Split verdict surprises and stuns the Killpacks

Jury convicts mother but acquits father in girl's death

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  • Matt
    Sept. 12, 2008 12:27 a.m.

    I find it despicable how the defense lawyers tried to cover up these blatant homemade waterboarding sessions that eventually led to the poor girl's death as a simple cup of water every hour. I mean come on, they are acting like it was the girl's fault that she drank too much water when it's obvious that they had tied the girl up and were just dumping as much water as they could down her throat. I hope that if human justice doesn't ring true for them, then God will take care of them after they've departed this world. He looks after the innocent and he'll be sure that those who not only take advantage and torture children, but also try to cover up their sins with outright lies, will pay the ultimate price. The outcome of this case and the one in California with the babysitter both make me sick to my stomach with how unjust and bureaucratic the legal system is.

  • Debra White
    Jan. 4, 2008 10:30 a.m.

    It's sad that this child had to die. It is even sadder when a government system places a child in a dangerous situation such as this and is not held accountable. The father should have been found guilty as well, these people make me sick; they act as if this child was not human! I can't begin to know how much this child suffered in her time with these people. If she wasn't bonding with them, there was a reason. I also doubt that she was abused as is sad, by her biological family. That's the lie that the state always tells in order to take these children for the benefit of money. I pray that ALL will suffer for their involvement in this, and that those who allowed it and were not held accountable by the court system, will be held accountable in other ways. God don't let them get away! The government does phycological evaluations on the parents who they remove the children from however, none is done on the people they give the children to. Parents in this country should be angry about this.