LDS Church supports gay-marriage bans

Official stand does not back specific amendments

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  • Myles Anderson
    Oct. 8, 2008 10:31 p.m.

    Really? They feel it's a moral issue? The issue isn't about morality, it's about rights. Moral or immoral, they're already allowed to have a civil union. That isn't the issue. What makes a heterosexual couple more deserving of those rights? Why is it so hard to allow everyone to be equal? I thought "the church" taught tolerance? "Toleration is not the same as condoning." What are you condoning? That someone be allowed to see their loved one in a hospital? That they each have shared property and parental rights? Where is the immorality in that? Lets focus on the REAL issue. These kind of groups will always push the moral angle when it's not even on the table; you have no choice whether they screw or not. Prop 8 is attempting to revoke a law that entitled same-sex couples to the same RIGHTS as breeders. Wake up and smell common sense, my friends. Technically, according to Federal Law, the LDS church should lose their tax-exempt status for getting political. Then again, they could afford it.