Mold can be health threat

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  • Reta Quarles
    Nov. 27, 2007 12:42 a.m.

    We moved into a house a year and a half ago and about a couple of months after my kids started having allergies. My daughter sneezing uncontrolably and my son having a constant hacking cough. The last 4 months we have noticed a smell of pungent mold, along with trouble with the plumbling. We rent so I called the land lords they snaked out the pipes had their repair guys come over & walk through the house. They couldn't smell it so they left. My kids have become ill, my son with the hacking cough, now has a bacterial pneoumonia and i think my daughter does to. they seem to be better when they are not here. What do i do? If i had not read this story I would not know this to be the case. Im wondering if i will be responsible for this if there is mold or what to doif my land lord refuses to look into it!!! I.m scared for my family