Salt Lake Comic Con

Salt Lake City's inaugural Comic Con convention was held in September 2013, drawing more than 50,000 people and big-name guests like William Shatner, the original Captain Kirk; Adam West, the first Batman; Lou Ferrigno, the Incredible Hulk; David Prowse, Darth Vadar and Marvel mastermind Stan Lee.

A Comic Con FanXperience followed this inaugural event in April 2014, rocketing Salt Lake's Comic Con to the title of the third largest Comic Con in the United States.

The second Salt Lake Comic Con is scheduled for September 4-6 in Salt Lake City.


  • john6000 salt lake city, UT
    2014-04-21 11:37:49

    As now, and as for the latest Salt Lake Comic Con, it is apparent, that only the organizers and their closest allies, made as much money for themselves as was humanly possible, and ignored the business interests of the merchandisers, the stars, and the artists(which was what Comic Con has traditionally been about for the last fifteen years, not only in San Diego, but other cities.) These artists, merchandisers and the stars were the only entities that made comic con a reality in the first place. They were basically sold down the river. The answer is yes. Not at Salt Lake Comic Con. It was a feeling that only the organizers and their closest family members and allies made most of the money get any of the economic benefits in other states? Someone needs to approach them and negotiate for a fair distribution and a distribution of the wealth of the ticket money. Without this, the Salt Lake Comic Con will fall.