Lynne Cheney's ancestors

Wife of v.p. finds her roots deeply entrenched in the LDS migration

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  • Mary Clogston
    Jan. 24, 2009 10:52 a.m.

    While I was never in the Cheney's column in politics, I find Lynne Cheney's endeavors to research and pass on knowledge of her ancestors very admirable. I agree with her one hundred percent that it is such a treasure for the new generations.

    I am a senior and like so many in my generation passed up the opportunity to listen to what our elders were saying. Like Lynne, on researching I
    found the most amazing history of ingenuity and resourcefulness. I also found horrible stories of people in power decimating the working class and I believe that still continues. Only in History will we find an answer to our problems.

    On a romantic side, I found seafarers where I thought there were farmers which actually explained a lot.

    On a strange side, I found forgotten names such as Honor, Mollie, Joanna etc. given by relatives in recent generations, who had no way of knowing these were past family names. Indeed they were not names found commonly even in their original environment.

    Some scientists now believe we can inherit traces of genetic memory along with physical characteristics. From my experience I believe that is possible.