Michael McLean: Dreaming big

Like a Don Quixote, he strives to uplift

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  • Linda Snarr
    Dec. 11, 2009 1:15 a.m.

    I just got home from the "Forgotten Carol" at Cottonwood High, the first time I saw it. It was a packed house. For some odd reason I especially liked the performance after the main event, when he asked us to buy his stuff, and he sang Mission 2B (happy.) We locked arms and sang along with him. I did buy his book and CD. He has a great talent to be able to identify feelings and emotions that people currently are going through and he must have gone through also. I know he's been around a long time but really I just discovered him even though I know he's been very prolific and busy all these years.

  • Linda Applebee
    Sept. 29, 2007 4:39 p.m.

    I just recently saw Michael at the Womens day out in Phoenix. I had seen him preform on tv but never live. I was impressed from the beginning. For all that he has done he still remins a humble man. After lunch he was in the aisle by my seat and I watched as he signed autographs and kept thinking I would walk over and get in line but I waited. As I waited I saw a young lady in a wheel chair waiting paitiently. When Michael saw her he went over and went down on bended knee to talk to her. Right then and there he touched my heart forever. Here was a man of conciderable talent and fame kneeling to make a sister comfortable. Most "strs" would have just "bent" over to shake her hand and sign her paper. At that moment I went and had him sign the "time out" bag I had bought that day and he will be forever in my heart. I am looking forward to seeing this year in "the forgotten Carols" Thank you for being so "Christ like" in this lifetime.
    Linda Applebee
    Apachejunction Az.