Utah Legislature 2015

Buoyed by a healthy state revenue surplus, yet feeling pressure for some kind of tax increase, the 2015 Utah Legislature convenes Monday.

As in past years, the Deseret News has identified six legislative issues that matter to Utah families. These issues are: Education, money, health, rights, responsibilities and voting.


  • PaolaM Beverly Hills, CA
    2015-02-08 22:24:20

    Every American citizen has the right to not just vote, but also to RUN for office. No need to be rich, nor have an 'education,' nor to be of a certain party, or have a squeaky clean record either. The constitution only requires 2 things: 1. That you be an American Citizen, and 2. That you be an adult. That's it! Also, since our 'educated' politicians are unable to heal our economy from an 18 Trillion dollar debt, American citizens can do the following: 1. Petition with everyone's signatures to impose minimum wage for all politicians. 2. Require all politicians to only get minimum wage, and increase it, of course, after three years of proven record that they are working for the best interests of Americans. All constituents have this power. Why do we not use it? Well, no one is saved in ignorance, and the truth can make us free, perhaps debt free even. YouTube: Federal Reserve