, this man of faith can now join other Prophets, Seers, and Revelators and faithful Saints to continue his ministry in the Spirit World.
    We pray that the Lord will comfort Pres. Faust's spouse and family.

  • Angela
    Aug. 15, 2007 9:43 a.m.

    Jack Haycock -- perhaps you should go back and read the article again. You'll find the flag was properly honored along with President Faust.

  • Brad Jennings
    Aug. 15, 2007 8:17 a.m.

    Although is earthly voice is silenced.
    That voice still lives in our hearts.It's a reminder of what a joy it was to hear a true servant of Jesus Christ.
    He will be missed.

  • The Kenny Lamb Family
    Aug. 15, 2007 8:08 a.m.

    We were saddened to hear of President Faust's passing. Our prayers are with his family and our dear prophet at this time. President Faust was such a marvelous man. He was greatly loved and will be missed.

  • Jonathan Goff
    Aug. 15, 2007 7:36 a.m.

    He was and still is a great man.

  • Jack Haycock
    Aug. 15, 2007 7:31 a.m.

    Not to detract from the wonderful service and life of Pres. Faust, but I noticed that his coffin was not draped with the USA flag, a usual custom for a WWII veteran like himself. I did notice off to the side, a small folded flag in a flag case. Frankly I have never known a WWII veteran that did not chose to have the USA flag draped over his coffin. I just thought that was a little strange.

  • Isabel lima
    Aug. 15, 2007 6:44 a.m.

    Enter commentI love him very much!!!He is the best for me...I Miss him a lot...He sooo very cute to me!!
    With love Isabel from:Brazil.

  • Elder Ed J Pinegar NY Rochester
    Aug. 15, 2007 6:36 a.m.

    I loved and appreciated and admired President Faust. He was full of charity and love...a perfect Saint and Prophet of God. I treasure our friendship and pray for his dear family. May all of us follow his great example as he perfectly followed our Savior Jesus Christ.

    Elder Ed J Pinegar
    NY Rochester Mission

  • Matthew Sherlock
    Aug. 15, 2007 5:43 a.m.

    Beautiful service. The Saints in Canada continue to mourn the loss of a beloved servant. May the Lord's love continue to strengthen those who mourn and our beloved Prophet.

  • The Neeley Family
    Aug. 15, 2007 12:55 a.m.

    We were touched and saddened by the passing of our beloved leader. The funeral service was a tender expression of love and grief shared by the whole church. Our love and prayers are with his family, his associates and our beloved prophet. What a great example of true Christian leadership!